Raccoon Removal Keswick January 2019

This home had a repeat offender raccoon. Last year the raccoon had broken into the home through the junction corner on the roof of the home. The raccoon returned in 2019 and attempted to break into the soffit while using a fence as an anchor to exert its force into the soffit. If you look at the picture you can see the damage it has caused to the soffit. To make it worst it was using the broken soffit as an entry point into the attic. The client was hearing noises and called us in to see what’s going on. After our inspection we found 2 entry points into the attic, both on the soffits.

Raccoons returning

Raccoons return at least once a year. It is natural for raccoons to return to previously inhabited den sites in attempts to give birth to their young in places they’ve felt safe. The same is true for their young, if they were born in an attic then they’re likely to return to the same attic to have children of their own. But how  do you deter them from coming back? It’s hard to keep raccoons away, one of those two ways is to trap them one by one and relocate them away from your property. The better way is to wildlife proof your home. At SIA Wildlife Control we have experience on all possible locations raccoons can break into a home and gain entry into the attic. As part of our basic call out fee for any job, we do a free inspection along with the work and offer preventative services for these areas.

The prevention is simple, we barrier any area that is weak and wildlife susceptible. Physical defense is the defense again’st returning animals. When animals attempt to break in their usual way and fail, they are likely to move onto easier targets such as your neighbor. Sorry neighbor!

Do’s and Don’ts of raccoon removal in Keswick

  • Never trap a raccoon or wildlife inside the attic by closing a hole that you found on your roof.
  • Never assume that an animal is not currently inside your attic and close or patch up the damage (Read bulletin 1).
  • Never trap an adult or young raccoon during baby season (2 weeks before March, during and up to mid June).
  • Never feed a raccoon or corner a raccoon when shoo’ing a raccoon.
  • If you are doing any of the above the yourself educate yourself and/or ask a professional for help!
  • Always use a one-way door when evicting an animal from a confined space such as your attic.

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