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SIA Wildlife Control provides affordable urban wildlife solutions in Vaughan, Ontario. Our humane wildlife removal services include Bat Removal, Squirrel Removal and Raccoon Removal Vaughan to list a few.

Residents in Vaughan have come to rely on our high quality work and years of experience in animal control services and our commercial pest control services.

Our expert and licensed technicians use eco friendly methods in making your environment pest free. Through the use of mechanical, biological, environmental and pesticides we deliver satisfaction to our pest control Vaughan clients.

Some pest control services we offer include; Mice Control, Rat Control, Ant Control, Bee Control, Wasp Control and Cockroach Control.

SIA Wildlife Control started out in Keswick, Ontario in 2016 and progressed quickly providing wildlife removal; raccoon removal, squirrel removal and pest control Vaughan services.

We have developed a customer base that reached the Vaughan area and surrounding cities through our customer service and hard working pest control technicians.

What does it take to become a pest control Vaughan company that’s known? Customer service, knowledge, and client satisfaction in all our pest removal and wildlife control services to date.

We strive to provide the cleanest and most cost effective pest control Vaughan solutions to residential and commercial spaces.

Have mice problems? maybe rats in the attic or basement? We’ve got you covered. Our pest removal Vaughan team is knowledgeable and standing by to be at your door step to provide fast and effective extermination services.

Do you have to leave the house for pest control?

Having to leave the house when receiving a pest control service will depend on the type of infestation and solution being provided. Some infestations can have multiple solutions based on how bad and where they are. For example, you can have wasps inside the house that you may be able to deal with using dusting instead of resorting to heavy duty pesticides that will kill them on contact and residually.

Most pest problems can be solved using mechanical, biological and environmental methods instead of resorting to pesticides; sprays that require you to leave should only be used as directed by the label and in situations where they are a necessity to get rid of pests.

Each pesticide is different and depending on the pest control treatment you are receiving, you may need to leave the house. Most pesticides have instructions on how long you will need to leave the home and keep it ventilated. Some pesticides require 6 hours to dry before you are able to return home. Your SIA Wildlife Control pest exterminator will educate you on any preparations you need to make and if you are required to leave the home for the treatment.

How much does a pest control inspection cost?

Pest Control inspection costs vary depending on the type of infestation. An inspection can cost between $50-$150. If an inspection requires a full home inspection from the ground up including attic and crawl space, you can expect the higher spectrum in fees.

While some other pest control companies retain their inspection fees, SIA Wildlife Control absorbs inspection costs if we are hired to provide any pest extermination service on your property.

Pets Control Program

Stay pest free during any season with our residential pest control program


Our best raccoon removal Vaughan service is done through the one-way door removal method. This method uses the natural behavior of raccoons to get rid of them.

Raccoon Removal in Vaughan, ON is an all year round problem that never really goes away. There is a peak in December and throughout the year as raccoons desperately try to nurture their babies in an ever increasing battle between homeowners, businesses and raccoons.

All SIA Wildlife Control technicians are trained raccoon removal specialists who can help you and your home stay raccoon free. Part of our service is a complete inspection of the roof and a prevention package offer.

Prevention allows homeowners to ultimately stay raccoon and wildlife free. General raccoon entry points are ventspipesjunctions and conditionally roof-lines.

To avoid ever being a regular victim to raccoon invasions, our technicians will always offer a prevention package tailored to your home during our raccoon removal Vaughan service.

For open area problems such as raccoons damaging compost bins and lawns, we offer raccoon removal services via live trapping and relocation. SIA Wildlife Control adheres to all bylaws and limitations set by the city. Call us today to receive a free quote over the phone and a quick booking to any wildlife removal request you may have.

Who Do I Call To Remove A Raccoon?

Anybody can remove a raccoon, your concern should be to contact an insured and professional company to provide a seamless raccoon removal experience to you. There are many providers for raccoon removal, some are less reputable than others and may end up causing bigger problems for your home by trapping or harming raccoons in your attic.

After all, raccoons are intelligent living wild animals. Urban raccoons are different from one another and experience in their removal is essential for a proper service every time. Every raccoon behaves slightly differently and it takes experience to deal with these persona’s when things don’t work out.

SIA Wildlife Control provides affordable raccoon removal services to Vaughan and surrounding cities in the GTA. We offer excellent customer service, follow-ups and a guarantee to our work. Read our reviews online before hiring us, it’s what we would do!

How much does it cost to remove raccoons?

At SIA Wildlife Control we charge a minimum of $300 for our raccoon removal service using a one-way door removal method with carbon steel meshing. We use high quality carbon steel that’s been galvanized and does not rust; sturdy enough to resist the toughest wildlife and never breaks under wildlife pressure. Thanks to our screws and washers which are equal in quality and strength to keep an area protected for years. That’s how we offer our 2 year warranty.

When providing wildlife removal services, every home has multiple vulnerabilities; in a given home we locate related vulnerabilities to the current entry point made by the raccoon. We provide an inspection report for our clients that show these areas and offer prevention services which are optional, but recommended.

Doing prevention for your home will keep raccoons away in the future, essentially making your home stronger and defendable against wildlife. Prevention packages cost extra, to learn more call our office anytime for a thorough explanation of the costs. Prevention can save a property thousands of dollars from returning raccoons and squirrels from repeat problems.


Squirrel Removal Vaughan services is the second largest pest solution in Vaughan. Squirrels are wild animals and they belong outdoors where they are cute and harmless. Inside your attic, they cause all sorts of damages and bring fleas and diseases.

Squirrels can be a very destructive force to reckon with, thus it’s important to find professionals that are seasoned squirrel removal Vaughan specialists. We know from experience how to best remove squirrels from an attic using humane one-way squirrel doors.

SIA Wildlife Control regularly provides services for wildlife removal in residential and commercial spaces. For a thorough procedure on our squirrel removal Vaughan and prevention packages give our office a call for a painless free estimate over the phone.

For open space issues regarding squirrels, we also offer squirrel removal via live trapping. Our trapping and relocation service adheres to city bylaws and limitations.

Before you call for squirrel removal help check out our reviews, you can also find us on homestars!



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