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Pest Control Markham

Pests in Markham are active 24 hours a day invading homes and destroying properties! Is your home protected?

Your home and business place contains your most valuable properties. You don’t want to lose them to pests. 

With years of pest control experience, SIA Wildlife Control understands that because pests are active all day, every property needs year-round protection.

Our expert pest exterminators deliver excellent pest removal to remove critters from your home and office. 

Our innovative technology and customized pest management solution protect residents and commercial properties across Markham. We use prevention, monitoring, removal, and exclusion approaches to get rid of pests for good. 

Certified, trained, and licensed pest control specialists in Markham understand the troubles caused by pests. That’s why their pest removal service covers every areas of pest infestations which some includes: 


Our team of pest removal experts  implement a unique approach to each of the above areas of pest infestation. 

Pest Control Markham Services

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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon control servicesRaccoon’s population in Markham is on the rise. Several animals will be desperate to invade homes for shelter. 

Naturally, raccoons live in places like ground burrows, hollow trees, and muskrat houses. But when they lose their habitats, they invade chimneys, crawlspaces, and Attics. Raccoons are tricky creatures so they’re difficult to remove.

SIA Wildlife Control offers a raccoon removal service. To get rid of raccoons from your home, our exterminator starts by thoroughly inspecting your home to discover the level of a raccoon infestation.

During the inspection, the technician will watch out for signs like raccoon feces, crawl spaces, and footprints and large openings around the attics. 

We utilize a live trapping technique or an excluder door to remove these animals from your environment. 

Our preventive exclusion services block all entries so the raccoons won’t invade your properties in the future. 

It’s also important to ensure your home becomes uninhabitable for these creatures to thrive. Doing so will help reduce the chances they damage and break into your home’s attic.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel controlThere are over 22 types of squirrels in Canada categorized as tree, flying, or ground squirrels. 

Our wildlife control experts can handle these species professionally no matter the category they belong to. 

Tree squirrels and flying squirrels find their shelter in homes, and they can invade your property.

These creatures can damage your residence and commercial properties. In addition, they can use insulation to build nests, bring in seeds and nuts, and carry diseases and pests like leptospirosis and ticks.

Sometimes they also end up getting stuck in your wall and removing them can be a challenge.

When you notice their presence, contact a squirrel control expert. Our squirrel removal Markham experts know how to trap, exclude, and remove squirrels. 

Squirrels enter homes through vents, pipes, chimneys, soffits, and eaves areas. 

First and foremost, our wildlife control experts will inspect your property to determine how severe the squirrels have infested your home. 

We look for debris, droppings, small openings around the attics, and probable signs of chewing around your home.


Bat Removal

Bat controlBat’s bite is the most prevalent cause of rabies in humans. 

Our bat removal Markham experts remove bats from your residence and commercial property and ensure they don’t return. 

Canada has over 18 species of bats in which 8 are in Ontario, they contribute to the ecosystem. Most Canada bats are insectivores. However, bites from infected bats can cause rabies in humans and animals. 

SIA Wildlife Control specializes in humane bat removal and prevention services. Bats are protected in Canada and must be removed humanely. 

To prevent breaking the laws and regulations, contact a professional bat removal Markham expert to resolve your bat issues.

Our experts will perform a thorough inspection of the indoor and outdoor of your home or business place.  We’ll search for possible signs of guano, ammonia scents, small openings in attics, and rub marks.

We use the bat valves or nets to remove bats from your property. 

The bat valve or net works like a one-way door that enables the bat to leave your home and not return.

Because each bat removal process is unique, we’ll use a dedicated bat removal method for your home. After inspection, our expert will determine the number of bat valves to use. Most cases usually require one bat valve. 

Once we install the bat valve, other entry points are sealed so that bats will only exit through the valve and never return. 

The bat removal process takes anywhere from 3-7 days in active seasons. Our expert will perform a thorough inspection before removing the bat valve. Once the valve is removed, then we seal the final entry point, leaving no entry point for the bats.

Some bats can return to the roost after a few years if they find a new entry point. 

However, if you want bats to leave and not return to your home, our preventive exclusion method is the solution. Unlike Rodents, bats are not gnawers,  they enter the home through available entry points. 


Mice Control

Mouse ControlWhen mice infest your home, you need the service of a mice control expert in Markham.

When mice infest, urinate, or defecate, it will cause odor in your home that’s very expensive and difficult to remove. Their presence alone comes with disease-causing parasites such as ticks. Mice are extremely fast breeders and may eventually run rampant in your home in large populations. 

In addition, mice can chew through nearly everything – from clothes to wood and documents. In fact, they can chew through electrical wires which puts the house at a risk of fire.

At SIA Wildlife Control, our experienced professionals, with extensive knowledge of mice removal, can get rid of mice in your home for good. Not only do we resolve mice infestation, but also help prevent future infestation through a home modification plan.

SIA Wildlife’s team of mice removal experts are well trained to handle mice control effectively.

Our mice exterminator Markham experts understand mice behavior and hiding strategies. 

So we use the traditional approach of baiting and trapping to remove the mice. The removal process is backed by innovative technology and quality years of experience. 

As mice control is a top priority, so is the safety of your home and pets. We place all baits in bait stations and a controlled location that children & pets cannot access. So if you need a home or business free of rats and mice in Markham, we are a phone call away.


Ant control

Carpenter Ant On LeafNo matter the numbers of ants, SIA Wildlife Control will march them out.

Ants are a nuisance and can be destructive to homes. Carpenter ants especially cause millions of damage per year in Canada. Regardless of the severity of the ant infestation, we can remove them.

With our sanitation technique and treatment process, we’ll get rid of the ant colonies from your personal space. 

Keeping a clean environment can prevent ant infestations but there are situations where they also show up in large numbers. 

An ant control Markham expert can help remove ant infestations from your home and business location. That’s SIA Wildlife Control.

Our removal process starts by inspecting your home’s interior and exterior to discover the root cause of their infestation.

We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home to handle the existing infestation and prevent future occurrences.


Wasp control

Wasp removal servicesDo you currently experience wasp infestation in your home and business place? 

SIA Wildlife Control can help. We have a team of wasp control experts that uses the most effective strategy to get rid of wasps from your property. We’ll deliver a safe wasp removal service that saves you from the stress of doing it on your own.

Detecting the presence of wasps on your property is difficult if you don’t have the experience and professional training. It’s so easy to mistake wasps for insects like bees.

If you spot the presence of wasps on your property, do not try to remove them on your own. Contact a wasp control Markham expert to schedule a free inspection.

Again, we strongly advise against removing stinging insects like wasps with the DIY approach because it can be dangerous. Our experts have the right equipment and protective gear to get rid of wasp nests.

Being able to identify the type of wasp infesting your home is key to getting rid of them.

Once we identify the type of wasp, we recommend the appropriate treatment approach to remove them.


Bed Bug Control

Bed bug exterminationBed bugs are tiny flat-winged insects that have a tough time locating and controlling themselves. There are several indicators that you have bed bugs:

  • Bloodstains on linens
  • Bite marks on your skin in a line pattern
  • Bed-bugs or their droppings can be seen in bedding

In Markham, SIA Wildlife Control specialists control and eliminate your bed bugs. Our highly trained professionals will utilize chemical/heat treatment to eliminate your bed bug insect problems quickly. The use of a particular insecticide to kill bed bugs is known as chemical therapy. Heat treatment is a non-chemical alternative to chemical treatment. We classify all indicators of bed insect infestations and destroy the bed bugs with high temperatures.


Cockroach Control

American RoachThese critters send shivers to every home or business owner that has ever laid eyes on them. The last thing you want is cockroaches being spotted in your restaurant or business. There are a few cockroaches in Ontario, but German roaches are the most common.

They are imported in suitcases, clothing, or boxes from warehouses. Although Canada is too cold in the winter for them to survive, yet they somehow always manage to survive by hiding inside warm apartments.

The first step to a cockroach exterminator is to identify the cockroach. Each cockroach species behaves slightly different than others and also has a slightly different life cycle which is important to note when exterminating cockroaches.

Because of their life cycle for a full cockroach control, 2 visits are required to kill the newly hatched eggs and ensure there is no repeat outbreak.

When you need cockroach extermination in Markham, you’ll want the group of experts that know where to hide and how to get to them. That’s SIA Wildlife Control. We provide Cockroach Control Markham services at affordable fees and successful results.


SIA Wildlife Pest Control in Markham

Pest control needs for residence and commercial property differ. But we will work with you to create a custom offer suitable for your needs.

SIA Wildlife Control has years of experience working with businesses of all sizes to keep their property safe from the risk that comes with pest infestations. Contact us to discuss how we can remove pests from your shop, school, hotel, etc.

We also work with food business owners to prevent pest infestations, handle outbreaks, and stop the risk of future occurrence. 

Our pest control process is in compliant with laws and regulations for the safety of businesses, stores, restaurants, and facilities.

Contact one of our pest control Markham experts and we’ll be happy to help. Book a call or schedule an inspection today!

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