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Scarborough is a great community of people and natural habitats. Home of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and humans alike, sometimes however the boundaries are lifted. Everyone loves a cute raccoon or squirrel outdoors going about their day with their families, but when they enter into human homes they can be a nuisance. Certain people without a problem in the past may not mind having a pet raccoon in the attic, or a squirrel, but they probably haven’t tried to sleep with them making noise all night or day long! But the main problem is the damages they cause, squirrels damage insulation, wiring, and anything really that is inside the attic. The electrical wires are the most dangerous of all, attic fires may happen when a squirrel is inside your attic for a long time.

Raccoons on the other hand are more of a noise maker than anything else, you will definitely lose some sleep over their stay in your attic. A raccoon weighs significantly more than a squirrel, often times we find that a client’s home who called us for raccoon removal have their soffits dislocated from their proper place. Since raccoons like the air circulation in the soffit, they tend to sleep on the soffit. Their weight at times cause the soffit to collapse creating cosmetic messes, and extra holes / entry points into your attic.

The most hazardous part of having a raccoon in the attic is that raccoons choose to defecate where they stay. Raccoon feces can be hazardous to your health if you are exposed to it, or the feces are agitated. Their feces may contain Roundworms which when inhaled, or come in contact with the eyes or mouth will infect it’s host. Don’t wait too long if you have a raccoon upstairs. We can help with the removal of raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife problems you may be encountering in Scarborough.

SIA Wildlife Control

SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal Scarborough services and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. If you’ve got a problem don’t sweat it, let us professionally remove your wildlife nuisance in the most humane way possible. We will make sure to get the animals out and never gets back inside from the same area again. For our services you can book an appointment or call for a consultation at any time. We are ready and waiting to provide you with the help you need.

For raccoon problems have a read on our raccoon topics. The squirrel section can provide useful information as well when dealing with squirrel invaders. Skunks and groundhogs are excellent diggers, for these animals we encourage wildlife proofing your troubled shed or deck. Opossum issues are not as common but we do encounter them occasionally inside the attic and backyards. Their removal methods are similar to that of raccoons. Birds and bats are are also dealt with humanely and professionally, talk to a professional today to get fast and friendly help.


Several things come to mind when we think of raccoons; cute, vicious, nuisance. Well raccoons can be all 3 things, the main thing about raccoons is that they are territorial. So when approaching a raccoon during the day, which is rare, caution should be taken not to approach or corner the raccoon(s). This is especially important if the raccoon has babies with her, or appears to be sick. We don’t want to risk being bitten or causing a raccoon to think her babies are in danger.

While raccoons are cute, they can carry diseases and parasites. Raccoon droppings can carry Roundworms or baylisascaris procyonis. There are methods for cleaning raccoon feces when there is no other options, and caution should be taken when doing so. We recommend asking for professional help! Full research into raccoon feces clean up should be done before taking on the work yourself. It’s recommended to avoid contact with raccoon feces unless it is your way, for example; Doorstep or backyard where children or pets play.

Raccoons are always scouring the neighborhoods in Scarborough looking for vulnerable homes. Nightly during their routes for food, they make pit stops on suitable roofs with weak attachments such as vents and pipes to break into. It’s especially true, when it’s baby season. During the month of March raccoons are desperately looking for shelter to have their babies. If they are successful, you need to have a raccoon removal done before they do much damage. Raccoon removal in Scarborough can be done fast and painless, more information is available in the topics below at raccoon removal Scarborough.


Raccoon Removal Scarborough

In the hands of professionals raccoon removal can be harmless and quick in Scarborough. After inspecting for the raccoon entry point we install a 1-way door attached to a protective mesh over the area. The 1 way door system is designed unidirectional which allows the animal it is designed for to leave and will prevent it re-entry. This 1-way door is designed to be attached onto a galvanized carbon steel mesh which does not rust. The mesh is then placed over the entry hole of the animal with generous amount of screening to protect surrounding area from future chewing and brute force re-entry. This solves your immediate problem and provides a 2 year warranty on the work done. Clients are advised to let their roofers know to re-install our work to their original locations after they’re done changing the roof. This allows the home to retain its warranty for our work.

Because of the tendency of animals trying to re-enter their home once they’ve been evicted, we’ve developed prevention packages which we also offer to clients who are interested in a peace of mind in future wildlife problems.

Occasionally immediate solution and prevention is not a possibility. For example when an animal is not sheltering anywhere specific and is roaming in the backyard. For these situations we offer trapping. Trapping services are least desired as they put stress on the animal. Call us today to find out what best suits your needs and we’d be more than happy to help you out.


Some see squirrels as giant rats with fluffy tails. Squirrels are rodents, which means they gnaw at all things all day with their incisors. Squirrels follow a strict routine daily; searching for food, and hoarding food. They are active from early morning until evening. As diurnal wildlife they contribute to noises heard in the attic during day time hours. In the evening they are usually quiet as they are resting. Most squirrels make their nests within trees or on top of branches. However when their population reaches a critical point in an area where trees are scarce they tend to cause mischief in Scarborough homes.

Some areas where squirrels get in are areas where a roof junction is unfinished or previously damaged by raccoons or ventilation caps and pipes on the roof. Usually they must chew their way into the attic, and once they’re inside they continue chewing at everything in their way as all rodents do. Occasionally we find that squirrels chew side vents which lead into dryer lines, or stove fans. Regardless of the damage they’ve caused to your house, we can help!

Squirrels have their babies in March, and a second time in August-September. Both of these times cause problems when using one-way doors and care must be taken when performing the removal. For example baby squirrels must be removed physically and reunited with their parents near the entry point. Sometimes the only way to do the squirrel removal is to cut ceilings and walls to remove babies. The alternative is to wait until all babies have grown mobile and can leave the nest before performing the squirrel removal in Scarborough.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough

Squirrel Removal In Scarborough is essentially done similarly to that of raccoon removal. The differentiating factor being only the one-way door which is designed specifically for the squirrels body. The one way doors for each animal must be different due to their sizes, strengths, and abilities. A squirrel is not strong enough to exit through a raccoon one-way door. The 3 inch squared one-way door is placed onto the galvanized carbon steel mesh which we install over the entry point into the troubled area. This will usually be your attic, shed, or anything with rotted wood.

To avoid further chewing to your property, we provide a generous amount of mesh when installing our mesh to discourage exactly that. However we cannot seal your entire home. Our years of experience have shown us the weak areas, where damages and chewing occur most. You have probably heard the phrase “we’ve seen it all” and we have. Using this experience our technicians will provide you with an inspection report which they explain and show you the possible entry points which your squirrel(s) may attempt to chew their way back in. We call this the prevention package, you may book an inspection.

Have our seasoned technicians perform safe, insured, and accurate squirrel removal for you today, you’ll be glad you did. Don’t wait until baby season, the costs and damages increase when babies are involved for any animal.

Check out our services page for a full length of services and the service areas we operate in. For more information on all topics visit our blogs.

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