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SIA Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal services in Toronto, ON and the GTA. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. One of our services is the wildlife proofing of homes. This service is offered because animals which have taken shelter in people’s homes often return and try again after eviction. This process was brought into our program to eliminate more costs to clients and intervene against further damage on their properties.

Wildlife Proofing

Wildlife proofing is essentially an installation of a galvanized carbon steel mesh screening of areas that are damaged or will potentially be damaged after an animal has been removed from your home or premises. Our mesh does not rust, and overtime dulls in color which blends in better with the home. In the years of service we have learned that animals that damage roof vents, roof pipes, and corners (soffit meets roof) tend to try again on the same roof. These are known as vulnerable spots on a single given home.

Decks and sheds are vulnerable spots as well. Though the work is intensive and can be costly it is offered to customers that currently have a deck or shed problem. The deck is measured, and then a screening is made custom to properly secure the perimeter of the area in question. If a problem already exists, the proper one-way door system will be installed to rid of the animal. This is followed a second visit where we return and remove the door, and then secure the area where the door used to be with mesh. This process will effectively solve any current and future wildlife problem with a warranty.

SIA Wildlife technicians pin point these areas to consult and inform you about wild-proofing options that may be available to you. For our clients we go above and beyond, to ensure that these nasty events don’t occur more than they have to. We like to think of it as why should it happen again and cost you more and more to call the same companies onto your home for the same kind of issues.

Once prevention / home proofing has been installed on your property, you will receive warranty on the areas that have been protected. We are sure that wherever we put our work, stays wildlife free. Consider booking an appointment if you feel that prevention is right for you.

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