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Markham, ON

Markham is a city in the Regional Municipality of York. One of many cities within the Greater Toronto Area. Markham’s population as of 2016 was recorded at approximately 329’000. Markham was originally an agricultural community. Wildlife presence has been an issue in the Markham area since the beginning. During it’s development, modernization, and deforestation the natural habitats in Markham were reduced over time.

Yet instead of diminishing wildlife population, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks learned and adapted to our way of life. In some senses our way of life is almost like a free restaurant service for wildlife. Weekly compost bins left outside the night before city pickup serve as food for raccoons and wildlife.

I hear noises in my attic

Do you hear noises in your attic? Let our technicians know what type of noises you hear and when, and our technicians can investigate and let you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Some examples are heavy noises heard in the attic. This noise can be explained as someone walking on the roof, but it’s very loud. The noise is usually associated with raccoons. They are notorious noise markers.

If you hear chewing or running like something is scattering in the attic very quickly you may be dealing with a squirrel. Keep in mind that squirrels are very destructive. We would personally choose raccoons over squirrels. If left unattended, squirrels can chew joists and displace and remove insulation over time. The worst case scenario, squirrels will chew wiring and potentially cause an electrical fire in the attic. No one wants that, let us help you remove your wildlife problem whatever it may be, humanely and safely.

Raccoon Removal Markham

As part of our Markham wildlife removal services we offer raccoon removal. Raccoons are Markham’s main wildlife issue when it comes to nuisance wildlife invasions on personal property. Our raccoon removal services in Markham are generally quoted based on a single entry point. Raccoons often only make 1 hole during their entry into your attic. Other holes that are made are usually accidental due to their sheer weight and destructive nature. Such areas are soffit’s dropping on the ground after being dislodged when a raccoon walks on them. We provide 2 means of raccoon removal; live trapping and one-way door eviction methods. Each method has it’s perks and cons, talk to a SIA Wildlife Control technician about which one may be best suited for your wildlife removal needs.

Be aware of the damages wildlife can cause, be ready and guarded again’st raccoons and squirrels chewing and getting into your attic. Once an animal enters the attic, over time it will cause some damage and sometimes these damages can be too great and in some rare cases electrical fires may occur. Use our wildlife removal services to ensure you have a wildlife free home, call us today!

Squirrel removal Markham

Squirrels are top of the line persistent. They are in comparison to other wildlife, more difficult to be rid of. Our squirrel removal services include the one-way door removal tool installed on top of a heavy gauge galvanized carbon steel mesh barrier and our trap and relocate service. To find out what works best for you, all you have to do is call us and have our experts advise you on how to proceed and live in a squirrel free home. Consider the peace of mind of prevention, the chances of squirrels or other wildlife re-entering a home after prevention has been installed is significantly lower than homes with no prevention! Our work comes with a two year warranty so you can have a peace of mind when you call us to get the job done.

Toronto Wildlife Centre

If you’ve spotted an animal in distress, sick, injured, or orphaned you may contact Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC). The cities animal services attends to wildlife matters in public property.

Phone: (416)631-0662.

SIA Wildlife Control is not equipped to provide services for sick, injured, or orphaned animals. SIA Wildlife Control is a private wildlife control company which provides services to residential and commercial properties in the removal or nuisance wildlife from within their properties.