Raccoon Removal North York December 2018

As part of our raccoon removal and wildlife removal services through the years, we occasionally have call backs from previous clients. These are returning animals mainly due to the fact that prevention screenings were not installed. In this North York home, a junction was not screened, and roughly a year later animals returned to the attic. It first started as a squirrel problem last year and nearly a year later raccoons took over.

As part of their predatory nature, raccoons actually smell the scent of other smaller animals and track them to their home. In most cases raccoons find the hole / entry point and enlarge it by chewing and clawing away at the opening. Once they gain entry, they will try their hardest to hunt and eat their prey. Usually they are successful because while they are nocturnal most smaller prey are diurnal. Which means raccoons wake up and hunt when their prey is deep a sleep. So for most squirrels sharing an attic with a raccoon it’s game over.

In this North York home in Ontario, the situation was a bit different. The squirrels were long evicted, but their scent stayed in the attic insulation. Mostly the smell of their feces and urine that had contaminated the insulation.

During out inspection of the attic, we determined that the new nuisance wildlife was a raccoon from the new evidence in the attic. After our rounds in the attic, we located new raccoon droppings that had not been present last year.

Raccoon removal junction corner North York

The junction’s soffit was damaged, as far as that kind of damage goes, only one animal in Ontario can do it.. Raccoons. Regardless we carried out the inspection to be a 100% sure. That’s where we started our work on providing humane raccoon removal in North York. Below you can see the pictures of the damage, and the work installation to remove the raccoon from the attic.

Raccoon damage

There is always some kind of damage expected when raccoons or other wildlife break and enter. Some of these damages are present in the pictures and some are not. This is a short list of what can happen when raccoons enter your attic space.

  • Insulation disturbance (displacement of insulation through wildlife movement) resulting in more heat loss, or cooling loss and higher utility bills.
  • Chewing and destruction of electrical wiring; fire hazard and electrical appliance interruption.
  • Chewing of roof support joices (squirrels).
  • Chewing at air vent lines.
  • Feces and urine.
  • Disease and bacteria.
  • Haven to animal birthing grounds; raccoons, squirrels, possums, birds, bats.
  • Unexpected wildlife dropping through your ceiling (usually raccoons).
  • Sleepless nights due to heavy noise and traffic at different times of the day.
  • Territorial disputes between wildlife which usually end up fatal leaving carcasses in your attic.

These are some things to consider when you have an animal in the attic. Our suggestion? hire an inspection service to make sure the noises that you hear are not animal related.

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