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Pest Control Scarborough operators are available on our phone lines to assist you with your pest problem emergency. Our wildlife control and pest control department is available 7 days a week to assist you in your pest and wildlife removal needs in Scarborough.

Scarborough is a dense community of people and natural habitats. Home to raccoons, squirrels, skunks and humans alike. Majority of calls in Scarborough are related to raccoons removal, squirrel removal and mice control services.

All wildlife do damage when they stay in the attic; insulation displacement, chew wiring, joists and the general integrity of the attic. Not to mention that wildlife defecate (parasites) freely inside the attic.

Electrical wiring is most prone to damage and is the most dangerous of all problems. Chewed wiring may cause fires in the attic. This is especially true with squirrels and mice. It’s highly recommended to act fast for squirrel removal and mice control in Scarborough.

Pest management in Scarborough is a necessity for homeowners to keep pest problems away. You may know someone who has had squirrel or mice chew through the water lines, it’s not a story you want to tell.

A pest control company will provide professional services such as mouse control, rat control and humane raccoon and squirrel removal. SIA Wildlife Control pest control technicians provide honest, safe and insured pest solutions in Scarborough.

Our animal removal team is equipped to deal with the most stubborn squirrels and raccoons to save you sleepless nights.

A raccoon weighs significantly more than a squirrel, often times we find that a client’s home who called us for raccoon removal have their soffits dislocated from their proper place.

Since raccoons like the air circulation in the soffit, they tend to sleep on the soffit. Their weight at times cause the soffit to collapse creating cosmetic messes and extra entry points into your attic.

Our raccoon or wildlife removal services in Scarborough are done primarily through the use of a one way door. The one way door functions in a manner which allows raccoons or squirrels to exit through the door in one direction.

When the animals return to get back into the attic, the door will not open. This effectively and humanely removes nuisance wildlife from the attic. In a few days our technicians return to remove the one way door and seal the area with more mesh.

If an area is damaged because of the wildlife problem, we offer repair services to avoid leakage into the roof. You can save the cost of hiring third party contractors for your roof damage.

For raccoons or wildlife in open spaces such as backyards, we offer live trapping and relocation services in Scarborough.

Part of our job when we arrive at your home for a wildlife removal problem is to inspect the area for potential future damage. Our technicians prepare a thorough inspection report which locates vulnerabilities on the roof.

This optional service is called prevention, the main focus of prevention is to ensure that you never have another wildlife problem again. All our physical wildlife removal work comes with a 2 year written warranty!

SIA Wildlife Control specializes in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal inScarborough.

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How does the raccoon removal Scarborough work? After inspecting for the raccoon entry point we install a 1-way door attached to a protective mesh over the area. The raccoon removal process takes anywhere between 1 to 7 days depending on the season, raccoon and temperatures.

Our wildlife control Scarborough team is equipped with the necessary tools to humanely provide affordable raccoon removal services in Scarborough, Ontario.

Several things come to mind when we think of raccoons; cute, vicious, nuisance. Well raccoons can be all 3 things, the main thing about raccoons is that they are territorial.

When approaching a raccoon during the day, which is rare, caution should be taken not to get too close or corner the raccoon(s). This is especially important if the raccoon has babies with her, or appears to be sick. We don’t want to risk being bitten or causing a raccoon to think her babies are in danger.

Raccoons are always scouting the neighborhoods in Scarborough looking for vulnerable homes. Nightly during their routes for food, they make pit stops on suitable roofs with weak attachments such as vents and pipes to break into.

It’s especially true, when it’s baby season. During the month of March raccoons are desperately looking for shelter to have their babies. If they are successful, you need to have a raccoon removal done before they do much damage.

Our technicians will always check your attic and make sure babies are not left behind! Babies are placed in a heated incubator and placed on the roof with easy access for the mother raccoon.

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You can call any private wildlife control company in Scarborough to remove a raccoon. Some companies offer 24 hour services, others have opening and closing hours. To find the best company, do a google search for “raccoon removal Scarborough”, or “raccoon removal near me”.

In most cases you will have a selection of companies that can help you remove your raccoons. Private companies charge a fee to come out during normal hours, after-hours there will be additional fees for emergency removals.

If the raccoon problem is in public property, then you can contact the city of Scarborough animal control for help by dialing 311. However city animal control will not provide services on private property, in example your attic.

For attic and personal property raccoon removal services, trust SIA Wildlife Control to humanely provide your raccoon removal service in Scarborough. Read our reviews on Homestars and find out what our customers say about our pest control and wildlife control services.


Trapping raccoons in Ontario is legal, as long as there is no harm done to the raccoon. If you are trapping and relocating a raccoon, bylaw states that the relocation limit from capture point is 1 kilometer maximum. There are reasons for this limit, a couple are the transfer of disease and the raccoons ability to find food and water from the area it is used to, to survive.


Squirrel removal Scarborough services are offered in two ways. The best squirrel removal service is done using a one-way removal and screening technique which allows squirrels to humanely leave your attic by themselves.

This process puts minimum stress of squirrels, making it the safest and most humane way for squirrel removal to be done. The second option is through the use of live traps.

Live trapping services are a last resort, they can provide a pest solution to squirrels that are stubborn and causing problems in the open, such as vegetable gardens. SIA Wildlife Control adheres to city by-laws and limitations when providing Scarborough squirrel removal services.

Some see squirrels as giant rats with fluffy tails. Squirrels are rodents, which means they gnaw at all things all day with their incisors. Squirrels follow a strict routine daily; searching for food, and hoarding food.

They are active from early morning until evening. As diurnal wildlife they contribute to noises heard in the attic during day time hours. In the evening they are usually quiet as they are resting.

Most squirrels make their nests within trees or on top of branches. When trees are not available, mainly due to construction and human shelters they move into human constructs.

Some areas where squirrels get in are roof-lines, middle of the roof or junctions. Other areas include ventilation caps and pipes on the roof. Usually they must chew their way into the attic, and once they’re inside they continue chewing at everything in their way as all rodents do.

Occasionally we find that squirrels chew side vents which lead into dryer lines, or stove fans. But generally squirrels can fit into any natural gap the size of a tennis ball, red squirrels fit into ping pong sized holes.

Squirrels have their babies in March, and a second time in August-September. Our technicians must enter your attic to remove the babies and reunite them with adult squirrels on the roof. Once the adult squirrels relocate their babies, we return to remove the box and double check the roof conditions.

Squirrel Removal In Scarborough is essentially done similarly to the raccoon removal process. The only difference is the one-way door which is designed specifically for the squirrel body and abilities.

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