Prevention is the ultimate protection package for a home due to the nature of persistence in animals. Most certainly homes with previous wildlife problems will always be a target by wildlife. Why are previous wildlife problems important? Because animals leave their body odor inside the attic, insulation and attachments. Nuisance wildlife have an unbelievably powerful sense of smell. Consequently their ability to smell allows them to avoid or find predators, food and mates for baby season.

First of all, attachments which contain plastic, wood or aluminum are vulnerable points of any roof. All vulnerable points have something in common, they all allow a certain level of heat to escape from the attic. As a result wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels can sense heat escaping these gaps which makes them excellent attic invaders. Instead of becoming extinct, wildlife have used these survival skills and adapted to human societies. Even after wildlife removal from an attic, the odors of animals will attract predators of the species or mates.

Prevention is imperative to any successful wildlife removal job. What does prevention involve? It’s essentially an installation of a carbon steel mesh screening to areas that animals commonly break into. In our years of wildlife control service we have learned that animals which damage roof vents, roof pipes, and roof junctions tend to try reentry again. Furthermore this is especially true if the animal has been in the attic for a long time.

How We Avoid Repeat Animal Problems For Our Clients

Our technicians perform a full inspection of a property as a first step to any given job. A technician will make high, medium or light recommendations to vulnerable points on your roof in a prevention package. They will inform you of all possible problems in the future based on what we have seen broken in the past. In addition, inspections will also include the condition of your roof, if your roof is in bad condition prevention will not help you. Our team will inform you when it is time to change your roof and how it should be done. You can learn more at our roofers and wildlife news article section. As a respected wildlife control company we may only make recommendations and inform our clients on how to stay safe. Finally, prevention is optional and up to our clients to decide their level of prevention package.

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