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Are you looking for raccoon removal and control services in Markham? You can now stop searching. At SIA Wildlife Control, we are happy to help you get rid of raccoons from your Markham property. While raccoons can be fun to observe from afar, they can be quite annoying when living in your house or other parts of your property.

At SIA Wildlife control services, we aim to help you get rid of these destructive animals using the best techniques. We can help you regain your personal space in no time and prevent future invasions of raccoons.

What Are The Dangers of Having Raccoons in Your Home?

When raccoons make a home on your property, they pose a threat and cause problems that may make it difficult to live in your own house.

Some of the dangers raccoons can cause include the following:

They Can Harm Your Pets 

It is normal that your pet will try to protect your house in your absence. So, if there are raccoons on your property, they might get into a confrontation with your pets, hurting them. Your pet might get bitten and scratched and can contract rabies in the process. Sometimes, even dogs that try to fight off raccoons get hurt in the process. That’s how dangerous raccoons can be, so don’t be deceived by their “cute” faces.

Raccoons Constitute Nuisance 

Raccoons are nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night. They can be pretty noisy too. They can eat your food and scatter your trash can, making your house and surroundings dirty and disorganized.

Raccoons Pose a Threat to Your Health 

Exposure to raccoon feces is hazardous because they contain roundworms, bacteria, and fungi capable of affecting your health. For instance, the bacteria in raccoon feces can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, while roundworms can cause nervous system damage.

They Can Damage Structures in Your House 

Raccoons like to nibble and bite on structures in your house. They chew electric wires, scratch the walls, and dig through roofs, making you spend a lot of money on maintenance.

Our 5 Steps of Raccoon Removal in Markham

How can you get rid of these pests? You’ll need to hire a Markham wildlife removal service like ours. At SIA Wildlife control services, we are experts in raccoon removal and control in Markham.

So, if you’re in Markham, we can help you with raccoon removal by following the steps below:

1. Are There Really Raccoons? 

Before implementing our techniques, our raccoon removal experts need to make sure there are raccoons on your property. Raccoons tend to leave a couple of noticeable signs like scattering your trash can, littering your house with feces, or making sounds at night. 

Giving your house a thorough inspection will help us know how they got in and determine the most effective methods to get rid of them.

2. Removing Baby Raccoons 

Having a whole family of raccoons living in your house is not impossible. So, while getting rid of the adults, you need to ensure that the baby raccoons are removed as well.

Our professionals can remove the baby raccoons physically by hand while following the federal guidelines. Attempting to do this on your own might violate the rules, and you might have to pay a considerable sum as a fine.

3. Installation of One-Way Doors  

The major entry points of raccoons are small spaces and holes on your house’s walls, doors, or windows. Our raccoon removal experts can install a one-way door in your house. This will help to make sure the raccoons leave and cannot return. It is also a safe way to get rid of raccoons without harming them. 

4. Setting Live Traps 

Another effective way of raccoon removal and control in Markham is to set a live trap. A live trap is usually set by a professional. After capturing the raccoon alive, we’ll relocate it far away from residential areas to prevent it from returning. We may set the trap in your attic or any other part of your house, depending on where they’ve infested.

Only professionals should do this because it is dangerous to handle these traps on your own. 

5. Decontamination and Control 

After getting rid of raccoons, their feces should be properly cleared out to prevent contamination and the spread of diseases. When these are done, you can live safely in your house again.

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If you need a wildlife control service in Markham, we offer one of the best raccoon removal services you can get. At SIA Wildlife control services, our professionals use safe and efficient techniques to help you get rid of raccoons. Call us today to get a quote without any hassles.

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