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SIA Wildlife Control was founded in 2016. We have provided environmental pest control and wildlife removal services to Newmarket, ON since the first days. One thing we’ve noticed is that, although there is less wildlife intrusions the more north you go from Toronto, there’s always similar pest infestations. Pests like roaches and bedbugs are an all season nuisance pest and flourish in the voids of any home or property. Since Newmarket’s development, there’s been an increase in raccoon, squirrel and skunk break-ins in the backyard and the attic of Newmarket homes. Still, Newmarket falls short when comparing to Toronto in the raccoon and squirrel attic intrusions.

Our trained friendly pest control experts excel at pest identification and removal in Newmarket, ON and the GTA. We use an integrated pest management program for every pest problem we encounter to provide safe, insured and accurate (SIA) removal of pest problems. We strive to avoid the unnecessary use of pesticides to be environmentally friendly. Pesticides are used when necessary combined with other means to deliver a pest free environment to our clients.

Most pest problems that homeowners face in Newmarket are ants, wasps, mice, rats, cockroaches, raccoons and squirrels. We have trained pest control professionals that provide hassle-free and comprehensive pest removal to homes and businesses.

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RACCOON REMOVAL NEWMARKET: Our Experienced Wildlife Control

Raccoon removal in Newmarket is done using one-way doors. Entry points made by raccoons can sometimes cause water damage in the attic. In most raccoon removal cases, repairs may be necessary post-work to ensure there is no leakage in the roof. The top priority of our servicing technicians is to make sure your home is safe! That’s why our raccoon removal pro’s always offer inspection reports before starting any job. You can rest assured that your Newmarket property is in professional hands.

One of the major nuisance wildlife problems in Newmarket is raccoons. Understanding raccoon behavior in our raccoon removal experience has allowed us to target and remove raccoons from homes and businesses in Newmarket with astonishing success. Every SIA Wildlife Control technician is trained in the use of one-way door raccoon removal methods even in tough areas. Urban raccoons that infest Newmarket, Ontario don’t stand a chance. Our quality service is a satisfaction guarantee for wildlife removal jobs.

Our thorough inspection of the attic and roof will reveal all raccoon entry points into the attic of any home or business. Common raccoon entry points into attics are vents, pipes, junctions roofline areas. We understand raccoons can damage homes, insulation and the attic over their occupation of the attic. Our team works hard every day to bring the best-in-class raccoon removal Newmarket services to your home. Give us a call for your safe, insured and accurate wildlife removal or any quality pest control service.

Raccoon Removal Service: Money-Back Guarantee

Wild animals belong outside of your attic!
Give our professional wildlife removal team a call! Our pest control Newmarket services are ahead of our competitors.

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Squirrel removal in Newmarket, Ontario is done through the use of squirrel one-way doors. The city of Newmarket suffers from intrusive squirrel problems progressively as squirrel natural shelters become more scarce. When our technicians locate squirrel entry points, we ensure to put mesh barriers generously over the damaged area. A one-way door is attached to the mesh for seamless and humane squirrel removal. This method allows squirrels to humanely exit the attic and shut them out for good! This way of squirrel removal is guaranteed for two years.

Next to raccoons, squirrels are the next wildlife nuisance issue that most homes in Newmarket face. What makes squirrel removal Newmarket the most common problem during a given year? Squirrels have their babies twice a year which makes them seek out shelter in homes more frequently than raccoons. SIA Wildlife Control technicians use their experience gained through pest and wildlife control to provide affordable squirrel removal Newmarket services.


Animals can carry rabies, or if you’re unlucky you could get sprayed in your skunk removal attempts. In that situation, even your family members or friends will want to stay away from you! If you succeed, there is a 50% chance if not more, the animal will return to your desired property. This is why professional wildlife removal companies in Newmarket offer prevention packages after a successful removal service.

When you hire a trusted animal control Newmarket professional, you ensure the wildlife is removed safely and kept from returning. Choose SIA Wildlife Control to remove wildlife or pests with skilled and humane techniques. And no matter what kind of wildlife removal services you require, SIA Wildlife is equipped & specialized to remove the nuisance, as well as dead wildlife.


Some property owners think they are capable of wildlife removal from their home. It does, however, requires experience, education and specialized tools. Being a self-proclaimed animal owner may get you into trouble. Our environmental pest control solutions can help you at home. Our options for pest control ensure quality customer care for all clients.

Family and Pet-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

An effective pest control company or wildlife removal company can help with squirrel removal from the attic. We seek only to better our success and name by providing the best wildlife removal services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our exceptional customer service team will help you book your appointment. For the best affordable squirrel removal give us a call and find out why we are the top of the line wildlife removal service near you. Our satisfied customers have left many happy reviews from past wildlife pests jobs.



SIA Wildlife Control Newmarket pest exterminators and wildlife removal experts are busy serving customers in your area today. Our professional team provides raccoon removal and squirrel removal services in all major cities in York Region and in the Greater Toronto Area.

Some service areas include; Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Stouffville, Maple, Concord, Richmond Hill, Markham, Georgina, Newmarket, Aurora, Scarborough, Unionville, Milton, Ajax and more.

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