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SIA wildlife control provides raccoon removal North York services. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. The City of Toronto acknowledges the wildlife issues we are facing in our city. They state that wildlife proofing your home will reduce their chances of shelter therefor lowering their population. Animals without shelter, will move into their next den site. Animals like raccoons usually have been 3-5 other dens in each neighborhood they reside in. Each with their own piece of territory that they will defend. Prevention is the best way to protect your home from wildlife intrusion and damage. Animals have the same needs as us, food, water, shelter. They must move on to find other sources if any of those are eliminated, mainly the shelter.

If you already have a problem on your property and are in need of services such as trapping, or raccoon removal, or any other wildlife removal give us a call. For our “Do’s and Dont’s” and other relevant information page regarding raccoons click here.

North York, ON

North York once part of Old Toronto, has grown substantially since. The city of North York was recognized as a city for the first time in 1979. Before that North York was known as the Township of North York in 1922. Today it is a great city which contains five major shopping malls, and the Downsview Park along with other landmarks. North York is located just below Vaughan, above Toronto, and east of Brampton and Mississauga. Making it almost in the middle of everything. Which also makes the middle of all wildlife problems in Ontario as well. Wildlife has adapted very well to surviving among human constructs and dwellings. Toronto has the largest number of raccoon and squirrel removal problems from all The Greater Toronto Areas. This is established by the amount of calls wildlife removal companies receive and respond to. Given North York’s geographical position which puts it directly above Toronto, it falls in pretty close with one of the most problematic cities wildlife impacts daily.


In any raccoon removal situation in North York, there is generally the thought “Why my house?”. The answer is not so simple. Raccoon behavior is hard to understand. But there are several habits that all raccoons have in common; the search for shelter and food close-by. If your home has an amply supply of food available nearby you may be a good target for raccoon in the attic. Swimming pools are a bonus as they also provide an area for drinking water which increases your chance of having a raccoon. Not all raccoon removal services in North York are the result of these properties in a home. Sometimes raccoons choose a home out of desperation and especially in a time nearing their baby season.

Raccoons are nocturnal and prefer to do their activities in the dark. While their eyes see better during the night time, they aren’t blind during the day time. Sometimes you can find a raccoon out during the day which is normally because they are too hungry. Sickness and disease can also attribute to this factor but it isn’t always the case. And if you’re worried about being bitten, just remember to never corner a raccoon and let it be about it’s business.

During the month of March raccoons will have babies ranging from 2-8 young. This is the time of year where raccoons are the most protective and aggressive towards finding a home. For raccoon removal North York services it is always best to do your raccoon removal before or after baby season. Once the babies are mobile one-way doors and barriers can be installed to humanely remove raccoons from unwanted areas. It is possible to remove raccoons from your attic, if you can manage to physically remove and reunite raccoon babies with their mother. This is where SIA Wildlife Control excels, give us a call for your raccoon removal needs in North York and see if we can help you remove your raccoons humanely!

Raccoon Removal North York

When considering raccoon removal North York, raccoons and squirrels often follow each others steps. Normally squirrels chew an opening from a gap found on the roof-line or vents and pipes. Squirrels take residence in the attic and shortly after a raccoon finds the location and enlarges the hole to enter. This is a common occurrence. Raccoons will eat squirrels therefor they gain shelter in the hopes of finding food as well.

Raccoons on their own are capable of finding their way into an attic. They can climb walls and eaves drops on the gutter very well. They use their strong lower bodies to push up against soffits to gain entry by brute force. Ventilation caps and septic pipe covers are also targeted, but mainly it’s the corner junctions of the roof where raccoons excel in entry. For these problems we use the 1-way door system.

The 1-way door is designed specifically for the animal in question whether it is a squirrel, raccoon, or opossum. A galvanized carbon steel mesh is attach around the 1-way door which is then places over the entry point on the roof or anywhere the problem exists. The door allows the animal to leave effortlessly but will deny it re-entry upon it’s return. This successfully solves the immediate issue.

Due to the amount of animal re-entries in other similar spots on properties with previous wildlife problems, we have put together prevention packages to wildlife proof homes.

In events where immediate solutions or prevention is not possible, we offer trapping. We prefer not to trap animals because of the stress it puts on them, however we also understand that it is at times the only option.

For other animals visit our services pages or visit the blogs for more information.


Squirrels are categorized as rodents, mostly because of their size and resemblances to other rodents but also because most rodents gnaw away at all things in their way. One thing all wildlife control technicians have in common is that they will all agree to squirrels being the most persistent and destructive of all Ontario wildlife. Squirrels spend more of their time hoarding food for the winter and food scarce seasons.

During the month of March and again in August to September squirrels will prepare nesting for the arrival of their babies. The location that they choose will either be outdoors in a tree (the thicker the better) or an unsuspecting North York residence. We know this part is difficult, but that residence can be your home! Most favorable locations for squirrels to be born is in attic with insulation. Your attic provides the warmth the squirrel babies require to grow healthy into adults. Most wildlife babies have a hard time regulating heat in their bodies and are often casualties to the harsh weathers in winter.

To perform a proper squirrel removal in North York, it is best to avoid the months where squirrels are having babies. Usually it takes about 2 months for the baby squirrels to be mobile and leave the nest. After the lapsed time, one-way doors can be installed to remove squirrels from an attic humanely and safely. If squirrel removal needs to be performed during this time, babies must be removed physically from the attic and reunited with their parents near the entry point. For squirrel removal North York procedures, read the section below.

Squirrel Removal North York

Squirrels are known for being destructive and persistent. These traits are earned through their ability and habit for chewing and gaining entry into attics after being evicted. A squirrel’s teeth grows approximately 6 inches per year, causing them to chew at any readily available object. To keep their teeth in line so they don’t overgrow they will chew wood, plastic, food, and aluminum constantly throughout their day. This brings them to being destructive, once inside your attic, they will chew at the wood, wiring, and displace your insulation. Displaced insulation can cause hefty utility bills due to the loss of heat, and cool during their opposite seasons. Rain and snow can follow in behind the entry point of the squirrel and cause damage to your ceiling, drywall, exposed and chewed wiring etc. We recommend a prompt squirrel removal in the case of a squirrel in your attic or home.

Squirrel removal in North York is done similarly to that of a raccoon removal procedure. The only differentiating factor is the type of exclusion (one-way) device. The device suited for squirrel exclusion is attached to the galvanized carbon steel mesh, which is then installed over the entry point. Our work includes a 2 year warranty, not only for the sole purpose of squirrel persistence, but for all types of future wildlife problems. Removing our work will void your warranty, so it is important to instruct your roofers to re-install our work to it’s original place to retain our warranty.

In the month of March and August, squirrels have babies. This is twice per year, and removal procedures become complicated. For more information read our squirrel baby information page.

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Other Wildlife Removal Services In North York

City animal emergency

For injured or sick animals, please dial 311 to place a service request.

Note: The city of Toronto does not pick up vermin such as rats, mice, cockroaches, etc, that injured, sick or dead.

Animal services should be informed where the animal is in order to respond to your call. If the animal is mobile / moving, it needs to be monitored or confined until Animal services arrive. The city animal services will not respond if you are unable to monitor the animal’s location.

Closest Wildlife Centre

Finding an animal in distress can be tough. Providing care for that animal may be the kindest thing you can do. If you’ve found an infant animal, maybe a squirrel or raccoon baby which the mother has not returned for Toronto Wildlife Centre can help.

Toronto Wildlife Centre provides expert help to injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals. They will care for these animals until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

Phone / Address

Phone: 416-631-0662
Address: Toronto Wildlife Centre
60 Carl Hall Rd., Unit 4
Toronto, ON
M3K 2C1

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