Raccoon Removal One-way Door In Action

Raccoon removal using a one-way door caught on camera to show our clients how it works. Any confusion on how an animal uses a door to exit the attic space will be brought to light by watching it in action below. The procedure and success rates 100%. This also shows the raccoons returning and trying to get back into the attic without any success. For questions or service bookings contact us anytime!

Skunk Trapping And Relocation

Skunk traps are tricky. Trying to catch a skunk can be very difficult due to raccoons and other nocturnal animals. As other nocturnal and omnivore animals may be attracted to the bait in the trap, the chances of catching a skunk becomes slimmer. However when successful it can become a relief to troubled properties where families are at risk of being sprayed. Watch our trap and relocation video below.

Squirrel removal via one way door 

This video shows a squirrel removal done explicitly for audiences to see how it functions. Our door functions in only one direction that denies re-entry into a previously accessible area. Squirrel removal done right, and humanely.