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Pest infestations and animal confrontations with residents and visitors are expected in Markham, as they are in many other bustling regions in and around Toronto. Bed bugs, mites, mice, ants, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, bees, wasps, fleas, and flies are just a few of the more common pests that make their way into Markham homes and businesses. Give us a call now if you’re having problems with any of the pests as mentioned above in your home or office and are weary of failing do-it-yourself attempts.

Our Markham pest control solutions are not only cost-effective, but they also frequently eliminate our customers’ pest infestation problems in a single visit. One of the other benefits you receive with SIA Wildlife Control is comprehensive coverage, making things even better for our customers.

All you have to do is phone us if you need us. Don’t wait if you have bed bugs, ants, or other pest infestation problems; we’re available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call SIA Wildlife Control now; we are Markham’s most trusted pest control company.

SIA Wildlife Control provides dependable pest control services to Markham. Markham is already one of the most densely inhabited districts in the York region, it grows and attracts more people and families each year. The City of Markham continually attracts new people and with people, pests follow. Like many Canadian cities, Markham is home to a variety of unpleasant pests that thrive in residential and business settings.

We have the right solutions for you, whether your kitchen has become a breeding ground for ants or you hear rats in your walls. Our professionals arrive with plenty of knowledge, the best equipment, and a thorough grasp of insect life cycles, behaviors, and, most importantly, how to get rid of them successfully. Pests do have the potential to put your assets at risk, and trying to tackle them does more harm than good. So next time you come across a pesky critter (or critters) on your property, make sure to call in the pros.

Pests in Markham, Ontario

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Bed Bugs
  • Wasps
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels

Pest Control Program

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Ant Removal Services

Ant Control

Ants may wreak havoc on properties and food stockpiles because they can get in through even the tiniest holes. There are a variety of ants, including pavement ants, harvester ants, acrobat ants, and fire ants, among others. Ants can detect and resist typical insecticides, making it extremely difficult to remove a colony. Ants have a vast colony size, ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 individuals, and the entire colony may disperse quickly if threatened.

SIA Wildlife Control are the ant removal specialists in Markham. We can locate settlement nests, the colony, and hence the queen. Depending on the ant species, we use the treatments that are most effective for them. This guarantees that your property is clear of ants.

Termite removal services

Termite Control

If you don’t check for termites right away, they may do expensive damage to your home or company.

In the Markham region, SIA Wildlife Control is a seasoned professional terminate removal and eradication service provider. Monitoring, gas fumigation, balt devices, heat treatment, foundation management, and other combination procedures are all used by our professionals.

Mice control service

Mice Control

Mice infestations are inconvenient and even harmful to your family and company. Mice eat human food and use cartons, papers, clothes, plastic, and boxes to build their homes. They contain various viruses and bacteria, including Salmonella and Hantavirus, which cause infections in humans, particularly youngsters. As a result, any mouse infestation must be removed as quickly as feasible.

In Markham, SIA Wildlife Control is your mouse control specialist. We’ll locate the rodents on your property, determine the source of the infestation by inspecting droppings, then set up a series of traps and baits.

Bed bug extermination

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are tiny flat-winged insects that have a tough time locating and controlling themselves. There are several indicators that you have bed bugs:

  • Bloodstains on linens
  • Bite marks on your skin in a line pattern
  • Bed-bugs or their droppings can be seen in bedding

In Markham, SIA Wildlife Control specialists control and eliminate your bed bugs. Our highly trained professionals will utilize chemical/heat treatment to eliminate your bed bug insect problems quickly. The use of a particular insecticide to kill bed bugs is known as chemical therapy. Heat treatment is a non-chemical alternative to chemical treatment. We classify all indicators of bed insect infestations and destroy the bed bugs with high temperatures.

Wasp removal services

Wasp Extermination

Wasps may sting unwary children, pets, and people, making them more than just a nuisance pest. Wasps are a high-ranking nuisance pest in Toronto because of this feature. Wasps, much like ants, are born, reared, and solely work for the colony. Wasps are usually unobtrusive outside, but when the nest is disturbed, they may be lethal. This can be as easy as walking down the stairs of your deck and sending vibrations to a wasp nest below. While it may be out of curiosity for some, approaching the nest might alert the wasps and result in an unjustified assault. Do wasps infest your home? SIA Wildlife Control deals with wasps like no other! We save you from having to do the dirty work and risk getting stung by wasps. Our equipped wasp exterminators in Toronto have powered backpack sprayers to reach the high peaks to get the job done.

Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bee Extermination

Carpenter bees have a remarkable capacity to carve near-perfect circles into wood moldings, decks, doors and window frames. Anything made of wood is vulnerable to carpenter bees’ destructive nesting behaviors. Carpenter bee exterminators at SIA Wildlife Control find it easy to locate carpenter bee nest sites since they have a bullet hole look. Over time, carpenter bees may wreak havoc on the structural stability of fragile buildings, especially supporting wooden structures. Carpenter bees do not represent a threat to people in any other way than if they are irritated directly.

Bat control

Bat Removal

Technicians that offer bat removal services seek access spots on the outside and inside of the property first. Once the entrance site has been identified, bat removal professionals do a thorough inspection of the area. The screening, also known as an exclusion door, is designed so that bats may crawl and squeeze through it without returning. The method is set up to take advantage of bats’ flying talents and shortcomings. The exclusion door will prevent bats from returning to the attic. Other possible attic gap places must be sealed once the screening is correctly installed. In most cases, any weatherproof outdoor and interior caulking would suffice. Keep in mind that experts who use this procedure to remove bats permanently leave a bat escape door open.

The technician returns after the bats have been removed to remove the screens and begin sealing the space. To make a home bat-free, wildlife technicians must ensure that all suspicious holes are filled.

Bird control services

Bird Removal

In the spring, bird removal issues are widespread in Toronto and the neighboring areas. Our city has grown enormously over the years, leaving few places for wildlife. It’s no wonder that animals have begun to adapt to our dwellings as a source of protection. When birds fly into our houses, attics, and side vents, they may be a nuisance. Birds’ nesting may be a pain for homeowners, especially if the birds get stuck in places they can’t get out of.

Birds can cause damage to older side vents by nesting inside them, although they usually select the stove ventilation. This is a typical problem that often leads to death when they fall into the stove fan and cannot fly back out. The good news is that wildlife experts can assist with bird removal before their death wreaks havoc in your kitchen. Before it’s too late, wildlife control professionals can unscrew ventilation fans and remove birds and nesting. What higher gratification is there than saving a life and assisting a customer, we say?

When our professionals do bird removal services, they also install a screening to cover the issue area. A specialist will cut, shape, and establish a screening over the problematic vent or location with a two-year guarantee. To minimize future difficulties, wildlife control professionals may recommend prevention screening for side vents on your property. The condition of your side vents, as well as whether or not they are penetrable by animals or birds, will determine prevention.

Raccoon control services


Raccoons have been seen breaching into roof vents, roof pipes and roof connections in Markham. They usually dwell in a home’s attic, crawl area, shed, or deck, but they may also live in your walls. Raccoons can be spotted ripping off the roof-line of certain homes due to their razor-sharp claws and fangs. These efforts are usually heard late at night, followed by walking, shuffling or scratching sounds the next night.

For Markham’s most extraordinary raccoon removal service experience, SIA Wildlife Control specialists employ the correct gear to get the job done right. Raccoons are also removed compassionately, keeping the animals’ well-being in mind.

Squirrel control


Squirrels are an all season problem, much like raccoons. With 1 to 9 babies per litter, twice a year they quickly reproduce and outgrow their available natural dwellings. Combined with the rate of development in Markham, squirrels have fewer and fewer natural shelters and resort to destroying and entering human homes. Finding a squirrel’s entry to your home can be challenging to the untrained eye. Professional Markham squirrel removal is done by SIA Wildlife Control in a safe and timely manner.

These are all the services we provide to the businesses and the residents in and near Markham. Give us a call to get a free quote.

Animal Damage Repair

Get a quote before, during or after your squirrel removal service to repair damages and holes on the roof.

Raccoon Removal Video

Squirrel Removal Video


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