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SIA Wildlife Control performs groundhog removal services in Toronto, ON. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. If you have a groundhog problem give us a call or cruise the website for information that can help you solve your problem. We thank you for considering us and hope you find the help that you are looking for!

Groundhog Removal Toronto


The groundhogs are not unknown to the hard working populace in Ontario. They may be seldom seen by the residence of The Greater Toronto Area, but some people who own vegetation in their garden have had their share of experience with groundhogs.  They are especially notorious in the agricultural industry, farmers have been struggling with groundhogs since the beginning of it all. Groundhog diet is fruit and vegetation, they create burrows and living space under earth within the vicinity of their food. Groundhogs are very protective of their families, and usually there is more than 1 groundhog in their homes.

Ground hogs are your backyard’s worst nightmare. These animals love to dig holes into your fresh sod and burrow underneath. If you have a garden you probably don’t like having them around eating your harvest. To avoid these pests, remove their food source, unfortunately that may mean not having a vegetation. If that is a sacrifice you may not be willing to make, trapping would be your temporary solution.

The worst case scenario problem that can occur with living with a ground hog is the extensive tunneling systems they create. These may be harmless in the center of your yard if only problems were that simple… but if they are near a structure or a shed, they may potentially cause it to collapse over time. Think of it as removing the support from under a building.

Groundhog Removal

Ground hog removal is done by trapping. We offer trapping in Toronto and The Greater Toronto Area. However as mentioned above this is a temporary solution and another groundhog may take it’s place in the future.

If you have a shed or deck where a groundhog is burrowing, you might consider a more permanent solution. If you trap a groundhog, you may have a raccoon living in there in the near future or freshly coming in for the scent of food. For this process we install an L shaped galvanized carbon steel mesh into the ground around the perimeter of the shed/deck. This mesh has to be deep enough to intercept the burrows of wildlife animals. In this situation we also install a one way exit to allow the animal to leave and never return. Our work is 100% guaranteed and we will service at no cost, any problems related to wildlife animal problems that occur with our work. If you have a groundhog problem give us a call to setup traps for your property or seal up an area with the problem.

City Animal Services

If you’ve found an injured, sick, or orphaned animal dial 311 and place a service request to the city. You may also visit the city of Toronto’s website.

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We understand the urgency to remove animals from your property. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to effectively provide coverage throughout the city. If we can’t make it to you the same night, we’ll give an arm and a leg to make it the next morning. Do you have a groundhog problem? You’ll be happy to meet our all hour emergency team anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

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Our wildlife removal services always succeed. We are so confident in our work, material, and technicians that we offer a 2 year warranty on all our work! Watch our technicians find, explain, and solve your problem all in the same day. Were looking forward to assisting you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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