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SIA Wildlife Control provides bat removal services in Toronto and the GTA. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal services. Thank you for considering us for your wildlife removal needs, we are prepared and ready to exceed your expectations.

About bats

Bats are nocturnal in nature. They are found in the night sky. During the day they roost in caves, attics, underground locations, and places that are generally dark. Bats are sensitive to light, therefor they avoid the day and venture out at nights. Their main source of environment is their echolocation. Which is similar sonar and is basically sound that is emitted and returned as a means of hunting insects to bats. Bat’s are not blind, they do have vision however it is their echolocation that allows them to hunt for food or avoid objects during flight. A bat can sense how far object are from the time it takes the sound to echo back to the bat.

Humans usually can’t hear bats, our hearing range is anywhere between 20Hz to 20 kHz. Certain bats can hear frequencies up to 110 kHz.

How do you know you have a bat problem?

You may visually see them entering and exiting your attic most likely from a gap between the side wall and the soffit. Or they may be roosting in your chimney. The other way to check is to look for the gaps yourself, and then look for evidence of bat guano. They usually leave a trail of droppings (guano) which most of the time embed to the wall under their entry point. You may also find guano piled up on the ground where they are entering and exiting.

There are diseases that have been associated with bats and their guano. Bats may carry Rabies and or Histoplasmosis.

Bat removal Toronto, ON and GTA

Once we’ve found the point of entry where bats are roosting, we deploy a special screening on the area where bats are using as an entry and exit point. The exclusion system works in a way that bats can easily crawl and squeeze through to leave but would never be able to re-enter. This is using the bats abilities and weaknesses in flight against it. Once the screening is in place properly, other potential gap areas of the attic must be sealed. This job can be done with transparent caulking designed for exterior use.

After a week or two we will return to the attic and make sure we see no visual signs of the bats. When we are sure there is no more bats in the attic, we will remove the screening. To prevent bat re-entry in the future, the gap where the screen was installed will be closed with caulking exactly like the other gaps were done previously. This procedure will conclude complete and humane removal of bats from the attic. We do not perform bat removal during baby season, read below.

Bat baby season

In the months of June to August, bats will roost and have babies. Each mother has one baby per year. So if you have a colony of 50 bats, then 50 more bat babies will be present. It’s important to keep in mind that only female bats roost in an attic during the baby seasons. Why is this important? If you were to hire someone to seal up and use an exclusion device to block out bats from returning, you could be digging up a can of trouble for yourself and your family.

Bat babies cannot fly and hunt for their own food and therefor require their mother to bring in food for them every night. Blocking off the mother bats with exclusion devices during baby season will result in the starvation and death of baby bats in your attic. This is both illegal and inhumane. Since baby bats can’t fly they will crawl through everything and everywhere to find food on their own in the face of starvation. Being that 50 baby bats are now starving, and dying in little gaps that will lead all around your walls you will be facing the decaying smell of over 50 baby bats. Not to mention, that you will have different organism feasting on the decaying bodies.

Being aware of all this, it just isn’t worth it.. since you already have the problem, it won’t hurt to wait a bit more before hiring anyone to do the job. At the end of August you should be safe to begin the process of removing your bat problem. At SIA Wildlife Control we provide bat removal services all over the Greater Toronto Area, give us a call and we’ll solve your bat problem for you humanely and safely.

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