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SIA Wildlife control provides raccoon removal services in Toronto, ON and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Raccoons are probably the biggest issue in Toronto. Within the wildlife control field of work, majority of calls are involving raccoons. Though raccoons in Richmond hill, Mississauga, and Brampton are still at high numbers. Generally Ontario has a big population of raccoons, and this is due to many factors. As we human expand into their territory, deforestation, new construction and such, raccoons are left with no choice but to find their way into our homes and scavenge our green bin pinata’s.

Homes with swimming pools are a much bigger target than ordinary homes, and homes that are corner lots. Though it is hard to understand exactly how a raccoons thinks, company statistics show that corner homes are more of a target than ordinary homes. Weak plywood also plays a factor in the raccoons opportunistic mind. Raccoons can sense heat escaping gaps, so they easily spot heat in between plywood gaps or weakened plywood.

Raccoons are scavengers of food. They eat just about anything that you leave outside. With food, water, and shelter you may be the victim of the neighborhood raccoon. A swimming pool, or food is not necessarily a positive factor with a guaranteed raccoon entry into your attic. Most of the time raccoon invasions are a gamble. It helps however to keep your green bins in a sheltered area like a storage. You may reduce the chances of it happening by ensuring your roofers do a good job with replacing your roof and making sure they also change the plywood when it’s the right time.

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Squirrel or raccoon removal in Toronto is done typically similarly. Via a 1-way door system which is designed for it’s specific animal. Once we have determined what type of animal problem you have, we install it’s proper 1-way door onto a galvanized carbon steel mesh. This mesh does not rust and over time it will dull and blend in better with the home or area. The mesh is then placed over the entry area, and custom fitted to allow a seamless exit for the animal. Upon the animals return the door will deny it re-entry into the area. This process will solve your problem and warranty that area for a period of 2 years. Therefor it’s important to tell your roofers to re-install our work to it’s original location after they replace your roof. This will retain our warranty.

Due to the tendency of animals returning and trying to get back in, in similar areas of homes we offer prevention packages to our clients.

If a raccoon has entered/burrowed under your deck, the removal process will involve digging and installing screening with a 1-way door placed on the original entry point of the deck. This allows the raccoon(s) to leave indefinitely and not be able to return back in through the same area.

Alternatively if it’s not possible to seal the area with mesh and a door, trapping would be the next viable option. Trapping is the least preferred option as it puts stress on the animal. However sometimes it is also the only way to solve a wildlife problem.

Having a raccoon problem? give us a call and we’ll be happy to help take care of your problem. For more information regarding raccoons, visit our blogs page.

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