Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill August 2018

Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill August 2018. In today’s story we had a long day’s work dealing with these two cute raccoons. Although we’re not sure to be happy for the client, or sad for the raccoons! In any case i’m sure these raccoons have a secondary home in the neighborhood. When we arrived to do the raccoon removal job, we had a chat with the home owner about doing prevention for her home. During our conversation we mentioned that raccoons always return to break into an attic, especially after long time habitation. When the client agreed, it took us the majority of the day to do a pretty big wildlife proofing job for the roofs vents, pipes, and junctions.

I’m happy to say that it went well and the results were great.

General Raccoon Removal Information

Generally when we do an inspection we pin point from experience the areas that raccoons break into attics. We offer this because we see it everyday; all the areas that raccoons damage and get into homes in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, North York and the GTA. Using our experience we locate all these possible areas and offer a prevention service so that our clients can make the best educated investment on their home. For humane raccoon removal you can call us at (647)715-6262 or contact us directly on the website for inspections or service request.

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