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What Do Squirrels Hate the Most?

Do you remember being awestruck by those little creatures who ran around in your garden and climbed on the tree defying gravity to some extent? Yes, those mischievous creatures are the ones who could be a significant threat to your property. A squirrel may appear charming and cuddly from a distance, but only from afar. […]

How Do You Get Squirrels Out of Your House?

When bright-eyed squirrels chatter in the trees outside your house, munching acorns or chestnuts, they are far less appealing. The subfamily of rodents includes more than 30 species of tree-dwelling squirrels. While these rodents are tolerated mainly, if not revered, in their natural habitat, they are closely related to rats and mice. If they infest […]

What is a Good Raccoon Repellent?

Raccoons are highly clever nocturnal creatures capable of wreaking havoc in your yard or on your property. Raccoons can be challenging to keep off your property without appropriate preparation and execution since they look for food at night. A raccoon will take up residence in your home for only two reasons: it is welcoming to […]

Where Do Raccoons Hide During the Day?

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that mostly come out at night. They come out at night to search for food, then return to their dens early the following day. They may sleep warm and comfortable in a raccoon den until they are ready to hunt again. The raccoon kits spend the first few months in the […]

What Food is Toxic to Raccoons?

Raccoons aren’t restricted to a single food source; their diet is thought to consist of a roughly equal mix of plant materials, invertebrates, and vertebrates. Opportunism is described as obtaining food by nearly any means required, at least in the ecological sense. Raccoons aren’t limited to a particular food source; instead, they have a say […]

How Big a Hole Can a Raccoon Fit Through?

Raccoons have a reputation for being mischievous and destructive, despite their innocent appearance and charming tiny cheeks. In their hunt for food, raccoons frequently destroy garbage cans and uproot plants and sod. Raccoons may carry and spread illnesses, including rabies and roundworm. When raccoons are rabid or feel threatened, they can turn violent and bite […]

How to Get Rid of Raccoons Fast?

Raccoons can wreak much damage, so, understandably, you don’t want them around. It’s not just a tipped-over garbage can now and then. To get access to your attic, female raccoons may pull off shingles, fascia boards, or rooftop ventilators in search of a nesting spot. Once inside, they’ll displace insulation, go to the potty, and […]

Will Mice Crawl On Me While I Sleep?

Do rodents crawl on people while they sleep? Yep, mice will crawl on sleeping people. If you did discover any evidence of mice in your bedroom, likely, a mouse has previously crossed your path while you slept. And if it’s occurred before, it’s expected to happen again. On the other hand, Mice aren’t going to […]

Do Dryer Sheets Work to Keep Mice Away?

When we try to get rid of mice in a house, most people first try natural repellents before consulting a professional exterminator. However, these home cures are not always as successful as they promise to be. Dryer sheets are a standard home treatment that is obtained online. Cigarette smoke and some colognes, for example, repel […]

What Can You Put Around Your House to Keep the Rats Away?

Do you have some little mischiefs you didn’t invite to your home? They might seem and smell unpleasant. Yes, you got it right. I am talking about the little rodents called rats. Rats are carriers of many dangerous diseases that can be risky to human life. Let’s do a thorough analysis of rats. What do […]

Do Rats Come Out During the Day?

Have you ever heard the sounds of slithering and chirping in your bed? Most of us might have heard these sounds and realized that we may have a rodent in our home. You might be wondering about the times you saw two rats dwindling in your corridor or garden. People think that rats are like […]

Does Bleach Keep Rats Away?

Humans and rats are both hot-blooded animals. That may clarify something about both the species’ behaviour. Do they share some similarities? Yes, they do. Rats dislike the pungent smell of the bleach-like odour, just like us humans.  Now, don’t think you can spray a solution or mop the floors, and the rats would go like, […]

What Scent Will Keep Rats Away?

Rats are magnificent little creatures who have a lot of unique characteristics. They reproduce fast, swim in the water, and give birth to up to 14 little rats at once. They have incisors that grow indefinitely, and they can also laugh. Yet this doesn’t mean that we should adore them and let them wreak havoc […]

Who Do I Call To Remove A Raccoon

Is there a raccoon in your backyard causing you stress? Can't decide to let the dog out unsupervised? There is a lot of questions that homeowners have when dealing with intruding raccoons such as "who do I call to remove a raccoon". There are situations where you can call the city animal control for help [...]

How To Trap A Raccoon

How do you trap a raccoon? Where can you take it? How do you protect yourself while transporting a raccoon? All of these are sound questions when you are attempting to trap a raccoon. For whatever reason a raccoon has entered into your life and has started to either damage your lawn or made itself [...]

How To Trap A Squirrel

Trapping squirrels is very simple. First you must identify the type of squirrel you have, because red squirrels are significantly smaller than grey and black squirrels. Therefore you need a trap with smaller grading for red squirrels than you would for black and grey. With red squirrels in mind, you need half an inch by [...]

Do You Close Mouse Entry Points?

When you call a pest control company in Toronto, one of the top questions you may ask is "do you close mouse entry points?" More often than not you may hear "We close the obvious holes on the ground" then you may be wondering if that is enough to solve your mouse infestation problem. If [...]

How to get rid of squirrels

Getting rid of squirrels can be difficult and dangerous if you are not someone who has a bit of handyman skills. If you’re determined to get rid of your own squirrel problem, you’ll need to get your hands on a squirrel exclusion door, screws, washers and a strong barrier. For a barrier we recommend a […]

Can a raccoon be inside my walls?

Can raccoons get inside your walls? They can, read on scenarios where raccoons can get in between your walls.

What kind of damage can raccoons do?

Raccoons are a curious animal, they tend to be less destructive than squirrels in general, however they are capable of destroying objects in their path. Raccoons desire a warm place during winter, and a shelter during all other seasons. They are capable of entering almost any home in a neighborhood through various means which are [...]

Do squirrels leave on their own?

Do squirrels up and leave on their own?

How much can bats squeeze into

Bats have always been an issue for homes in Ontario. Anytime you have a bat flying inside your home, your mind flares up and the thoughts of how it got in come swarming in. Did i leave the door open? Is the window screen broken? Although one of those could be the reason, most likely [...]

How to get rid of raccoon odor

All homes in Toronto that have had raccoon or rodent problems face issues regarding bad smell, odorous excrements on top of nuisance. Raccoon occupation inside a crawl space or an attic over prolonged periods accumulate damages to the property; urine, feces, insulation displacement, destroyed wiring, damaged pot lights etc. Most issues related to odorous smell [...]

How to remove a trapped squirrel from inside your wall

Sometimes squirrels make their way into your attic and then inside your walls. Most of the time they're smart enough and physically capable enough to climb back up, sometimes they're not. This is one of those times, a squirrel was stuck inside a wall in a Vaughan home. We were called to investigate sounds coming [...]

How to remove squirrels when there’s babies

Here we are again at the beginning of the baby season in August 4th 2019. Squirrel babies are back for the second time this year and we've ran into them in this Newmarket home. Every time squirrels lay about 2 to 8 babies inside their nesting site. For a squirrel removal job to be successful, [...]

Ingenius And Difficult Raccoon Removal From A Home Space King, ON

A couple of weeks ago, we could have said we've seen it all with all raccoon removal situations. But occasionally we are surprised. Take this raccoon in King, ON for example. This raccoon was living with homeowners who had no idea she was there in their home extension. When we first arrived for a squirrel [...]

Raccoon Removal In King City – Pot Light Entrance

Before you think is that even possible? Yes, raccoons are very capable climbers and formidable break and enter suspects to any roof in King City. Before we realized the entry point for the raccoon removal process it took us about 30 minutes. Our team first inspected the roof, then the ground and the roof and [...]

Raccoon Soffit Damage And Removal In Old Plywood

Raccoons are notorious for finding opportunities, damaging and entering such areas to gain access to shelter. Mostly these areas are comfortable attic spaces. In Richmond Hill we had a home with an older plywood. In fact the roof was so bad that the technicians couldn't walk on it. Thankfully the damage was in the soffit [...]

How raccoons with babies are professionally removed

Raccoon baby season started in mid March this year in 2019. Little by little homes started having raccoon entries into the attic in March and increasingly more since. Today we want to clarify what a proper raccoon removal looks like, and our example is Newmarket. Our client called us for help in regards to a [...]

Raccoon baby saved in Richmond Hill

Inexperienced and contemporary contractors; roofers, handymen or anyone who takes on roof patching jobs frequently cause the death of animals. At least ones that ignore the signs of animals and in it to make a buck over better judgement. We recently had an emergency raccoon baby removal in Richmond Hill as a result of a [...]

Baylisascaris Procyonis

Baylisascaris Procyonis is basically a parasite which raccoons dominantly carry. You may know Baylisascaris Procyonis as Roundworms. It’s also transferable to other wildlife and humans as well. Roundworms don’t adversely affect raccoons directly, infected raccoons seem to do well without treatment. However when Roundworms infect humans, they can eventually be fatal if left without treatment. […]

Don’t close or repair entry points leading to the attic

Have you heard stories that give you nightmares? Repairing holes on your roof without consulting or inspecting with wildlife control professionals can become such a story. Let's cover some basic facts about your roof before we proceed into wildlife problems inside an attic. Holes don't magically appear on your roof over night, with the exception [...]

A genius squirrel sidewall entry and removal

Another squirrel removal story in Newmarket for the year of 2019 which our team had the pleasure of performing. Because of baby season squirrels are mobilizing and preparing for their babies. This Newmarket home had a nifty squirrel which had found an entry point that was quite genius. Thankfully this squirrel was dealt with before [...]

Getting squirrels removed before babies arrive

Squirrels getting in a Scarborough home nearing the March baby season. In this scenario time is of the utmost importance as soon there will be babies. What makes babies difficult to deal with? Confined areas with no access are very difficult to perform physical baby removal. Generally squirrel babies don't make noises and therefor it's [...]

Wildlife baby season approaching March 2019

Wildlife in Ontario are about to have their babies close to the end of the month. Raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife such as skunks are preparing their nests to give birth to their young in this season. Migratory birds are returning soon as well in the upcoming months and this includes the pests starlings. We […]

Squirrels found a free shelter

What makes the job interesting is the different entry points you find when performing squirrel removal jobs. Every home is slightly different than another, and it has its own story to tell. Last year this Newmarket home had raccoon problems and this year they decided to come back but failed to break in. Fortunately for [...]

Squirrel can chew and find vulnerabilities into your attic

One of the problems we deal with in wildlife removal in major cities like Brampton is returning animals. Animals return daily, monthly and yearly to attempt reentry into previous dens. When our technicians install mesh barriers on the roof, these areas are safe and receive a 2 year warranty. Of Course the warranty is there [...]

Raccoon In The Attic Of A Home In Keswick, ON

This home had a repeat offender raccoon. Last year the raccoon had broken into the home through the junction corner on the roof of the home. this raccoon returned later in 2019 and attempted to break into the soffit while using a fence as an anchor. If you look at the picture you can see [...]

Is your home ready for a raccoon on your roof?

This topic here shows a raccoon removal done in Newmarket in January 2019. We received a call regarding raccoons inside the attic of a semi-detached home. In this home we found evidence of raccoon problems that were persistent throughout the years. We found some meshing and evidence that suggested they were returning raccoons. Typically raccoons [...]

Squirrels can attract raccoons to your attic

As part of our raccoon removal and wildlife removal services through the years, we occasionally have call backs from previous clients. Animals return to haunt homeowners time and again, however homeowners that install prevention need not worry. The returning raccoon damaged the junction of this North York home as a result of no preventative screening. [...]

Raccoon And Pest Problems In The Attic

Our team performed a raccoon removal in Pefferlaw, Ontario during a slippery morning. The story oddly enough, started out as a mouse problem, but later was concluded that raccoons were also present. Due to the noises the client heard we suspected a mice problem within the attic of the pefferlaw home. Our inspection team later [...]

Can Squirrels And Raccoons Live Together?

We received a call from a concerned client and arrived shortly at the home with a raccoon problem. At first it seemed like only raccoons were inside. We initially learned that a client was hearing noises in the attic, of heavy scratching and movement like walking. After inspecting the hole on the roof, and the [...]

Squirrel One-Way Door In Action

In October our wildlife control team attended a home in Willow Beach, Ontario with a squirrel problem. A fascinating aspect of squirrels is that they persistently try to get back into the same place repeatedly. In short, we had our camera set up to show the exclusion door in action. The purpose of the camera [...]

Another roof-line gap resulting in squirrel infestation

Roof line gaps that run the perimeter of a home are problematic when performing a squirrel removal in the attic. In Keswick October 2018 we arrived at a home which had squirrels in the attic via the roof-line gaps. Generally when squirrels target a home they make decent sized holes but sometimes they don't need [...]

Is it possible to have squirrels in a side vent?

What are the chances that you have a side vent with a squirrel nesting inside? Sometimes you'll be able to tell when they chew through the dryer vent and run around in your home. Other times you'll know when you hear noises inside the kitchen stove fan. Occasionally, homes may have side vents leading into [...]

Can squirrels do damage inside the attic?

Squirrels that chew multiple ventilation caps like this home in Willow Beach can cause headaches to homeowners. Generally homes with squirrel problems already have it bad enough with squirrels running around in the attic and chewing away at anything they desire. These things include your roof frames, drywall, insulation and electrical wiring. Finally, the chewing [...]

Why sturdy critter guard is important on solar panels to prevent wildlife

Professionals remove wildlife from window wells, sheds, decks, porches and attics. This is a typical squirrel removal from an attic story. Occasionally we find problems when trying to remove wildlife such as accessibility. Accessibility is a big issue when it comes to removing animals from confined spaces. Our technicians needed to deal with the solar [...]

Roof Peak Ventilation Damage Caused By Raccoons

In this particular home in Keswick, the homeowner was shocked to see the raccoon damage done. According to our client these raccoons have been around for the better part of the last four years. Due to their sheer weight, raccoons damage soffits in most homes that they reside in. When a fairly heavy raccoon travels [...]

Can Squirrels be Removed If They Have Babies?

Squirrel Removal Markham August 2018. Squirrel baby season is here. If you have squirrels in the attic this time of the year, there is an above 90% chance that there are babies in the attic. This means that for a successful squirrel removal from your attic, a technician needs to pull out the babies before [...]

Bats In My Home

You may be wondering what’s going on with all the bat updates? The answer is simple, like every other wildlife they have their own seasons with high activity. Bats just finished nurturing their young, and we’ve just passed their baby season. In the month of August the bat calls spike up with people in need […]

Raccoons Being Removed Via One-Way Door

In today's story we had a long day's work dealing with two raccoons. Although we're not sure to be happy for the client, or sad for the raccoons! We're sure these raccoons have a secondary home in the neighborhood so they will be alright. When we arrived to do the job, we had a chat [...]

Bat Guano Entry Indication For Infestations

We arrived at a home with a major bat issues in Newmarket. Fortunately for us, bats are terrible at hiding their presence. How did we proceed with removing the bats? By following their guano (poo). Generally, bats excrete very frequently, and they tend to leave trails to areas they travel to. Using this knowledge we [...]

Stubborn red squirrels chewing roof-lines

Over the years we have observed the most stubborn traits dealing with red squirrels. We've repeatedly seen red squirrels come back and try to chew their way back into an attic. Did you know that red squirrels only mate with red squirrels? It may be a surprise, but did you know a red squirrel will [...]

Another day removing raccoons from chimneys

We had a ninja raccoon residing in a North York home within the chimney. When we arrived we had a dilemma between 2 chimney's to cap, so we made some noise. A raccoon looked up at us and there we had clarity on which chimney to cap and which one to perform a raccoon removal. [...]

Squirrel opportunistic shelter inside the attic

There are homes with squirrel problems and there are homes with raccoon problems, sometimes both. This Aurora home is somewhere in between. The homeowner told our team conflicting stories but when we inspected the area we found it to be a squirrel issue. How did we come to this conclusion? Well first, only a raccoon [...]

Removing squirrels from a roof vent

In August we received a call in regards to squirrels running rampant in the attic of a Newmarket home. The owner didn’t know the exact problem at first. To begin with, we did an inspection and found squirrels in the attic. Secondly squirrels chewing looks like this and other animals would have a different style […]

Raccoons enjoying by a chimney after removal

This is a short clip that our technicians took while working on a raccoon removal scenario in Mississauga. A mother raccoon and a couple of her babies were occupying an attic and a suspected chimney cap. Our inspection located these entry points and we took care of it! To begin with, we sealed the chimney […]

Hungry raccoons are choosing your home

Today we provided a raccoon removal service in Aurora. At first it appeared to be only a typical raccoon entry into the attic. While doing the repair services on a return journey to remove the one way door, we stumbled upon something.. A bird nest within the soffit! Our technicians began removing the bird nesting [...]

Birds in a side-vent removed

Bird removal can be challenging. In certain areas it is easier than others. Side vents of a home are relatively easier to deal with due to the fact that birds have two ways to go, in and out. This makes bird removal easier to perform due to the fact that much less can go wrong. […]

Clever raccoons removed from the attic of a home

This story is about raccoons that had the run of the house since the beginning of June 2018. When we arrived to do the job the home had a severe amount of damage surrounding the entry point. Raccoons had tremendously damaged the home by walking on the soffits and dislodging them. The soffits of the […]

Raccoon activity on the rise

This is the time of the season where people see raccoons doing “weird” things as most of our callers describe to us. It’s the 6 am calls that describe a party with “4 raccoons fighting on the roof of the neighbor’s home and that they are definitely sick”. Raccoons are definitely more active, and it’s […]

Raccoon babies saved in Innisfil

We received a call in regards to a troubled home with raccoon babies chirping. At first we thought it was a typical job with a typical raccoon removal involving babies. After a few detailed questions we found out that the client had hired another company which trapped and relocated a female raccoon. The raccoon was [...]

Raccoons never fail to amaze

We arrived at a home with a raccoon in the attic, which is a regular occurrence throughout homes in Toronto. When attempting to gain shelter, squirrels and raccoons often damage the septic pipe plastic covers and ventilation caps. In our years of experience we can still find situations unique to even us. The technicians think [...]

Bats are more active now

This is the time of year where bat activities start to be noticed. We are now finally entering Spring in late April and all the bad weather is hopefully behind us. Sadly it’s the same time the bugs and those pesky mosquitoes tend to interfere with our enjoyment of the warm weather. Especially up north […]

A little late this year, but raccoon babies are here

This raccoon baby was removed from a home in Brampton along with it’s five other siblings. These babies were most likely less than a day or 2 old. Last year we had our first baby batch removed a little bit earlier than this year in 2018. We believe that it has to do with the […]

Roof destruction by raccoons

In this Scarborough home we found a raccoon entry point in the middle of the roof. This is a common entry point when the health of the roof (plywood) is deteriorating. To remove this raccoon, we placed a one way door over the damaged area which allowed the raccoon to humanely exit the attic space. […]

When squirrels chew roof ventilation

This was a tricky squirrel removal from a North York attic. In this scenario our technician found a vent line torn within the attic. The technician unscrewed the vent line and found squirrel damage on the exterior which lead inside. Because of the curvature on the roof, the best way to do the job was [...]

Happy chinese new year! (2018)

To begin with, SIA Wildlife Control wishes you a happy and successful new year to all the Chinese people around the world. Our staff has banded together to particularly say their thanks and wishes in this post to you and beyond. We would like to thank all our clients for being with us in the […]

Ingenious raccoon entry point to the attic

As far as typical entry points go, this one was a pretty secretive one! It took us a second look and about 15 minutes to find it. We had to improvise in this raccoon removal due to the location and accessibility of the entry point. We had to be crafty to deal with a craft [...]

Bird stuck in a wall removed

This was a special case for a bird removal in a Vaughan home. To begin with, we first thought it was a squirrel within the walls of this bathroom. However when we arrived we saw evidence of bird droppings inside the side vent. We installed a mesh barrier to prevent reentry into the vent after [...]

A terrible winter for a raccoon in the attic problem

Here's a story involving raccoons preparing for babies in the spring. Last year the same raccoons resided in this Markham home. Raccoons are notorious for returning to previous dens, until they are successful. Which is why it's a worthy investment to wildlife proof your home on your raccoon removal service. The raccoons made a hole [...]

Squirrels in the attic?

Squirrels are looking to have babies in this time of the year. Squirrels chewed both the front and back of the home in Vaughan. Our technician had to make sure to locate and close all other entry points to ensure a successful removal. Because of the location of the hole, the squirrel removal wasn't easy. [...]

Servicing a home in North York

We provided a raccoon removal service in North York for a semi-detached home. Have you heard any noises while sleeping or right before breakfast? Fast running, heavy walking, chewing or scratching ? Don't ignore these signs, because if left alone, animals can do damage to your home. In all of these cases you may be [...]

Rodent Season

We are in the season where all the mice and rats are moving indoors. Scavenging in the summer is over for rodents, with the cold and freezing temperatures they’re forced indoors. They need a place warm enough to take shelter in and that’s where your home comes into the picture. Rodents are active through all […]

Caught The Wrong Animal!

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a pesky skunk from your backyard? It’s difficult sometimes when wildlife is roaming the backyard, especially when you have kids that play outside or pets in need of leisure time. It can be extra difficult when the two dominant wildlife in Ontario share the same diet and […]

Raccoon Removal Attic Space

Our technicians attended another raccoon removal in Markham from inside an attic this week. The client thought at first that the raccoon had entered midway through the soffit where it had dropped down. In brief, the raccoon was entering from the left side of the house, apparent after our initial inspection. The soffit damage on [...]

Typical raccoon soffit entry point story

Our team arrived at a client's home in Vaughan this week to find a raccoon entry point of substantial size. Raccoons normally target junctions in their attempt to enter the attic. Whatever the reason, whether it be ease or intelligence, raccoons prefer junction corners before anything else. In this scenario this raccoon has chosen the [...]

Why There Is No Guarantee With Wildlife Live Traps

Do you wonder why most wildlife control companies don’t offer a guarantee for traps? There are a few reasons why companies that provide raccoon removal or wildlife removal solutions do not provide a guarantee. Depending on the season, baby’s could be trapped. Babies require their mother for nurturing and guidance, otherwise they will die in […]

Raccoon break in through the soffit

Raccoon removal is part of a normal daily wildlife control routine in Markham. There is so many raccoons within the city that every single day raccoons are being removed from an attic of a home. Once inside, these animals will make a lot of noise. They will shuffle insulation, roll, scratch and walk across at [...]

Squirrel Baby Season Round 2!

These little guys are back. We have passed the second week of August which means that most squirrels have had their babies. As a homeowner you should know a few things about squirrels and their babies. First is to know that when you suspect a squirrel problem, you should take prompt action. Be on alert […]

Proper Wildlife Removal Deck

Some knowledge of wildlife is important when removing animals from the deck. If you have a raccoon, skunk or opossum under the deck you need to understand their behavior. Knowing their sleeping and activity patterns helps you in their proper removal. We don’t recommend doing your own wildlife removal unless you know the risks and […]

Removing Bats From The Attic

Bat removal from the attic is one of our specialties. The bat in the photo was just under the area where a colony of bats were roosting. Normally bats aren't out during this time of day so it made the picture unique. We were happy to be there to take it. Our client had called [...]

Vicious Raccoon Attacks And How To Protect Yourself

Can raccoons be dangerous? Recently in Arlington, Virginia there was a raccoon attack. Raccoons attacked a man immediately after leaving his home. It’s not clear exactly why he was attacked. Some local residents have made up their own theories about it, one being the city garbage disposal methods. This is a situation that could happen […]

Raccoon Removal Window Well

Raccoons like every other animal seek shelter and safety. Their most cherished shelter is an attic space which provides heat, comfort and safety. In the cities of Ontario, there is less shelter available to raccoons because of deforestation. There are many companies in every city that provide wildlife control services, all of them being busy [...]

Raccoon Removal Chimney

If you have a raccoon in your chimney, you can most likely hear a lot of noise within the walls of your home. You will notice these noises as something new that weren’t there before. You have probably guessed correctly, a raccoon or another wildlife such as a squirrel is inside. The first step to […]

Raccoon Removal Deck / Shed

Our team is always busy in July removing wildlife such as raccoons and skunks from decks and sheds. It’s possible that the reason for this is because of the warm temperatures. The attic is much hotter than the outside temperature which is the first choice home of any raccoon. Under the ground offers much more […]

Roof Damage caused by raccoons and squirrels

The pictures show the types of damage that raccoons and squirrels cause to gain entry into an attic. The pictures show a mix of raccoon and squirrel entry points. The damages don’t look the same, but they are found in similar areas where raccoons and squirrels target most. To begin with from left to right, […]

Signs Of Bats

Bat’s are here! With bugs flourishing in the summer, it’s time for the bats to feed and have their fill before winter. Not all bats hibernate, but most do in high altitudes, caves, or attics. It’s hard to notice bats during the day because they are mostly active at night. If a bat is flying […]

Teenage Raccoon Party In The Attic

In this portion of the season or mid baby season, raccoon baby removal will face several problems and solutions. The issue we face with raccoons that haven’t fully developed into adult raccoons is the limitations in removal. Generally you need an attic with space when you need to remove raccoons at this stage of their […]

Your Own Raccoon Inspection In The Attic

So you're here because you have a critter in the attic. You hear noises but you're still uncertain which pest is keeping you up at night. You've come to the right place to figure out what affects your home. You may refer to our post regarding sound identification for more information about raccoons, squirrels and [...]

Raccoon Relocation

We relocated a family of raccoons today to a nearby forestry about a km’s distance. Raccoons had taken up residence in a client’s basement window well. Window wells are troubled areas when there is no attic space available. Raccoons face evictions from attics daily in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s very possible that raccoons which […]

Mother raccoon returning to retrieve her babies

We're happy to announce the reunion of a mother raccoon and her babies in Markham. We arrived on site to un unhappy client who couldn't sleep with all the noise in the attic. Our technicians entered the attic and removed the babies physically. We placed the babies on top of the roof beside the raccoon [...]

Got raccoons breaking and entering your ventilation caps?

Today we successfully wrapped up a job which we started 3 days ago. A proper raccoon removal job involves good communication with the client, and good post-service inspection. This is of course most important during baby season. A wildlife control technician must make sure that there are no babies inside in the attic when performing [...]

Wildlife Removal Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, GTA

Our client called us to provide a skunk removal service from a backyard in Brampton. We learned that there was noises in the main floor from the client. The noises she explained sounded like something of a bigger nature than mice. We had to investigate! A technician found a chimney cap damage after a full [...]

Raccoon Babies And Mother In The Attic

March 12 marks the first day of the year that we have physically removed raccoon babies from an attic. Each year a raccoon mother will give birth to approximately 3-8 babies. Our technicians had to crawl inside an attic that was probably only 3 feet high. Because of the tight space it took us half […]

Skunk Relocation Winter

Today we’ve captured and released a skunk we have been trying to catch for a couple of weeks. We are happy to have been able to help our client and safely remove the skunk in Vaughan. The farm was a relatively big place, but finding the skunk burrow site wasn’t that hard since the client […]

Trapping Raccoons

Raccoons in Ontario can a menace to private property. By this we mean feces, sod destruction, and generally being aggressive towards pets and homeowners. As wildlife professionals we use trapping as a last resort raccoon removal option when other options are not possible. This is raccoons in open space such as a backyard or a […]

SIA Wildlife Control Switches Web Hosting Services

Today, SIA Wildlife Control has officially switched over to a hosting service which is stable 24 hours a day. The past few months have been difficult, our hosting company had serious issues keeping our webpage up throughout the day. Our web loading speeds were at times slow or unresponsive. Being a 24 hours a day […]

Arrival Of Baby Season And It’s Impact On Your Property

To begin with, we’d like to collectively congratulate and send out our warmest wishes to the Chinese community in The Greater Toronto Area and all around the world. We are grateful for our diverse community and know that this year of the rooster will bring wealth and good health to all of us regardless of […]

Pest Control In The Winter

In Toronto we are not oblivious to the sudden cold, snow, and warm which regularly surges unexpectedly. Raccoons and squirrels spend their time claiming dens during the warmer seasons in Ontario. An average squirrel or raccoon in a neighborhood has roughly 3 to 5 shelters. Their most dominant shelter is where they will spend most […]

Proper Wildlife Removal

Taking care of a wildlife problem properly is very important for your biggest investment, which is your home. It’s important for you to hire a company that is working for your best interest. When on your property, you want proper and humane raccoon removal or squirrel removal services. We have seen too many problems involving […]

How To Deal With Mice In The Winter

Rodents like rats and mice make their way into warm structures as it gets colder outdoors. This time of year you may wake up in the middle of the night to what seems like scratching in the ceiling or walls. Which is a big confusion to people when they hear noises in the attic or […]

Wildlife and roofers

Roofing and wildlife problems are unfortunately very related. Your roof may attract wildlife problems depending on roof-line gaps or it's current condition. What makes it a contemporary problem is that most roofers don't have wildlife experience and it's not a job requirement. Some roofers may have wildlife experience due to their daily jobs but many [...]

I hear noises in my attic?

So you've heard scratching sounds or noises in your attic, this could be raccoon noises, squirrels, mice or generally an animal in the attic. If you hear the animal scratching in the attic at night or early in the morning that's useful information for identification. Nocturnal animals make noises at night time, while diurnal animals [...]


Do you have bats in your attic? Don’t panic. We have the necessary knowledge and removal system to help you with your problem. Here are some things you should know. Bats like dark places like your attic, chimney and basement. There are evidence that you can look for If you have a bat problem. You […]


Raccoon presence in Ontario has increased relative to previous years. There is approximately 100 to 150 raccoons per square kilometer in Toronto. Though raccoons are nocturnal that doesn’t necessarily make them strictly present at night. They may be present during the day for other reasons like hunger, health, or diseases like distemperment etc. Raccoons prefer […]

Why Wildlife Proof Your Home

Wildlife have become increasingly more problematic in Toronto and surrounding cities. Seasons do not have much impact on the probability of your home or backyard being breached by raccoons. In the winter, animals are looking for shelter and a place where they can prepare for their mating season. Most people are not aware that a […]

Squirrel Baby Season

It is now officially the second coming of the squirrel baby season this year, the month of August. Which also means squirrel removal got a little bit more difficult. While that is great news for the squirrels it isn’t so for us who have been victimized by their new home. If you hear running and scratching […]

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