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Do you live in Brampton and need raccoon removal and control services? Look no further. SIA Wildlife Control is one of the leading pest control and wildlife removal service in Brampton. We provide raccoon removal services in Brampton, the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond.

It can be frustrating to live in the same space with wildlife like raccoons. They don’t just cause a nuisance, but can also transfer severe diseases to humans. So, whether it’s your house or office, we’ll help you get rid of these critters and put measures in place to ensure they can’t come back. We’ve done this for years and have accumulated experience in removing raccoons humanely.

Why You Should Get Rid of Raccoons from Your Brampton, Ontario Property

Raccoons are intelligent animals and can adapt easily to urban environments. This is why it is common to find raccoons in Brampton and other parts of the Greater Toronto area. So, if you live in this area, you want to be aware of the abundance of wildlife and do what you can to keep yourself, your pets, your employees, family members, and your property safe.

These animals won’t stop at making a home under your deck or in your basement, they’ll gladly climb a nearby tree to your roof and find a way to get into your attic. As if that’s not enough, they can get trapped in your walls and cause significant damage as well.

The damage they cause makes it necessary to get rid of raccoons fast. The Brampton Guardian reports that these animals can get feces just about anywhere. Raccoons are particularly known to form latrines wherever they make a den. You don’t want this on your property as it exposes everyone on your property to severe diseases caused by roundworms.

Raccoons can also get into tussles with your pets. If this happens, your pet could leave such confrontations with rabies-infected bites, and this automatically puts you and your pet at risk. As soon as you suspect the presence of a raccoon on your property, call us. Don’t attempt to remove it by yourself as you might be biting off more than you can chew.

Our Raccoon Removal Process in Brampton, Ontario

Our raccoon removal process in Brampton, Ontario is aimed at providing total pest and animal protection for your home and family. Our technicians are trained and have in-depth knowledge of how these animals behave. So, you can trust us to give you complete protection from raccoons both inside and outside your home.

Choosing SIA Wildlife services will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be getting rid of these pesky creatures in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

As soon as you contact us, our team will visit your home or office and start with an inspection. This inspection helps us confirm the presence of a raccoon and locate their dens.

During this initial visit, we’ll also determine the entry points of the raccoon(s) and what’s attracting them to your property. At this point, we’ll also give you a clear price quote so that you know how much it costs from the get-go.

Next, we’ll create a tailored plan and begin comprehensive removal using humane methods like a one-way door system. If there are any baby raccoons, we’ll remove them physically as well. After removal, we relocate the animals according to raccoon removal by laws in Ontario and reunite baby raccoons with their mother.

Raccoon Removal Service

Brampton Raccoon Control

Get a free quote and get started on a brand new life in Brampton, without raccoons!

Why Choose SIA Wildlife Control?

At SIA Wildlife Control services, we combine the latest techniques of humane raccoon removal with our years of experience in the industry to deliver spectacular services. We are trusted locally because we provide:

Permanent Raccoon Removal

Unlike DIY solutions and what you might get from other wildlife removal services in Brampton, we believe in providing lasting solutions. So, we won’t opt for a quick fix just to remove raccoons from your property temporarily. Our wildlife removal specialists will determine the main cause of an infestation and put in preventive measures to prevent them from returning.

Affordable Pricing

If you’re worried about raccoon removal costs in Brampton, we can provide you with wildlife control services that give you the best value for your money. We believe in making our services affordable for everyone, so we provide you with a detailed quote to ensure that you pay only what we promised in the beginning – no hidden charge!

Fast and Effective Services

We understand that you’d want to get rid of that raccoon fast. We have access to all the tools that help in completing raccoon removal quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our years of experience at SIA Wildlife Control to help you resolve both commercial and residential wildlife and problems quickly .

Complete Satisfaction

Whether it’s an inspection or the raccoon removal service, we make your safety and satisfaction our main priority. So, we don’t just stop at getting rid of raccoons for you, we also walk you through our process, secure your property, and guide you to prevent future issues.

We have a proven track record of providing top-of-the-line services in Brampton, Ontario that ensure customer satisfaction. Call us now and get a free quote over the phone!

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