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Raccoon Removal Newmarket

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Newmarket, ON

Newmarket has grown substantially over the last several years in Ontario. Raccoons and squirrels amongst other wildlife animals flourish in all cities within Ontario specifically. The main reason for the increasing population of wildlife within urban areas is that food is readily available to the animals. Our compost bins, and garbage provide a more readily available source of food for animals.

The other reason is that we have literally built our homes on top their homes. Newmarket contains the Holland River, as well as Bogart Creek, Western Creek, Tannery Creek and more. Water and food is plentiful, and life is great. Thanks to these factors we share a great natural habitat with wildlife, which is a good, or bad thing depending on perspective. However as humans, as much as we may enjoy wildlife, it is necessary for our homes to be safe and secure against disaster, disease, and nuisance problems.

Raccoon removal is not as difficult as it may seem, SIA Wildlife Control provides these wildlife removal services with ease and precision. Our squirrel removal experts in Newmarket can help you find the smallest hidden entry points into your home and secure it with a warranty.

SIA Wildlife Control Offers affordable raccoon removal Newmarket services. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Newmarket is one of the many cities in Ontario. The housing market is blooming along with the raccoon population.

Wildlife Population

There are many factors that play into the increased population of raccoons. The lack of rival predators and adaptability to live among’st humans. For every space the city expands into, leaves less room for raccoons in the wild. A mother raccoon gives birth to around 3-8 raccoon young-lings per year. Their biggest challenges are overcoming harsh winters more than anything else. Therefor it isn’t out of the ordinary to experience a greater amount of raccoon entries into home attics and backyards.

Squirrel and raccoon entries into the attic are common. Several reasons play into this factor. One being the age of the plywood on the roof. the plywood shrinks and loses it’s tight seal over time with the weather and the cold. Changing your shingles on time helps keep the plywood in good shape for longer periods of time. How does this play any role in the wildlife intrusion field? Squirrels sense heat escaping from the attic, when there is a gap big enough squirrels will find it. They will chew through your shingles and then the gap which forms over time on your roof line. Squirrels can chew through plastic, wood, and aluminum. All they need is a gap to fit their teeth into.

Once you have squirrels with a tennis ball sized entry into your roof, sooner or later raccoons will smell them out and invade the squirrel shelters (which in this case is your attic). Raccoons will enlarge the squirrel hole to enter for both shelter and food. Raccoons are scavengers and leave their den every night to find food in compost bins and other ways, they also eat squirrels if opportunity presents itself. Therefor raccoons and squirrels can’t both co-exist in your attic at the same time.

For more information on how we provide wildlife removal, check out our blogs.

Wildlife Feces

It is always best to stay informed, when dealing with wildlife animals in the interest of keeping yourself and your family safe. Always do research on the pests in question, ask questions in order to understand what needs to be done in safe wildlife removal, and the aftermath. Never attempt to clean up raccoon feces without being educated on proper clean up methods in order to protect yourself from ring worms, and other diseases. Furthermore if it is not absolutely necessary to remove raccoon feces, don’t do it. Why risk your health to remove something if it is not an immediate threat.


Raccoon Removal Newmarket

Raccoon removal Newmarket should be performed as soon as possible. The entry point can be the center of your roof if your plywood is aged and in rough shape. Rotted wood is much easier and in-fact a target for these wildlife animals. alternative routes of entry which are the easiest are the ventilation caps, septic pipe covers, and corner junctions of your roof (raccoon #1 choice).

To prevent future invasions into such homes which already have a wildlife issue in the attic, we offer prevention packages once we deal with the immediate solution. Below we will talk about immediate solution methods.

Our 1-way door system is designed specifically for the appropriate wildlife animal. This door is unidirectional and will allow the animal to exit the attic and deny it access upon it’s return. The 1-way door system is installed on a galvanized carbon steel screening which does not rust. The screen is intended to secure the area and protect a generous amount of the entry point to disallow chewing and brute force re-entry into your attic or wherever the problem may be. Over time the mesh will dull in color and blend in better with the home. This will take care of your immediate problem with a warranty of 2 years on the work done. However the mesh will protect your home indefinitely until removed by human interference. We always consult with our clients to let their roofers re-install our work in their original locations after they are done replacing their roofs.

In situations where immediate solutions and prevention are not possible we use trapping. In example a garage door that is broken may not be sealed due to it’s mechanical nature. Trapping is our least favored method of removal as it causes stress on the animal and there are certain laws to be conformed. Call one of our knowledgeable staff today for assistance, we’ll be happy to help you solve your problem with the most humane method of removal.

Squirrel Removal Newmarket

Squirrels dominate in terms of destruction, and persistence. When performing squirrel removal ensure that you always leave an exit device so that a squirrel is not trapped inside the attic. Never assume that a squirrel is not inside solely based on their activity habits. You may end up with more damage as desperate attempt of the squirrel trying to get out, or a squirrel carcass. Squirrel has won it’s persistence title through return calls to properties with previous wildlife removal work. There is roughly a 50% chance of a squirrel making a hole somewhere else after being evicted. For this reason our technicians pin point vulnerable areas of your home and provide an optional prevention package to wildlife proof your home.

Prevention will essentially guarantee your home will never have a repeat wildlife problem again. It is important when you’re changing your roof, to tell your roofers of the preventative work, and ask them to kindly re-install our work to their original places. This way you can retain our 2 year warranty. However as long as the work stays in it’s location, it will protect you indefinitely.

Squirrel removal is done similarly to that of raccoon removal. Our squirrel one-way device is attached to a galvanized carbon steel mesh. The mesh is then placed over the entry point (hole) with a generous amount of mesh protecting the surrounding areas. This will disallow chewing, or further damaging of the areas and it’s surroundings. The areas on the roof where we install our work is warrantied again’st all types of wildlife intrusions.

Other Wildlife Removal Services In Newmarket

City Animal Services

The city takes care of the regulations involving dogs and cats, and the typical ‘stoop and scoop’ issues that arise from time to time. They can be reached at 1-855-898-8605. you may wish to read animal by-laws for the city of Newmarket here.

If you have found an injured animal which you wish to care for, the closest animal shelter is in Georgina. You may find them via this facebook page. You may also find this website helpful in finding the right institution http://www.ontariowildliferescue.ca/.

When it comes to wildlife animals on your property the city will not send support to remove a raccoon from your attic or backyard. For these services you need a professional company that does just that, let us help.

Why choose us?

24 Hour Emergency Service. Minor Repairs to save you the cost of hiring other contractors. Full inspection of property. Immediate and preventative offers with affordable pricing. Warranty on work done. Best humane wildlife removal services in Newmarket. Happy customers.

Same day or next day service

We understand the urgency to remove animals from your property. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to effectively provide coverage throughout the city. If we can’t make it to you the same night, we’ll give an arm and a leg to make it the next morning. Do you have a raccoon inside your house? You’ll be happy to meet our all hour emergency team anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

Our work is 100% Guaranteed

Our wildlife removal services always succeed. We are so confident in our work, material, and technicians that we offer a 2 year warranty on all our work! Watch our technicians find, explain, and solve your problem all in the same day. Were looking forward to assisting you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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