Raccoon And Squirrel Removal Keswick Ontario Nov 27 2018

In this awkward situation where a raccoon and squirrel were living inside the attic, we had to compromise. We initially learned that a client was hearing noises in the attic, of heavy scratching and movement like walking. After inspecting the hole on the roof, and the evidence present at the site of entry, we concluded that it is indeed a raccoon dwelling. However the noises continued for the next 2 days which set off alarms in our usual integrated pest management program. After re-inspecting the site and the surveillance we learned that a squirrel was also involved in the story. Generally these types of occurrences aren’t too rare, about 2/10 jobs involve a joint animal entry.

How does it happen?

Raccoons are predators like cats, and in Ontario there isn’t too much competition for raccoons, except themselves. It’s in raccoon nature to be territorial, which means they do invade and fight for territory in sometimes very gruesome ways among’st each other. They also eat almost everything and that includes smaller animals. Squirrels unfortunately are almost defenseless again’st raccoons and their only means of survival is to run. However they do need to sleep sometime.. and like humans they are diurnal. Since raccoons are nocturnal, they wake up pretty much after squirrels are deep a sleep. It is usually during this time that the raccoons get the jump on squirrels and have a hefty meal.

See our videos and pictures below on raccoon and squirrel removal in Keswick, Ontario

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