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SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal services in Brampton, and Woodbridge, ON within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our work is guaranteed and we provide a 24 hour emergency service as well. If you’re located in Brampton or anywhere within the GTA give us a call for fast and friendly service. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal.

If you’re here for a raccoon problem, check out our detailed pages regarding wildlife or book an appointment at your convenience for raccoon removal.

Brampton, ON

Brampton is located west of Toronto, and north of Mississauga. Brampton was first incorporated as a village in 1853. Through years of progress and development it has come to be the home of approximately 593 thousand people as of 2016. The land is 266 km’s squared, that’s pretty wild. Coincidentally it isn’t the only thing wild about Brampton, the wildlife over the years have been pretty wild too. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and other wildlife included have babies at least once a year. Most species potentially produce litters of 4-8 babies.

If you take Brampton’s age, city development, and background in farmland in consideration, every year the wildlife problem has gotten worse. If we acknowledge that 2 babies out of an average of 5 survive each year, then it would be safe to say that yearly, wildlife population doubles. Below you can find information regarding all wildlife removal services, including raccoons, skunks, and squirrels.


Raccoons are your top of the line nighttime thiefs whether it’s a home thief or food thief. The biggest contributing factor to the nuisance of raccoons is their intelligence. Wild raccoons remember all their homes for years to come. A raccoon who has been a victim of raccoon removal in Brampton, will return to the home it was evicted from nightly for days, months and years. Their persistent behaviour leads them into breaking into Brampton homes with previous wildlife problems. For example, homes with raccoons in the past, have a high chance of being targeted by the same raccoon or other raccoons in the neighbourhood.

As part of their territorial behaviour, female raccoons invade other female raccoon territories with the goal of wiping out competition in the area. Occasionally we find the remains of raccoons after a dispute when we arrive to provide raccoon removal services in Brampton. The best method that we have learned to keep a home raccoon proof, is by developing wildlife proofing methods for Brampton homes. We use our years of experience in the raccoon removal field to pinpoint vulnerable points on the roof that raccoons can conceivably gain entry into the attic. Once we prepare the inspection report we offer our clients wildlife proofing options to keep their homes raccoon and wildlife free!

The most vulnerable point of any home is in the months before, during and after March. Babies are born once per year during the month of March. All raccoons are busy during this time finding new or upgrading their homes for the arrival of their babies. During baby season a special set of procedures must be followed to remove raccoon babies and reunite them with the mother raccoon near the entry point of the roof or area of shelter. Keeping babies warm during this time is very important due to their lack of ability to regulate body heat. In the baby season many raccoon babies don’t make it to adulthood within the harsh colder weathers of March. If you have raccoons in your attic continue reading below to learn how we can solve your problem in the raccoon removal Brampton section!

Raccoon removal Brampton

Raccoons are nocturnal. Meaning that they sleep during the day and come out at night. If your attic happen to be a den, then your raccoon will be in there during the day and leaving every night to scavenge for food. This is almost always the case, however sickness or starvation can change that. We occasionally see raccoons wondering the streets in day light as a result of either case. Generally there is two ways to handle the situation.

Our 1-way door system which is designed for all raccoons. This system uses a clever door which opens unidirectional. Our technicians will attach this door to a custom fit galvanized carbon steel mesh which will protect your raccoon entry area for as long as it remains installed. Our mesh does not rust, but will dull over time which blends in with the home better over time. We warranty our work for a period of 2 years. Therefore it’s important to tell your roofers to re-install the mesh in the areas that we’ve protected when they finish changing your roof. Once the raccoon(s) leave via the 1-way door, they cannot return. This ensures that your raccoon problem is solved.

However, remember that raccoons return yearly to areas where they had dens, gave birth, or were born. We always encourage our customers to consider wildlife proofing their home.

The least preferred method is trapping. If need be, we will trap raccoons and other animals although some restrictions apply as per law. Give us a call our technicians will help with whichever method best suits your needs.

Raccoon Feces

While raccoons are cute, care should be taken not to corner or approach a raccoon. Raccoons can carry parasites known as Roundworms or Baylisascaris Procyonis. If you need to clean to raccoon feces, we recommend hiring professionals to do the work for you. If you will take on the work yourself, be educated and do significant research on cleanup methods with proper personal equipment.


Squirrels are nuisance pests in Brampton that enter a home through the roof vents, junctions, pipes, roofline and side vents. There are more ways squirrels can get into a home, there is a wide variety of squirrel removal solutions shown in our blogs. Squirrels use their incisors to chew through most materials used in a home’s construction today. They are able to chew through most materials including plastic, wood and aluminum. Thankfully not our materials!

Babies are born in March and August-September. Squirrels are always on the lookout for shelter and a place to store their food for the winter. Most squirrel removal applications are during baby season for squirrels. In baby season squirrels are most desperate to find warmth for their babies to survive the cold. Brampton homes are at their highest risk during the baby seasons for squirrel problems in the attic and vents.

When performing squirrel removal in Brampton, it’s best to do so before or after baby season. Baby squirrels spend about 2 months to become mobile and leave their nest. After this time, squirrel removal can be done using one-way doors to humanely remove squirrels in Brampton. Care must be taken not to remove adult squirrels when their babies are inside the attic. Physical baby removal is the first step and they should be reunited with their parents near their entry point. Learn how we help remove squirrels in Brampton by reading the squirrel removal Brampton section below. For more information read our squirrel stories in the blog portion of our website or watch our removal videos in the gallery.

Squirrel Removal Brampton

Squirrel removal in Brampton is done similarly to that of raccoons. A specific one-way door is designed 3″ square which is standard for a squirrels size. The exclusion device (one-way) is inserted and attached onto a carbon steel meshing. The mesh will covers the entry point of the animal to block it out and prevent chewing and re-entry. We then cover a large and generous area surrounding the entry point. This is all covered in our routine patch up and does not cost extra. We have never had an issue with an animal re-entry from our work area. Though this is true for our work, we can’t guarantee the rest of your home’s vulnerable areas. For this we offer prevention packages for similar areas on your home to make it wildlife proof.

Squirrels have become known as the most stubborn and destructive animals when performing squirrel removals. In Brampton 40% of our calls are regarding squirrel removals. A squirrels teeth grows rapidly and always, in order to keep it under control a squirrel is naturally chewing at all objects it comes into contact with. In the case of squirrel removal from the attic, we always urge our readers and customers to be responsive in a timely manner. A squirrel can be destructive to your attic over a long period of time. Your lights may go out, electrical cables can be chewed and exposed, and electrical fires may happen in the attic. As a homeowner you want to be rid of squirrels as fast as possible.

When performing squirrel removals in Brampton, SIA Wildlife Control has learned from it’s experiences with squirrels. We have come across many cases in the Greater Toronto Area that an evicted squirrel finds another similar area and chews it’s way back into the properties. These areas can be roof-line edges, vents, pipes, side-vents, and rarely the center of the roof through the shingles (due to aged and/or rotted plywood). This makes squirrels the most stubborn wildlife removal in the Greater Toronto Area, red squirrels being the leading of this category in their species.

Wildlife Removal Brampton

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City of Brampton Animal Control

City Of Brampton Animal Control Contact Information

Phone: (905)458-5800

Address: 475 Chrysler Drive
Brampton, Ontario L6S 5Z5
E-mail: [email protected]

The city wildlife animal control takes care of sick, injured, or orphaned animals. In cases where you’ve spotted an animal which is either of the above mentioned, contact the city for help.

SIA Wildlife Control is not equipped to deal with sick or injured animals. We also do not have a facility to take care of animals in need to a shelter. We are a privately owned service company which helps in the removal of nuisance animals from within our clients properties.


City of Brampton frequently asked questions about city animal services can be found at http://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/Animal-Services/Pages/FAQs.aspx.

Useful tips by the city on how to live with wildlife.

You can follow this guideline before taking orphaned animals to the city animal services.


In the event of after business hours inquiries that are urgent in matter that concerns the city call311.

Direct link to city animal services.

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