Raccoon Removal Pefferlaw November 2018

A raccoon removal was done in Pefferlaw, Ontario in November 30th 2018. The story oddly enough started out as a mouse problem, but later was concluded that raccoons were also present. Due to the noises the client heard we suspected a mice problem within the attic of the pefferlaw home. When we learned that a soffit was dislodged on the outside of the home, we realized that perhaps raccoons are involved! And they were, and so were mice.

In this situation we proceeded to provide the raccoon removal service in Pefferlaw using a one-way door and screening. Most of the attachments on the roof such as the ventilation caps were very old, most of them had begun to crack. In order to prevent leaking we caulked all of these areas before installing our prevention screening. One such area also existed on the septic pipe plastic which was also caulked.

2 Year Warranty On Wildlife Removal

SIA Wildlife Control provides a 2 year warranty on all physical work done. And as such we stand by our work, if anything goes wrong with our screening or doors we fix it at no cost! During the raccoon removal service due to the weather and debree our one-way door malfunctioned. The video surveillance did not show the raccoons returning into the attic. However as a company policy we do not take chances. When we returned, we redid the work so that the raccoons could get out if they re-entered or were inside. Few days later we returned and patched everything up.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the video and pictures below!

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