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SIA Wildlife Control provides pest control solutions and wildlife removal services to MarkhamOntario. Markham homes face difficulty with wildlife intrusions inside the attics of homes throughout the city all seasons in Ontario. Pests are a major nuisance to Markham homes and businesses. We have worked hard to strive and compete with the leading pest control companies in Markham. Our goal is to remove your wildlife problem and protect your home from future animal invasions. What do you need to hire raccoon removal companies? Reviews are the first place to start. You can see our reviews on HomestarsOp.io and google.

Animal control and exterminator services are not easy, you need the right professionals with the right tools and knowledge to help you with confidence. Our wildlife removal experts do just that! Raccoon infestations are a matter of day and night for our team. They are happening all the time, our level of exposure in raccoon removal services has made us the best wildlife removal solution in Markham, ON.

Our Markham wildlife removal technicians provide a variety of other wildlife control & animal  removal services such as safe and humane; skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, raccoons, squirrels and dead animal removal.

The secret to a successful pest management program is to identify the cause of the pest problem with an inspection and work your way to management and extermination. An IPM (Integrated pest management) program works great for all kinds of pests from mice control (see more at Mouse Exterminator Markham), rat control , wasps/hornets control, ants and crawling insect control services.

The best pest control technicians are licensed exterminators that follow best IPM programs to rid homeowners of pests. We have provided Markham homeowners and businesses with the top of the line customer service and affordable pest control solutions since 2016. We are confident enough to gain complete control in Markham from pests and critters infesting our client’s properties. Our prices are industry standard with above industry level customer service and workmanship.

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Do you hear noises in your attic? Noises in the attic are extremely helpful in identifying the type of wildlife removal service you should be looking for. Clients are the first to describe the type of pest problem before our technicians arrive to do a full home inspection. Often times foot steps in the middle of the night are a raccoon removal indication for a Markham home or business.

Raccoons in Markham can be found breaking into roof ventspipes and junctions. They usually occupy the attic, crawl space, shed or deck of a home and sometimes can live in your walls. Because raccoons have razor sharp claws and teeth, they can also be found ripping off the roof-line in certain homes. Usually these attempts can be heard at night time followed by regular noises every night afterwards.

SIA Wildlife Control technicians use the proper tools to get the job done right for the best raccoon removal service experience in Markham. We also remove raccoons humanely, with the well-being of the animals in mind. If you have raccoon pest problems in your property or attic, call our professional raccoon removal experts for fast and friendly service! All of our wildlife removal services, including raccoons, come with a 2-year warranty. Try us today, and find out why SIA Wildlife Control is the best line of defense against raccoons in your property.


When you have a raccoon problem, your first thoughts are who should I call to remove a raccoon. Removing a raccoon can be an important decision for your family to make. Wildlife control companies are trained to remove raccoons from your property in Markham, Ontario. You’ll essentially want a company that will put you first by removing the raccoon safely, affordably and providing you with the best bundle price with the best prevention practices.

You can trust SIA Wildlife Control to show up on your property within 24 hours of making a raccoon removal service request in Markham. Our wildlife removal experts will remove your raccoon, patch up your roof and return to make sure everything is okay.


Raccoon removal costs can start from $300+ starting from a basic removal and repair job, to a complete wildlife proofing of your home or property in Markham. Basic removal of raccoons from one entry point and small repairs are between $350-$450, while baby removal in baby season can increase that to $450-$600. Prices vary based on which company you call and how much work is involved.

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Did you wake up early morning in your bed and thought, did my kids start running on the roof? If so, you may need squirrel removal Markham services faster than you think. Did you know squirrels are harder to be rid of the longer they occupy an attic? Aside from shuffling and ruining insulation in the attic, squirrels are known to chew everything in their path. Electrical wires are a big liability to squirrel chewing habits and are cause to potential fire hazards, making effective squirrel removal an urgent service. Luckily SIA Wildlife Control technicians are armed and ready for any type of squirrel removal Markham services that you may need. There are 2 methods of getting rid of squirrels, the one way door and live trapping service.

squirrel chewing wires in the attic

We provide squirrel removal plans designed specifically for your home along with a prevention package that keeps squirrels out for good. Our affordable solutions in removing squirrels has gotten us a 9.8 star rating in HomeStars and a 5 star rating on Google. After all, squirrel control is part of our specialty and we proudly service Markham, Ontario.

We are more than the best squirrel removal expert service around, we are the people you know and call in the middle of the night for wildlife control emergencies. Call us anytime for a quick, friendly and responsive team that will help you remove your squirrel problem and sleep in peace. You deserve your hard earned rest, don’t let squirrels cause damage to your property and health.


To remove your squirrels from a confined space such as an attic, you first need to locate the entry point. Professionals use squirrel one-way doors to remove squirrels from the attic. But first you need to make sure you don’t have squirrel babies during baby season. You should not use a one way door or live trap if you suspect baby squirrels to be inside your attic or property.

Placing the one way door allows squirrels to leave the attic or area and denies them re-entry into the area. This effectively removes your squirrel problem. Make sure you know how to remove squirrel babies before using this method. It is recommended that you hire professionals in Markham to remove squirrels for you!


Squirrel removal fees can vary. At SIA Wildlife Control our squirrel removal costs the same as raccoon removal services. costs start from $300+ depending on amount of entry points, repairs if needed and if baby removal is required. A free quote can be provided over the phone, give us a quick a call! 647-220-2728.

Animal Damage Repair

Get a quote before, during or after your squirrel removal service to repair damages and holes on the roof.


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