Raccoon Removal Newmarket January 2019

This topic here shows a raccoon removal done in Newmarket in January 2019. We received a call regarding raccoons inside the attic of a semi-detached home. In this home we found evidence of raccoon problems that were persistent throughout the years. We found some meshing and evidence that suggested they were returning raccoons. Typically raccoons return to their previous dens once a year minimum. This time is usually around the time that they are mating or already pregnant.

Returning raccoon families

A family of returning raccoons are intelligent and very persistent. Raccoons who have been removed from a previous den site, especially after safely giving birth and raising their young will return again. Once a family of raccoons grow up safely in their environment they return yearly to attempt to have babies again including the female young of the last generation. Because of this it’s important to consider doing prevention work on areas similar to the currently damaged locations on your property.

Humane raccoon removal via one-way door

This raccoon removal procedure in Newmarket was done through the humane one-way removal door system. You can watch the video of the process below on how the raccoons were evicted from the roof. One-way doors are designed to evict animals that they are designed for humanely. These types of doors function without the need to physically apprehend or stress animals.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Never block an animal entry hole without a use of a one-way door.
  • Do not use a one-way door during baby seasons 2 weeks before and during March until mid June.
  • Don’t corner raccoons when apprehending or shoo’ing away, they may attack.
  • Learn about rabies and identifying rabies. External sources of information is highly recommended.
  • Do not trap and relocate raccoons (adult or young) during baby season, see the above bulletin for dates.
  • If a raccoon or wildlife is injured call the city animal control or deliver the animal if it’s safe to do so to a humane rehabilitation center.
  • If you’re not sure about anything call a professional! Never assume.

Raccoon Removal Newmarket January 2019 Video

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