Don’t close or repair entry points leading to the attic

Have you heard stories from your neighbors about the time that they used to have a raccoon but they repaired the roof and then the raccoon desperately worked its way out? We have seen a lot of those from such neighbor! Let’s cover some basic facts about your roof before we proceed into wildlife problems inside an attic. Generally every roof with the exception of very old homes or poorly maintained homes won’t surprisingly acquire a hole over night. Keeping in my mind, some heavy winds can damage the roof, but they will not make a hole in the middle of the roof, or break plywood in the edge of the roof.

Turbine vents and normal venting attachments on the roof are designed to last a windy night or storm, what they’re not designed against is an intelligent raccoon or squirrels. There is also the possibility that your soffit may have been pushed up, broken or just completely fallen to the ground. Take a look at a few helpful wildlife or raccoon inspection tips you can follow when looking for animal entry points on our self inspection post.

What took off my vent cap or turbine vent?

So now that you know a storm didn’t damage your roof by making a hole or taking off the ventilation cap you can start to take proper action. The first on the list is to inspect the area of damage for bite marks or claw marks. Secondly there may be evidence of hair embedded onto the attachments or on the entry points if you have a ladder and safety tools to approach the area. Last but more importantly is sound, listen for the type of noises you can hear in the attic. Raccoons and squirrels make distinctive noises when they have entered your attic space and it’s usually the first sign of animal entry.

What should i do if there is an entry point into my attic?

Don’t close the hole, don’t hire a roofer to close or repair any holes. If you suspect or are clearly certain that there is an animal in your attic, call wildlife professionals for wildlife removal services before hiring roofers. Once an animal has been humanely removed from your attic you can concentrate on repair efforts. Some wildlife control companies provide minor repair services which can cut the service call out fees of other third party companies.

Hire Professional Wildlife Removal Services

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Can i close an entry point if i don’t think there is an animal inside the attic/deck/shed/porch?

In our years of experience, we have learned the hard way to not take any chances. We never assume there is no animal inside and will always use a one-way door to remove the animal in question before ever sealing it up. We wait the minimum required time for the animals to leave the confined space before returning to remove the door and sealing the area for good! We don’t take chances, why should you? It’s inhumane to trap an animal inside your attic space or other areas. If you accidentally close an animal inside you will have a headache and regrets you may not be able to correct. Animals which are trapped will panic and start clawing and chewing their way out from other areas. For example you can have a raccoon drop into your home from the ceiling or dropping your soffits to get out. This can lead to extra expenses in home repairs, not to mention needing to remove the animal again once it has a new entry point. Alternatively you may end up with a dead carcass in the attic which if not found and removed can stink up your home for months!

Leave the headaches to the professionals, call us for a quotation and service requests to have your raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, groundhogs, bats, birds, mice and rats removed professionally!

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