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SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal Georgina services. The areas include Keswick, Sutton, Jackson’s Point, Pefferlaw, Port Bolster, Udora, Willow Beach, Balfour Beach, Gilford Beach, Innisfil, Cookstown, and Barrie.

We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Raccoon problems are evident across all cities in Ontario. Raccoons have adapted very well in human cities. Their population is actually higher inside our cities than their natural habitats. This is mostly due to the fact there is more food available in garbage bins. And we have plenty of river banks as their water source on dry days. You might have stumbled on this site looking for raccoon information, or you’re here because there is a raccoon in your property. We hope not but If you have a problem with wildlife in your property or your home, we are a call away ready to assist you humanely remove your problem.

in this section you can learn more about raccoons, the do’s and the don’ts. There is useful information on removal methods and how we can take care of the problem for you.

Raccoon removal Georgina

Conventional squirrel or raccoon removal in Keswick Georgina from your attic can be done by placing a 1-way door contraption device which is attached to a galvanized carbon steel mesh. This mesh does not rust, the color dims after some time. This method ensures that the animal in question will use it’s specifically designed 1-way to leave for it’s daily needs, but will not allow it re-enter into the attic. This is how we solve your problem and warranty the area  for a period of 2 years. However the mesh will protect you for as long as it stays installed in the area. This is why it’s important to let your roofers re-install the mesh as it was once they’ve changed your roof.

Alternatively trapping will be the last option. We seldom use trapping as it is a last resort method. We find putting stress on animals unnecessary but we also understand that at times, there is no other way. Call us today to find out which is the best option for you and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Squirrel Removal Georgina

Squirrels are known as the most destructive animals because of their chewing habits. They are also known for being persistent. If squirrel removal is not done in a timely manner it can lead to a number of possible disasters. A squirrel may chew wood, wiring, and displace your insulation. When your insulation is mostly gone, your furnace or AC unit has to work twice as hard to keep the cool, or warmth in the home. Chewed wiring can lead to electrical fires, and a chewed roof can lead water and snow into your attic.

Squirrel removal in Georgina is performed similarly to that of raccoon removal. An exclusion device 3″ squared in design is attached onto the meshing. The mesh is then installed on top of the entry point with a generous amount of screening on the surrounding areas. Squirrels need to chew constantly to keep their ever growing teeth in line. A squirrels teeth grows approximately 6 inches per year. This is why they chew regularly on anything that is available. Which is why we urge squirrel removal as timely as possible. For this reason we provide a generous amount of mesh to the surrounding area of the squirrel’s entry point. This prohibits any future chewing or re-entry into that area in the future. We provide a 2 year warranty on our work, however we cannot provide warranty for other areas of your home. This is why we’ve designed a prevention package for customers who wish to be done with their animal problems permanently.

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Proper raccoon removal, squirrel removal and wildlife removal starts with a company that is humane and equipped for animal removal. Don’t wait for damages to add up and call us today for your raccoon removal Georgina service at (647)715-6262. You can also book an inspection or service!

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City Animal Emergency

The city does not send out personnel to remove animals from your property or your attic. For this service call professionals that do just that, give us a call.

If you spot a sick or injured animal you can call the local city animal control at 1-855-898-8605.

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Georgina Animal Shelter & Adoption Centre

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Toll free: 1-800-898-8606

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We understand the urgency to remove animals from your property. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to effectively provide coverage throughout the city. If we can’t make it to you the same night, we’ll give an arm and a leg to make it the next morning. Do you have a raccoon inside your house? You’ll be happy to meet our all hour emergency team anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

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