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Richmond Hill Pest Control – SIA Wildlife Control

Pests are unwanted guests that damage properties and spread harmful diseases in residences and commercial spaces. 

That’s why it’s important to get rid of them quickly. SIA Wildlife Control is recognized for its effective pest control services in the Richmond Hill area.

Our certified pest control experts provide reliable customer service.

We want to keep your property as secure as possible. So whether you experience pest infestations in your home or business location, you can always trust us to help.

When pests like mice or bed bugs infest your home, they always find a place to hide.  

Our experienced and certified staff can locate them in their natural or human habitat. Once we identify these pests, we’ll remove them quickly and block their entries so they don’t come back again. 

Residential And Commercial Pest Control Service In Richmond Hill

SIA Wildlife Control has been around for many years exterminating and controlling different types of pests such as cockroaches, raccoons, birds, ants, spiders, squirrels, just name it. 

Our service spans across residential and commercial settings in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Residential Pest Control Service

Your residence is your kingdom. It is a hideout from life’s craziness – A place where you can get away from the hassle of crazy drivers or overpriced coffee cups. Hence, the last thing you want to worry about is pest issues. 

We want you to live a life free of pest issues like bugs and vermin. Contact us for a residential pest removal service in Richmond Hill. 


Commercial Pest Control Service

Your business remains your business, but when pests infest your location, it becomes our business. Being a company ourselves, we understand the stress of keeping a business afloat. From making payroll, maintaining productivity, and making profits, you don’t want to add pest infestation to the hassle. 

On the other hand,  you don’t want to trade your safety and hygiene for anything. This is where we come in. 

Some of the Richmond Hill pest control services we offer include;

Wasp Removal & Exterminator Service

Wasp removal servicesWasps are environmental contributors but harmful. Their presence around your property is risky and can be deadly.

Stinging pests like wasps can feel threatened and sting you when you try to remove them on your own. Or worse, when your feet send vibrations from walking on the deck where their nest may be located.

Be careful when you try to reach out in the dark to places like barbeque grills, garbage, toolbox, etc. Because these are the most common places where stings happen. That’s because their stings can cause pain or the poison from the sting can even lead to life-threatening situations.

You need the help of a professional wasp exterminator to remove the bees and wasps invading your home.

SIA Wildlife Control can help you to completely eliminate wasps, remove bees, and other stinging insects from your home and business place.

Again, keep in mind that whenever you notice a wasp, try to avoid removing them on your own. Instead, quickly get in touch with an expert.

We have years of experience in wasp removal. Our wasp removal solutions are tailored to keep your family, pets, and business place protected.

We deliver the most outstanding wasp removal service in the Richmond hill area. Our service cuts across various commercial areas like offices, clinics, educational institutes, etc.

We’re popular throughout Richmond Hill for our record of providing impeccable wasp exterminator service. That’s why our commercial wasp removal clients span across  clinics, restaurants, commercial buildings, etc.  

We’re available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries. Kindly contact one of our wasp control experts today to schedule an inspection.


Ant Removal & Exterminator Service

Ant Removal ServicesAnts are small but problematic. It’s suspected that carpenter ants do somewhere in the millions worth of damages to homes every year in Canada.

When ants enter your home to find food, they leave pheromones for other ants to trace.  

Ant infestations in the outdoors can damage garden and lawn structures. Indoors, they can damage cabinets, weight bearing wooden frames, destroy electrical cables, and destroy insulation.

In fact, some ant species can sting and when they do, their venom can cause headaches, cramps, and inflamed skin.

Other species like pharaoh ants can spread diseases like clostridium, salmonella, and staphylococcus.

Ants will contaminate your food. Worse still, some species of ant multiply exponentially quickly which makes it challenging to get rid of them.

On the flip side, the do-it-yourself pesticides will only destroy ants within your reach – but in the real sense, there’s probably hundreds of ants hiding in the secret locations of the home and others potentially on their way.

To get rid of existing ants and prevent future invasions, a professional ant removal service can help. 

Our ant removal services cater to homes and businesses in the Richmond Hill area for year-round protection against ant infestations. Our best ant control experts are always ready to inspect your home, detect the source of the infestation, and remove them for good.

Bedbugs Removal & Exterminator Service

Bed bugs are common everywhere: in residence and commercial places. But, that doesn’t make them a welcomed guest. These insects are a terrible nuisance to live with because of their ability to grow exponentially.

These bugs hide in tiny crevices and move around rooms actively, making it difficult to exterminate them.

Luckily, with SIA Wildlife Control on your side, eradicating the presence of bed bugs becomes easy.

When it comes to top-notch bed bug removal services in the Richmond Hill area, SIA Wildlife Control is known for its bed bug exterminator solutions.

We start by inspecting your home before creating a tailored solution to getting rid of these bedbugs and preventing their future infestation.  Our follow-up process also ensures that you continue to get the best result and live with a peace of mind.


Mice Removal Service

Mice exterminator in city of TorontoWhen it comes to appearances, mice look harmless but some people find them irritable. Many people believe that the bigger rats are the real threat. In the real sense, mice are more common and can also cause a lot of damage to properties. So you’ll definitely want to keep these critters away from your home until help arrives.

Mice infestations can become a problem especially because they breed rapidly and a small group of mice can become a colony within a short period of time. Some of the dangers of living with mice inside properties are:

  • Contamination of foods and introduction of bacteria around the home through their droppings.
  • Damage to homes and commercial properties when they gnaw through materials and wiring.
  • Chewing through electrical wires and causing shortages, or rarely, electrical fires.
  • Trigger attack in people with asthma through their droppings.


SIA Wildlife Control offers mice control services in Richmond Hill that provides a quick and effective knockout and control to mice infestations.


Rat Removal & Exterminator Service

Rats are a nuisance. The dirt, droppings and their habits can spread mites and cause disease in humans. What’s more, they can destroy properties like attics, insulation, wiring, vanity, food, and ventilation systems. The list can go on.

Getting rid of rats requires the help of an expert exterminator. 

SIA Wildlife Control has dealt with roof rat problems and the very nuisance Norwegian rat found throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With years of experience in rat removal, our experts have the necessary skill to get rid of any rodents in residences and commercial buildings and prevent their future invasion.

Since every home is different, you can trust us to provide a customized solution to your rat issue.

During an inspection, our experts will check your property’s interior and exterior.

They’ll check for possible signs of damage, infestation, or areas that attract rodents.

We’ll thoroughly identify possible entry points, install barriers, and use traps or apply mesh.

We use the rodent exclusion approach, which is the most effective way of preventing rodent re-infestation. The method blocks every rodent that is out of the nest from returning.

In addition, we offer a follow-up service to keep your property in check. 

Hallways, soffits, building exteriors, service areas, and trash areas require special protection against infestation.

Our rat control service schedule is flexible, I.e we work on a weekly, monthly basis. We understand the disruptive nature of infestations and we’ll ensure that your property is rat-free, whether they infest your home or garden.

We Provide Humane Wildlife Removal Service In Richmond Hill

Let’s solve your pest problem today!

Cockroach Removal & Exterminator Service

American RoachCockroaches are the last thing anyone wants to deal with. These insects can survive in any environment, which is why getting rid of them without expert help is difficult.

Besides their persistent nature, cockroaches can spread germs and bacteria that can cause diseases in humans. 

Cockroaches love to hide. So if you find one of them in your kitchen cabinet, chances are there are many more inside the wardrobe or lurked inside the chair.

Our trained cockroach exterminator technicians can discover various cockroach hideouts and get rid of them effectively. Our goal is to make your environment cockroach-free, hence, disease-free.


Raccoon Removal Service

Raccoon control servicesRacoons create ruckus: these animals enter the garbage bins and infect the environment with diseases like rabies and distemper which are transferable to pets and humans. 

Raccoons also damage your home. They do “break in” after all. Displaced insulation, chewed wiring, feces, urine, and expensive to remove seeping stench are all some of the damages caused by raccoons.

Some of their favorite entry locations are roof-vents, roof-pipes, junctions, soffits, and roof-line. Don’t leave raccoons in your attic to rack up expenses.

Call SIA Wildlife Control for the best raccoon removal service in Richmond Hill.


Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrel controlWhile squirrels are cute, their presence can be disruptive to properties, especially when they find a way into your home. 

Squirrels tend to chew their way into residential homes and commercial spaces. Their favorite areas include the roof edges and roof-vents. 

These rodents are a topic of concern in Richmond Hill because their population continues to grow. 

SIA Wildlife Control can rid your home and business places of squirrels. Call us today for your expert squirrel removal service. 


Other Pests

We don’t stop here. Our highly trained exterminators also get rid of other pests such as moths, ticks, earwigs, centipedes, etc in your residence or commercial properties.

At SIA Wildlife Control, we understand that infestations can be sudden and can affect daily activities.

We don’t want the infestation to affect your business. We can schedule our time so it doesn’t affect your work. Plus, our processes are quick and efficient.

We pride ourselves on the ability to handle your commercial space so you can have peace of mind and focus on what matters – your business.

Apart from pest control, we also cover wildlife removal services such as bat, bird and skunk removal. Our processes are safe for pets, children, and the family. Our pest control technicians are licensed by the Ministry of Environment.

SIA Wildlife Control offers top-grade animal control service and we’re popular for a process that is budget-friendly, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly.

Pre-emptive Inspection Services

Do you own temporary property like hotels and want to make them pest-free? Our service also includes pre-emptive inspection alongside pest control.

Our team will inspect your location for possible pest issues and if we discover any, we’ll get rid of them accordingly. Contact us to learn more about what makes us different.

SIA Wildlife Control provides pest removal services in Richmond Hill and nearby cities including Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Stouffville, Maple, Concord, Markham, Georgina, Newmarket, Aurora, Scarborough, Unionville, Milton, Ajax and more.. Not only are our pest control services quick, but also affordable. Contact an exterminator today!

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