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SIA Wildlife Control provides Raccoon Removal Brampton; Squirrel Removal, Skunk Removal, Bat Removal, Bird Removal and pest removal services. We specialize in nuisance pests, Ant Control, Wasp Control, Bee Control, Mouse/Mice Control and Rat control.

Brampton, Ontario is a relatively heavy populated city with many urban wildlife and pest issues that can be found in the city streets, restaurants and residential homes alike. Some problems restaurants and residential homes share in common are mice and rat infestations. While there is also insects like ants, spiders, centipedes, wasps and others.. the most common are rodents.

Wildlife problems don’t need to be a nuisance, we locate entry points, patch up damages, and remove raccoons with our wildlife removal services offered in Brampton. The peel region has one of the most raccoon removal searches in google with the highest traffics. Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bird nest removal are the reasons you should be calling us today. Wild animals belong outside, not in your attic!

If urban raccoons and common pests are plaguing your home or business you’ll want the right Brampton exterminators. Get in touch with our team for a quick and efficient humane wildlife removal service. Our veteran pest control team serves Brampton with honesty, integrity and excellent workmanship. You’ll be happy you called, you will receive the best in class pest and wildlife control service with knowledgeable staff that just want to rid you of your problems.

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Timely raccoon removal is sensitive for any home in Brampton. Residential homes in Brampton suffer in damages yearly as unresolved attic occupation of raccoons continue unchecked. It’s important not to ignore noises made by wildlife such as raccoons from inside the attic when they are heard. It’s a good idea to educate yourself with the types of noises wildlife make while in the attic. Raccoons cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home if gone without a raccoon removal solution.

These damages can be avoided with prompt action. Parasites are a major concern with raccoons in the attic. Their droppings may carry Round Worm parasites which can be fatal if undiagnosed.

Typical raccoon entry into an attic are roof vents, pipes, junctions and gutter drains to soffits. Our team of raccoon removal Brampton experts have been in the wildlife control business for years. Trust our team of professionals who have done this a thousand times. We will use our knowledge and experience to provide the best tailored plan for your raccoon removal needs anywhere in Brampton. Get in touch with our team for an accurate quote near you. All our physical wildlife removal Brampton services are guaranteed for 2 years!

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Our raccoon pro’s will remove your raccoons anywhere in Brampton. Get an affordable quote today.


SIA Wildlife Control provides an estimate over the phone before our technicians even get there. Call us to get the best affordable price for raccoon removal in Brampton.


SIA Wildlife Control has a dedicated wildlife control team that services Brampton for animal removal services. Our team will gladly help you with your raccoon problem in Brampton, just give us a call and receive your raccoon removal service within 24 hours.

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Squirrel removal Brampton is the second most high traffic wildlife removal service. Squirrels have adapted to the urban areas in Brampton and have taken up residence in many attics. We offer comprehensive and affordable squirrel removal services to the city of Brampton, Ontario. Squirrels are stubborn and prone to returning and causing more destruction after being evicted.

It’s important for SIA Wildlife Control to have experienced technicians to provide the right prevention for your home or business. Our team has gained recognition in the industry for our competence in dealing with the humane removal of squirrels and wildlife in Brampton. One factor that makes SIA Wildlife Control stand out, is our respect for our clients homes as if it were our own. We’re talking shoe covers, attention to detail and honesty towards our valued customers. Call SIA Wildlife Control today to find out why we’re the best squirrel removal company for you to hire in Brampton.

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