Proper Wildlife Removal Greater Toronto Area

Taking care of a wildlife problem properly is very important for your biggest investment, which is your home. Here at SIA Wildlife Control we respect our clients home as if it’s our own home. It’s important for you to hire a company that is working for your best interest. When on your property, you want proper and humane raccoon removal or squirrel removal services. You want to rest assured that professionals have arrived to fix a problem and not cause a new one. By this i’m speaking about falling through your ceiling, not applying caulking, trapping animals inside your attic etc.

Wildlife Behavior

Wildlife inside the attic is generally destructive. Some of the things to mention are chewing, scratching, defecating, insulation displacement etc. When animal shelter is blocked, animals tend to damage and re-enter from the same area or a similar weak area. Which is why we discourage DIY (do it yourself). And if you are handy enough to do it yourself, you should be aware that raccoons and squirrels are capable of chewing or damaging aluminum, wood, and plastic. SIA Wildlife Control performs successful raccoon and squirrel removal services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We understand how animals think, and we’ve seen it all when it comes to wildlife entries. Attempting to close an animal entry by DIY may potentially cause more problems for you. You may have already seen the picture of this article, it was the result of closing a squirrels entry point improperly.

Wildlife Removal GTA

SIA Wildlife Control proudly serves Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Georgina, East Gwillimbury, North York and surrounding cities within the GTA. Our techniques and equipment are superior and we are capable of performing successful and humane wildlife removals. When performing a wildlife removal service we make sure that we provide generous amounts of screening to cover entry points and beyond to discourage and prevent further chewing on the roof. It is very important to install a one-way door system at all times when dealing with entry points. We never assume that an animal is not inside the attic simply by entering the attic and not sighting the animal(s). Raccoons especially love to hide and rest in the soffits, this makes them invisible to the eye. It is almost impossible to see a raccoon while it is resting on a soffit, from inside the attic.

Trapped animals

For any reason if an animal is trapped inside the attic, you should call us and ask for help. Animals which are trapped will panic and cause damage in the attic in a desperate attempt to get out. This can end up in two ways. One, the animal will chew or damage another area where it will be able to leave and still shelter in your attic. And the worst case scenario, it will die inside your attic or between your walls. You will probably smell the animal, especially if it’s a raccoon. A raccoon is much bigger in size than a squirrel, so it would decay for a longer period of time. Don’t take chances, call professionals today to handle your wildlife removal safe, insured, and accurately.

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