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SIA Wildlife Control provides industry standard pricing and top quality pest control and wildlife removal services to the Greater Toronto Area. Below you can find all the services offered by us in the wildlife control industry.

Do you have to leave the house for pest control?

For most interior pest control, tenants need to leave the property. When treating a specific pest problem pest control companies use pesticides that is labeled for the pest use. Each pesticide is different depending on the active ingredient that controls a pest. Some pesticides require the property to be evacuated for periods of time, in example for 6 hours. This will allow time for pesticides to dry up and the fumes to clear so that it’s once again safe for humans to return to the property.

Ask your SIA Wildlife Control exterminator if your pest issue requires you to leave the home for your pest treatment. In most situations that will the be the case. However, there are alternative pest control methods that are safe to use while people are still in the home, such as diatomaceous earth.

How much does a pest control inspection cost?

Inspection fees are different from company to company. SIA Wildlife Control charges anywhere from $50-$150 depending on location of the property and the type of inspection involved. For inspections involving top of the roof walkthrough, photography of damages, inside an attic inspection and home inspection, fees can go up to $150. However SIA Wildlife Control waves all inspection fees if we are hired to provide any wildlife removal or pest control service.

Talk to one of our representatives to receive a quote for inspection or animal removal and pest control services. With our affordable pest removal solutions, there are no hidden fees, you pay the price you hear and are happy with on the phone.

Is monthly pest control necessary?

Monthly pest control is for consumers who are actively battling pests in their backyards or inside their homes. If you are having lots of insects like millipedes, centipedes, ear wigs and spiders in your basement, then it would make sense to have monthly visits for a portion of the year.

another scenario where monthly visits are a requirement, sometimes even earlier, are for cockroach and bedbug treatments. Because of the ferocious spread of these two insects, several treatments are required to exterminate bed bugs and cockroaches. Especially because they have many life cycles, different pesticides must be used to treat different stages in their developments.

There is also some people who like to enjoy their backyards with less bug activity and often ask to have a perimeter spray of a large control variety insecticide. If you are considering a yearly pest protection plan, call one of our representatives today to receive a quote for a year round pest protection barrier.

What do pest control companies spray?

Each pest has it’s weakness and strengths, sometimes even immunities through the improper use or excessive use of pesticides. As time goes by, insects naturally gain resistances through the use of pesticides by the pest control industry. Fortunately, there is always new technology coming out that help deal with chemical resistant bugs.

For example some bed bugs can be resistant to pyrethrin. Therefore exterminators will often combined two different active ingredients or more to control a bed bug infestation. There are some pesticides that are rated to knock out more than 1 type of insect. These insecticides are perfect for homes and properties with different type of generic bugs.

A powerful pesticides spray for a wide range of home bugs is Temprid SC. Temprid can be used to exterminate more than 50 different crawling and flying insects. It’s a perfect solution for homes with bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, millipedes, ants, silverfish, ear wigs and more.

Can I do my own pest control?

There are ways you can do your own pest control to help with pests that are infesting your home. But it’s important to keep in mind that large infestations are impossible to control on your own in Canada. To have access to the proper tools to perform your own pest control you need an exterminators license to acquire and use regulated pesticides (with some exceptions).

Homeowners and businesses can attempt to reduce pests by learning the pest behavior and making the environment less hospitable to pests. For example increasing and decreasing temperatures to control bed bugs in the area or drying wet areas to avoid spiders. Foliage removal and maintenance can also greatly help with pests outdoors before they squeeze in. Removing foliage from the perimeter of a home will reduce bug shelter since they like to feed and use it as a den.

There are also natural spray remedies homeowners can use on their own garden to keep garden pests away from ruining their harvest. Along with natural remedies, harvesting plants on time can reduce pest build up in the area. Planting a safe distance from one another can also help with pests, especially with aphid pests since they don’t trek too far from the source plant. For more serious pest control needs, get in touch with our pest control pro’s for help.

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