Raccoon Removal Keswick

In this particular raccoon removal Keswick job, we were shocked to see the damages done by this raccoon. According to our client these raccoons have been around for the better part of the last four years. What you’re going to see is not the full damages the raccoons caused. Due to their sheer weight, raccoons damage soffits in most homes that they reside in. Soffits which are not secured may not be able to hold a raccoons weight when it’s travelling in the soffit. In this home many of the soffits which are not shown in the pictures, were broken and dislodged. In order to remove the raccoons via a one-way door the soffits are to be repaired and reinforced.

Raccoon Removal

The raccoon’s point of entry and origin was the roof as you see in the pictures above. The peak of the roof had a ventilation strip installed which is different than ventilation caps. However they’re just as vulnerable, if not more than ventilation caps that are found normally on roofs. The raccoon removal was done via a one-way door and meshing the perimeter of the damaged roof.

How to deal with raccoons in the attic

Ideally you want to have prevention on your roof. Whether your home has had animal problems before or not. If you have had animals in the past, then it’s imperative that you consider calling and booking a prevention. An important thing to know is that animals are intelligent and alive with needs and habits. Understanding them is part of our job. Any animal that has resided in your attic has tasted comfort, safety and shelter from weather and predators alike. This is an invaluable atmosphere. Imagine how comfortable you feel in your very own home. Raccoons and squirrels are the same, and they will try relentlessly over and over again during the next five years to come back.

We never recommend doing your own raccoon removal, squirrel removal or any other form of wildlife removal. If you are considering doing it yourself, please educate yourself on animal habits and the proper one-way door and barrier to use. If you fail to perform the work properly, you can end up paying damages to your home, or removing dead carcasses from your attic or deck.

SIA Wildlife Control provides humane bat removal services within the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in other animal removal procedures such as raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, opossums and skunks. For an estimate over the phone, inspections or bookings contact us or call (647)715-6262

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