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As one of the blooming cities within the GTA, Richmond Hill has a diverse community of people which all inhabit it’s tight knit spaces. In the wildlife removal industry there is no “my roof is brand new”, or “my home was built recently, this problem can’t happen to me”. The truth is, it’s all based on luck. When we arrive on site for squirrel removal or raccoon removal, our clients are curious as to how a squirrel chewed through their brand new roof. First it is not based on new roof, although it helps! Roofers are not wildlife removal experts. Brand new shingles don’t mean brand new roof, a brand new roof is brand new plywood under the brand new shingles.

Another factor is that the plywood must form a near perfect seal around the edges of the roof to disallow heat escaping from the gaps, which attracts squirrels to chew into your attic. Knowing and eliminating these two factors will greatly decrease wildlife entries into your attic, however there is other ways inside. You can learn more about changing you roof in our roofer blog. That’s why we offer prevention packages which all our technicians will discuss with you on site, or you could learn more about it in our wildlife proofing section. SIA Wildlife Control provides safe, insured, and accurate raccoon removal, squirrel removal, and wildlife removal services in Richmond Hill. Call us today for an inspection, removal, or questions.

SIA Wildlife Control

SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal Richmond Hill services, and the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Raccoon activity has risen in recent years. 3-8 babies are born each year with limited to no predators. Mother nature’s brutal winters being a threat, and humans on the road being another.

Raccoons have adapted very well to human constructs. It has become evident that raccoons tend to fare much better in urban city areas than in nature. Our attics are the number one shelter for raccoons within the city. Imagine having your home up in the sky, and taking the elevator down to a shop situated on the first floor of your home. What a large population we have achieved as humans by being given shelter and immediate food. Raccoons have this too, our compost waste bins and attics.

Squirrels have done well too. A squirrels teeth grows approximately 6 inches per years. This results in the need to chew on a daily basis. A squirrel constantly chews to keep it’s teeth in line and sharp. As a result of construction and deforestation these wild animals have adapted and learned to chew their way into human constructs. Your roof being the perfect target for shelter, as it is made of wood.

Squirrels can chew wood, plastic, and aluminum. When they enter your attic, they will chew a great many things and displace or remove your insulation. Some areas that can be chewed are your electrical wiring, wood joists (roof support), roof-line and ventilation boxes. All these can lead to electrical fires, water damage, and the loss of heat and cold in the appropriate season leading to more costly utility bills.

Having considered all this, it is by far better to have an expert professionally remove your wildlife problem for you properly. Let us help you! you’ll be glad you did. Check out our commitment to you, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Raccoon removal Richmond Hill

We use a 1-way door system to remove wildlife from any specific location, decks, sheds, attics etc. For raccoon removal Richmond hill the door is designed unidirectional and allows the animal to leave for it’s daily needs and denied it re-entry upon it’s return. The door is install onto a galvanized carbon steel mesh which does not rust. The mesh will dull over time which will blend with the home better. Every 1-way door system is setup for it’s specific animal with a generous amount of screening which is placed over the entry point protecting it’s surrounding area. This will solve the immediate issue and provide a 2 year warranty on work on the area. We always mention to our clients that our work should be re-installed back to their original locations once roofers have finished replacing the roof to retain the warranty.

Because animals have shown the tendency to try in similar spots of the home once they have been evicted, we provide prevention packages to protect other weak areas of the home.

However in times where immediate solutions or prevention is not applicable, we use trapping. In example, a raccoon is sitting on the roof and using it as a personal toilet. We prefer not to trap animals, this method is stressful for the animal but sometimes the only option available. If you have any wildlife problems on your property, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill

Squirrels have the reputation of being persistent and destructive. These are gained by their ability to chew on everything at all waking moment. Their persistence is a trait that only wildlife removal professionals and homeowners have experienced. When performing squirrel removal in Richmond Hill and GTA we have statistically found that squirrels will return and chew on similar vulnerable spots and regain entry into the attic after they were evicted. This is a gamble of about roughly 50% of the time. In response to this, SIA Wildlife Control offers an optional wildlife proofing service each time a full inspection is done on any home. We encourage homeowners with previous wildlife issues to consider wildlife proofing their home to be squirrel, and wildlife free.

Squirrel removal in Richmond Hill is performed similarly to raccoon removal. We install a 3″ squared exclusion device onto a galvanized carbon steel mesh which is then inserted and secured over the squirrel entry point. The exclusion device allows the squirrel to leave, and will not allow it to regain entry into the attic or problem area. Our galvanized high density carbon steel mesh does not rust, over time the mesh dull’s in color and will blend in better with the home. This will conclude effective squirrel removal on your property in Richmond Hill.

All SIA Wildlife Control work is 100% guaranteed. We stand strongly behind our work, and should any wildlife animal manage to get back in through our work, we will fix it at no charge. Should you need to change your roof soon, ensure that your roofers are willing to reinstall all SIA Wildlife Control work to their original location to retain our warranty.

It’s important to understand that performing squirrel removal without a professional is not recommended. Also keep in mind that squirrels can chew through wood, plastic, and aluminum. However if you are planning to do your own squirrel removal, have a read about the possible consequences here. Do not attempt to perform your own squirrel removal during baby season, have a look at this article before doing so! As always we encourage a general read through our most relevant topics at the blog section.

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If you live in Richmond Hill you probably know a neighbor that needed raccoon removal Richmond Hill services, or you’ve had a run in with raccoons at some point. Don’t wait until they do damage in your attic, or your property. For squirrel removal Richmond Hill, raccoon removal, and wildlife removal call us today at (647)715-6262. Or you can book an inspection or service request here.

Other Wildlife Removal Services In Richmond Hill

City animal control

Call the city animal control if you’ve spotted an animal in distress. The city takes care of sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. The Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) respond to calls about wildlife and pets.

SIA Wildlife Control is not equipped to deal with sick, injured, or orphaned animals. SIA Wildlife Control is a private company that provides humane wildlife removal services to it’s clients within the GTA.

You may contact animal control by phone below.

OSPCA Phone number

Phone: 905-771-8800 ext. 319

York Region branch address:

16586 Woodbine Avenue, New Market

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