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raccoon removal Barrie helplineRaccoon Removal Barrie

SIA Wildlife Control provides guaranteed raccoon removal services in Barrie, Ontario. We specialize in the removal of squirrels, groundhogs, bats, birds, skunks and opossums. Our understanding and experience with wildlife removal help us in determining exactly which of these animals have found their way into your attic, deck or porch. With every passing year there is an increase in wildlife population. This includes all wildlife, but especially raccoons because they have the easiest time with survival due to lack of natural predators and amazing survival instincts. Raccoons are extremely intelligent and have adapted to human city life styles and have no problem finding food and water within residential neighborhoods. This is to go as far as saying they even know garbage day routines!

As a result wildlife animals like squirrels and raccoons trespass into an attic space in Ontario on a daily basis.

Raccoon Removal

Our raccoon removal Barrie services are provided through the use of one-way door systems or trapping and snaring. While we prefer to use the one way doors which are as humane as possible, it is at times very difficult such as open areas where traps and snaring excel. Raccoon removal is done in the order of inspection, securing the area with mesh and installing a one-way door to allow the raccoon to exit and prohibit it’s return. We use a generous amount of heavy duty 16 gauge galvanized carbon steel mesh to cover the surrounding area of the entry point. The procedure is done to protect and ensure the area will never be manipulated by wildlife to regain entry into. Therefor anywhere SIA Wildlife Control installs work is guaranteed for 2 years!

If your problem is in open space and not confined spaces such as attics, sheds, decks or porches then trapping may be right for you. Raccoon removal is made easy with our technician’s expertise and equipment. We are happy that we are able to serve you in Barrie, call for information or service bookings today and leave the rest to us!

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels similarly are flourishing. On the upper hand squirrels have baby seasons twice per year where raccoons only have their babies once per year at the beginning of spring. Intelligence wise squirrels are not nearly as developed as raccoons, but they have pretty good survival instincts. Which is why they are often found chewing away at the roof finding their way into residential home attics. You may ask why? normally because animals can either sense or feel or see heat. As part of their survival instincts animals know where heat is escaping from. Unfortunately with every home design there are mechanical functions for the walls and attics of a home to breath as necessary functions to avoid problems such as molding. Furthermore construction of homes and deforestation in general removes the only area where these animals take shelter, which are trees.

Squirrel Removal Barrie

It’s important to perform squirrel removal Barrie on a timely manner. Squirrels are the categorized as the more destructive wildlife animals in Barrie, Ontario. While they seem to be smaller their size shouldn’t fool you. Being smaller than a raccoon doesn’t mean that they are capable of doing less damage. It is actually quite the opposite for squirrels. Squirrels have a habit to chew everything that stands in their way. As a species they rely on their sharp teeth to chew away pine cones and other hard organic matter to feed on seeds and food.

Squirrels generally chew more holes into an attic shelter that they occupy over time. It’s a good idea to perform squirrel removal Barrie earlier than later for specifically the fact that they will do more damage over time. As time goes by, squirrels will chew alternate routes into an attic generally as a means for escape or easier entry. Also they do so for the fact that their teeth is in a state of constant growth. Chewing the shells of their food, or wood and your roof is a means to keep their teeth sharp and in check. Book an inspection if you feel you have squirrels in the attic, or call us at (647)715-6262.

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For a comprehensive raccoon removal Barrie, squirrel removal Barrie and wildlife removal Barrie call (647)715-6262. Or you can book an inspection or service request here.


The city does not send out personnel to remove animals from your property or your attic. For this service call professionals that do just that, give us a call.

SIA Wildlife Control is not equipped to deal with sick or injured animals. We also do not have a facility to take care of animals in need to a shelter. We are a privately owned service company which helps in the removal of nuisance animals from within our client’s properties.

In case of an emergency where an animal is aggressive, orphaned, injured or a danger to itself or others dial 311 and ask to be directed to city animal control.

Why choose us?

24 Hour Emergency Service. Minor Repairs to save you the cost of hiring other contractors. Full inspection of property. Immediate and preventative offers with affordable pricing. Warranty on work done. Best humane wildlife removal services in Georgina. Happy customers.

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We understand the urgency to remove animals from your property. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to effectively provide coverage throughout the city. If we can’t make it to you the same night, we’ll give an arm and a leg to make it the next morning. Do you have a raccoon inside your house? You’ll be happy to meet our all hour emergency team anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

Our work is 100% Guaranteed

Our wildlife removal services always succeed. We are so confident in our work, material, and technicians that we offer a 2 year warranty on all our work! Watch our technicians find, explain, and solve your problem all in the same day. Were looking forward to assisting you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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