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SIA Wildlife Control was first established in 2016 in Keswick, Ontario. In a short time we built up our trust with clients in surrounding cities such as Aurora in the wildlife control and then pest control field. We provide excellence in wildlife removal; raccoon removal, squirrel removal services in Aurora.

Pest control Aurora problems can generally range from mice, rats, bed bugs, carpenter ants, wasps, raccoons, skunks, birds, bats, squirrels and more. As one of the leading wildlife removal and pest control companies, SIA Wildlife Control assembles the proper program and equipment to free your home or business from pest problems for good!

Our professional team will ensure a safe, insured and accurate diagnosis of your pest issue and then provide immediate same day pest removal services with your satisfaction guaranteed! Technicians at SIA Wildlife Control will use their knowledge to mechanically and environmentally reduce your pest issues and resort to just the right amount of pesticides to rid you of pests! Keeping you and your family safe while we deal with your pests hard and make them think twice about coming back.

Our services are available to Aurora, ON – York Region and surrounding areas.

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Raccoon Removal Video

Raccoon Baby Removal Video


SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal Aurora services with safe, insured and accurate results. Our work is guaranteed to remove your raccoon from the attic, deck, shed, porch or any confined space.

Our methods range from one-way door raccoon removal, live trapping and relocation (within by-law limit) and snaring and removal when no other option is available. Why choose us for your raccoon problem? We are a trusted name in the industry to provide wildlife control services in the Aurora area.

Read what our clients say about your services on Homestars and other platforms in our reviews page.

Since raccoons have little to no competition outside of themselves, they have multiplied for years and gained a large population.

Raccoons have been around for a long time in Canada and it’s no different in Aurora. Raccoon removal Aurora jobs have been increasingly in demand in recent years due to the large raccoon population.

Urban raccoons in Aurora flourish without any natural predators. Raccoons are actually threatened by other raccoons in territory invasions, and next to road kill it is their top casualty rate in Ontario – not counting diseases.

Any wildlife professional knows that raccoon removal takes understanding of raccoon behavior. Especially in baby season which makes their removal difficult. A success without headaches requires experience, knowledge and tools.

SIA Wildlife Control has been providing excellence in Raccoon removal Aurora services since 2016, we take pride in our work and offer 2 years warranty on all physical work.


If you live In Aurora, your first priority should be to look for a reliable company that will humanely removes raccoons or other wildlife. SIA Wildlife Control is an insured and reliable company to take on the task in a safe manner for both the animal and your property. If the raccoon is in public property causing a disturbance, you may contact the city of Aurora for help.


The city of Aurora does remove raccoons if they are a danger to themselves or the public. However they do not provide services on private property, in example; your attic or backyard. For that you can contact us at SIA Wildlife Control to humanely remove your raccoon problem.

If you spot an injured animal or a potentially sick animal call the city of Aurora animal control at 1-877-979-PAWS and keep an eye on the animal from a safe distance until help arrives.

Squirrel Removal Video


The safest and most effective squirrel removal Aurora method is the one-way door removal solution. Squirrel one-way doors are designed to allow squirrels of all sizes to leave an attic and prohibits them from re-entry. SIA Wildlife Control provides this service with a 2 year written guarantee.

Our trained technicians perform a perimeter inspection of the property from the ground, roof and attic to plan a squirrel removal every time. We write our inspection results on paper for our clients to see, show photographs and squirrel removal solutions all written down for review from our clients.

All our removal service inspections come with prevention packages designed specifically for your squirrel removal solution. Most squirrel entry points start on the roof through vents, pipes, roof-line.

Trusting the right company with the right experience can be a tough choice. Luckily we have testimonials from our clients and Homestars who have written about us on our squirrel removal Aurora services. Our experience in squirrel behavior and solutions have allowed us to make a name for ourselves in the wildlife control industry.

SIA Wildlife Control has knowledgeable and trained staff to provide the friendliest and most professional experience to our clients looking for pest control and wildlife removal services. Call us to find out how we can help you be pest free and ask about our humane squirrel removal services in Aurora.

Are squirrels inside your attic in Aurora?

Squirrel removal in Aurora and York Region is our specialty, talk to a wildlife professional today


There are mainly two routes to removing squirrels, first is explained above; through the use of a squirrel specific one-way door. This is mainly for professionals or handy people who are comfortable and able to work safely on a roof. This isn’t recommended if you have no experience on a ladder or uncomfortable on a roof.

The best squirrel removal results come from the use of a one-way door. Just be careful, this method shouldn’t be used during baby season if you don’t know what you are doing.

An alternative way to remove squirrels for any average homeowner in Aurora is with the use of live traps. Live traps can be used to capture squirrels and relocate them away from the problem area. Keep in mind that the city by-laws allow only a 1 kilometer relocation limit.

The safest bait for squirrel removal is crunchy peanut butter, give that a try in your trap and you’re sure to have success. Squirrel traps can be bought from home depot or other stores online.



SIA Wildlife Control Aurora pest control experts are serving customers in your area today. Our experts provide raccoon removal and squirrel removal services in all major cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Some pest control services areas include; Newmarket, Georgina, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Stouffville, King, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and anywhere in between!

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