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SIA Wildlife control performs raccoon removal in Mississauga, ON. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Mississauga shares Lake Ontario next to Toronto. Being a location where wildlife can thrive. Our calls from Mississauga are regular and we continue to provide services there for happy customers. We get the job done right in the first place so we don’t have to return with our heads down. Many call backs are the result of clients not wildlife proofing their home.

At SIA Wildlife Control we advise our clients to wildlife proof their home given that animals do try to get back into their homes. Wildlife proofing your home may be expensive depending on the amount of vulnerable areas on your home, but will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. No matter which company you hire, repeated visits will always be more expensive than an initial package deal which saves call-out fees and service costs. All SIA Wildlife Control work is 100% guaranteed.

Squirrels being the most prominent wildlife issue we face, are the most likely to cause a headache and damage your property. With the runner up raccoon issue which we face everywhere in Ontario. SIA Wildlife Control provides all kinds of wildlife removal services. So if you’re in need of expert wildlife removal services, give us a call and we will provide you with great quality work.

Mississauga, ON

Mississauga is a large city with a large population. Some sights include the currently working lighthouse, and a marina which contains a freighter. If you enjoy skating, that’s also available in the winter at the City Centre. Numerous 5 star hotels are available like the Hampton Inn, Residence Inn, and Canada Suites. If you’re into site seeing, try the Lakefront Promenade Park. If you’re going in and out of Canada regularly you’re already familiar with the Pearson International Airport. Business is blooming, and many major corporate headquarters in Canada are in Mississauga.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone here. Wildlife thrives here, considering the size of Mississauga at 292 km’s squared and Lake Ontario just below it. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels, are all like unwanted pets in the Peel Region. Last year we received approximately 600 calls between raccoon removal, squirrel removal, and skunk removal within Mississauga. This is not estimating other wildlife or rodents such as bats, groundhogs, mice, and rats.

Check out our blogs for information regarding these wildlife animals.


Wild raccoons are very intelligent. It is actually one of their many features that allows them to survive in a complete human environment. As a result of human development building homes and removing forestry, raccoons have been forced to make shelter inside Mississauga homes. Being excellent climbers, intelligent and physically capable has made raccoons the number one nuisance to Mississauga homes. Some areas that raccoons get into uninvited, are the attics of homes through ventilation caps, pipes, and roofline edges including junctions. You can thoroughly see some of these areas in our raccoon inspection guide.

Raccoon Babies

Raccoons only have babies once a year in the month of March. During this time raccoons are extra protective of their young and territory. Occasionally there will be disputes between female raccoons in baby season which often end fatally in a battle over territory. In baby season desperation is at its highest point and raccoons are aggressively looking to break into Mississauga homes into attics and chimneys. When raccoon babies are born they have a hard time regulating body heat, which means a female raccoon needs to give birth in a warm area. Usually this area is in a thick tree, but those are rare to nonexisting these days. So the next best place is in your attic in Mississauga.

When performing raccoon removal during baby season, care must be taken to find and physically remove babies. Once the babies are in possession they must be reunited near the entry point with the mother raccoon. For help on removing raccoons in Mississauga continue reading the raccoon removal Mississauga section below.

Raccoon Removal Mississauga

Raccoon and squirrel removal are typically the same. The only factor that changes is the 1-way door design which is specific for each animal. Our galvanized carbon steel mesh does not rust and provides impenetrable protection to your home. Our technicians install the 1-way door system onto the mesh which is custom fitted over the entry point where the animal is entering your home. This will allow the animal to leave oblivious to it’s eviction, and will deny it re-entry on it’s return home. This work is then warrantied and you won’t have to worry about this problem happening from the same area again. This is why we also offer wildlife proofing to our clients.

It is important to inform your roofers to re-install our work back into their original place when they are finishing replacing your roof. This ensures that you are still protected in your vulnerable areas and it also retains your 2 years warranty from us. All SIA Wildlife control work is 100% guaranteed. We stand behind our work.

If for any reason any preventative or removal work is not possible, our last line of defense is trapping. We prefer not to put stress on animals. While conforming with the law we do offer trapping in situations where for example a raccoon has taken shelter under a highly elevated deck where the client does not wish to install preventative work with 1-way removal package. Call us today and have one of our knowledgeable staff assist you on the best humane wildlife removal method suited for you.

You can find more information about raccoons here.

Feces And Toxicity

Are you familiar with Ring Worms? A.K.A Baylisascaris Procyonis, you can learn more about them in the link provided. Don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download it here. Ring Worms can be found in raccoon feces. It is not recommended to perform your own feces cleaning after a successful raccoon removal. If the feces are in the attic, they are not in direct exposure to you. Therefore it is not absolutely necessary to remove them. If you have feces in front of your door or an area where you are exposed to it, you may want to hire a professional.. If you are persistent on doing it yourself, make sure you are well educated in the risks. Do your research, we have provided a link to the CDC as one guideline here.


Squirrels are found during the day time because they are diurnal and conduct their business during the day time. Most noises of running and scattering heard during day time in the attic are contributed by squirrel problems. Squirrels must work hard to chew their way into an attic via ventilation caps, pipes, junctions, roofline edges or side ventilations. Usually a squirrel can gain entry into an attic in Mississauga within 30 minutes of effort through vents or pipes. During regular activity seasons squirrels make their nests inside trees or on top of branches using leaf and debris.

When there is less trees available in an area with a squirrel population, squirrels infest homes in Mississauga. The warmth in the attic of a home is the sweet spot for squirrel shelter which also provides the best opportunity to have their babies.

Squirrel babies

Babies are born in March and once again in August-September. Because of the lack of thicker trees to provide warmth for squirrel babies, they must find heat and shelter in attic spaces. This is when squirrels are most desperate and the reason why squirrel removal problems skyrocket in Mississauga during baby seasons. A female squirrel will usually have between 2-8 babies a litter. Babies must be kept warm and well fed during their growth and require 2 months to be mobile and able to leave the nest. Once the babies have grown they can be humanely removed using one-way door systems.

If squirrel removal in Mississauga is required during baby season, babies must be physically removed and reunited with parents near entry points. The procedure requires that the babies are kept warm until they are retrieved by the adult squirrels. To learn how SIA Wildlife Control can help humanely evict your squirrels read the squirrel removal Mississauga section below!

Squirrel Removal Mississauga

Squirrel removal in Mississauga is done similarly to raccoon removal. We design and attach a 3″ squared one-way contraption device to a carbon steel mesh. The mesh is placed over the entry point with a generous amount of mesh also protecting the surrounding area. This discouraged and prohibits further chewing and access as long as the work remains on the area. Our work includes a 2 year warranty on the area. For other vulnerable areas our technicians will discuss a prevention package with you on your property, after identifying other similar vulnerable areas on your roof. The prevention package will essentially wildlife proof your home.

Squirrel’s tend to chew on all sorts of things, wood, plastic, aluminum. Generally anything a roofer would do to solve your problem, may be questionable. For proper squirrel removal, call your wildlife removal experts who do this for a profession. Some destructive possibilities related to squirrels can be, attic fires from chewed wiring. Displaced insulation can cause your AC unit and furnace to work twice as hard to heat / cool your home which can result in hefty utility bills. We urge squirrel removal to be done in a timely manner to avoid all these destructive possibilities, and to avoid squirrel litter in the spring and fall which opens up a whole lot of new issues.

Before performing your own squirrel removal, we would encourage our Mississauga readers to educate themselves on proper squirrel removal methods. Read up on some articles to learn what consequences may result, and never attempt to do your own squirrel removal during baby season. As always when changing to a brand new roof, ensure that your roofers reinstall all SIA Wildlife Control work to their original location to retain our warranty.

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Toronto Wildlife Centre provides expert help to injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals. They will care for these animals until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

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