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In Ontario most cities are troubled by pest control and wildlife removal problems such as mice, rats, raccoons and squirrels. In a big world we share our streets, nature and even our homes with nuisance wildlife. The city of Toronto wild raccoons have reached a very high population because of their intelligence and ability to climb to amazing heights. One of the biggest issues in Toronto is that there is a constant raccoon problem inside the attics of many homes. Toronto also has a population of skunks which most citizens find a nuisance due to their activities in home properties. SIA Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal services in Toronto GTA. We offer quality work with warranty and a 24 hours emergency service. Our technicians are licensed pest exterminators and ready to be at your front step to take on your pests and humanely solve wildlife problems. Whether you have a raccoon or squirrel in your attic or a skunk living under your deck give us a call! Don’t wait until it’s too late, wildlife can cost you lots of money if left alone to roam in your attic.

Toronto is the heart of the province which has a large variety of multicultural people, and diverse wildlife alike that inhabit it. The city of Toronto is the most raccoon, squirrel, skunk, and wildlife infested city in Ontario. One reason is that it is fully developed, meaning that the remaining trees and natural habitats are not enough to support raccoon, squirrel or wildlife dwelling. But that doesn’t stop them, wildlife has adapted to make shelter within our homes. It doesn’t help that we construct our homes from the same material that wildlife naturally use as their homes. Toronto has the largest number of wildlife removal issues than all other neighboring cities. As wildlife control we know this because most our wildlife removal calls are in Toronto, outnumbering all other cities. Toronto has many parks and natural sights that are beautiful to see, they are also overcrowded shelter to many wildlife animals.

How do we remove wildlife? 

Raccoon Removal Mississauga

Raccoon Removal 

Raccoon removal Toronto, GTA

At SIA Wildlife Control our goal is to help our clients with their raccoon removal problems in Toronto GTA. We will use our knowledge that we’ve gained through years of experience on successful raccoon removal methods. Our typical removal includes a carbon steel galvanized mesh attached with a raccoon 1-way door system. We do offer trapping for open area nuisance raccoons while residing within your property. Choose us to safely handle your wildlife removal problems humanely and permanently. SIA Wildlife Control provides safe raccoon removal services to Scarborough, Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and more! Contact us today for an estimate, thorough inspection and pest control.

Raccoons survive by means of scavenging food from compost bins left for city pick up, or simply in an accessible storage area. While this is a convenient way for their population to bloom, it is not the only way. Raccoons also eat smaller animals. During their baby season in March, the mother is very active trying to feed her babies and protecting them. Raccoon removal in this season is especially difficult because it limits the use of one-way door systems in the removal process.

A one-way door cannot be used to evict the mother while her babies are inside an attic, or under a shed. For this reason, our expert technicians need to enter the area in question and physically remove the babies and reunite them with their mother before closing off the area. Therefore it’s best to perform your raccoon removal services before March, it can be costly to solve your problem in the baby season.

During the baby season it’s possible to have your raccoons removed by one-way doors or raccoon trapper provided several steps are followed. Babies must be removed physically and relocated near the entry point of the mother raccoon while being kept warm. Some problems may need to be overcome, such as cutting through walls and ceilings to retrieve babies. These can all be avoided by wildlife proofing your home when you have a wildlife problem.

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squirrel removal toronto

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal Toronto, GTA

Squirrels are the most destructive of all wildlife that can invade your attic. A squirrel’s teeth grows every day for this reason they must constantly chew in order to keep it in line. What does this mean when they’re in your attic? They will chew constantly at your electrical cables, joists or support structure, displace insulation etc. Our squirrel 1-way door system will take care of any black, grey, red squirrels or chipmunks. SIA Wildlife Control has the experience and the equipment to perform humane squirrel removal services in Toronto GTA and surrounding area. We operate in all cities such as Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham and Newmarket. Have one of our experts help you diagnose, inspect, or solve your problem for you today. Squirrel removal has never been easier, more secure and professional!

Squirrels survive and strive in all seasons, which is nothing special among Canadian wildlife. Animal prefers to stay indoors in the very cold seasons or bad weather. Unlike raccoons which need to feed daily, squirrels hoard food in their most dominant shelters. A good way to tell a squirrel entry point is to look for the evidence of nesting material such as leafs, or the remainder of their food shells such as nuts. Squirrels if not the first in the nuisance category, are the second to raccoons especially in attic entries. When it comes to squirrel removal, baby season should be a worthy note to consider.

In the months of March, and then against in August, squirrels give birth. So if a squirrel is in your attic, it will give birth in there and will nurture it’s young for the duration of their growth to adult squirrels. Squirrel removal is similar to raccoon removal in that one-way door systems cannot be used during baby seasons without physically removing and reuniting the babies with their mother. A squirrel’s teeth grows approximately 6 inches per year, for this reason a squirrel chews constantly and is known for being destructive. You can learn more about squirrels in our blog, or squirrel removal section.

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mouse extermination

Mouse Control / Extermination

rat extermination

Rat Control / Extermination

Pest Control Services

Pests infest many Toronto condominiums and homes. House mice can be find in nearly every home attic, garage, wall voids, furnace rooms and sometimes inside the house. Mice have excellent survival instincts and like to conduct their activities during night time. For mouse removal and control the first step is to inspect and monitor for activity for insight on mice population and how to eliminate them. Similarly rat problems exist in Toronto. Mainly the Norway rat and the roof rats are an issue in the Toronto region and surrounding cities. At SIA Wildlife Control we are licensed and experienced in the control of pests in the Toronto area. You can find more information on pest control services in the links below.

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Wildlife Control Services

Each area in Toronto GTA has a share of its own pest and wildlife control problems. In some regards some cities have less or more of different nuisance pests, while all have medium or sever infestation problems. As a wildlife control company, SIA Wildlife Control is comprised of professional pest control and wildlife control technicians with deep knowledge and understanding of pests and animals. Over the years we have expanded our knowledge through training and experience in the field, which has allowed us to proudly serve Toronto and nearby cities. Our team provides many methods of control such as monitoring, trapping, humane wildlife removal and pest eradication programs.

Skunk removal Toronto

Skunk Removal

Groundhog removal toronto

Groundhog Removal

Opossum removal toronto

Opossum Removal

bird removal toronto

Bird Removal

Bat removal Toronto

Bat Removal

Skunk removal Toronto

Leave it to us to take care of these digging experts. If you have a skunk burrowing under your deck, shed, or porch you’ll find out through their nasty smell sooner or later. A skunk will mark it’s territory by spraying, or when defending. In worst situations a clients home may have a horrible smell residue for weeks and weeks after the removal of the skunk. We offer skunk removal services via our skunk specific 1-way door, or trapping. Our technicians have the experience and equipment needed for safe skunk removal in The Greater Toronto Area. Have any technician present nearby your location inspect, and secure your home. Our skunk removal methods work and are guaranteed to stop them from sheltering in your property where we secure!

Bird Removal Toronto

Birds are usually a problem in the warmer times of the year when nesting. Starlings are notorious for getting into unprotected side vents, gaps in the soffit and sidewall. We will humanely evict the birds as long as there is no babies or eggs present. If babies or eggs are present a rescheduling will take place for work when the babies are old enough to fly. Call and find out how we can help solve your problem permanently. Leave the bird removal to the experts who wouldn’t harm a feather in the humane removal of birds on your property. Book an inspection or a bird removal at your convenience and we’ll be there same day, or the next day.

Groundhog Removal Toronto

Groundhogs problems are dealt with similar to skunks problems. These tunnelers can cause damage to the structure of foundations like decks, and in severe situations can cause the disfiguration or collapse of a structure over a period of time. We use digging and sealing methods to protect an area from groundhogs, and in some situation we trap them. Our groundhog removal specialists are ready to assist you in your humane groundhog removal anywhere in the GTA today.

Opossum removal Toronto

Opossums can potentially get into your attic, although this is rare it can still be misinterpreted as a raccoon entry to people who are unsure what to look for. Opossums don’t normally force their way into the attic, they need a large enough gap to fit in or an uncovered roof vent. This can also be an unnoticed and abandoned raccoon den. The removal method for opossums is a unidirectional (1-way exit) door with meshing. As a last resort or in open spaces we also resort to trapping. In the baby season physical removal by snare or hand may be used to accomplish a removal. The babies and the mother would be reunited after the procedure and the area would generally be sealed to avoid future wildlife animal intrusion. Book an opossum removal today, anywhere in The Greater Toronto Area.

Bat Removal Toronto

There’s two ways that you can find out you own bats in the attic. When a bat flies in through a gap from the attic into your home, or an unprotected fireplace via the chimney. The second way is to visually spot them yourself. If you’re not sure, take a walk around your home and look for gaps between your soffit and the sidewall. If you find a gap, take a look at the wall immediately below the gap and all the way down to the floor. Bat issues present themselves via bat guano (droppings) they look like elongated rice grains that are thicker and dark brown in color.

We use a special screening that we install on the gap to allow the bats to leave and not be able to get back in. SIA Wildlife Control provides safe, insured, and accurate bat removal services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Minor Repairs

Have wildlife left a hole in your roof?

We offer minor repair services after a successful wildlife removal service

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Other Services

Wildlife intrusions are accompanied by headaches aside from their existence in your personal environment and effects to your health. Often wildlife leave holes on the roof that allow water to seep in which can cause a lot of damage to your ceiling and electrical components. SIA Wildlife Control provides roof repair and maintenance services to keep your house healthy and leakage free. It’s also possible for animals to die in your attic, under your deck or shed as well, which is why we also offer dead animal removal services in Toronto GTA.

Our service areas

At SIA Wildlife Control we believe in fast, safe and efficient pest control and wildlife control services. While we exert to achieve a harmless to animals approach, we equally put effort into eliminating all pest and wildlife problems for our clients. We have been successful for years in wildlife removal and wish to prove our continued success in serving our existing and new clients with excellence. We provide our services to a wide variety of cities in the GTA; Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Georgina and more.

How do i protect my home from wildlife?

We Offer Wildlife Prevention Services

We offer comprehensive wildlife prevention services. Homes with current wildlife problems are inspected thoroughly by our team and we provide wildlife proofing means of being rid of wildlife nuisance for good! Each home is different, so wildlife proofing will not be the same in a Toronto home compared to the house next door. Read more about our wildlife prevention packages in the links above.

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