Rat Extermination

Rat Control and Extermination in Toronto And The Greater Toronto Area

Rat’s and mice benefit from proximity to humans. In Ontario we mostly deal with two types of rats, the Norway rat and the Roof rat. While Norway rats are a major problem in Toronto, there is a  presence of Roof rats as well. Roof rats are similar in appearance to Norway rats but have a tail that is longer than the body. There are many reasons for the extermination of rats and mice. Some problems associated with rats are damage to foods, property, and spreading of diseases.

Dangers of rats 

Rats chew through electrical wiring which can result in structural fires. If infected, they can spread Salmonella, Lymphatic Choriomeningitis and Ricketsial pox. Health hazards can develop from their urine and droppings contaminating pet food or human food. Rats excrete 16 cc’s or urine and up to 180 droppings per day. Secondary issues may be the embedding parasites such as mites and fleas which can also cause damage to humans and property.


Norway rats live near ground levels. While they are excellent climbers and swimmers, they prefer under building shelter in all sorts of debrees. Sewers and dump sites are primary habitats. Much like squirrels, rats like to hoard food in their shelter for future consumption. Rats can survive outdoors and indoors, but mostly they are limited to a 30 meter range from where they were born and raised. Their habits are Nocturnal which means they are active during night time, however sometimes they can be seen during the day. Rats much like mice, prefer to take the same pathways night after night but are also able to adapt. Furthermore rats are shy, and are harder to attract to areas for traps or bait but given enough time success can be achieved.

Rat Extermination

It is important to understand rats when performing exterminations, knowing their habits helps with bait placement and expectations. SIA Wildlife Control technicians are licensed and knowledgeable exterminators. We firstly inspect your property thoroughly to find areas where rats are present or have been present before. Using this information an exterminator will come up with ways to reduce rat presence by making the environment less favorable. If action is required, a rat extermination can be provided for rat control.



Rat Extermination

SIA Wildlife Control provides rat extermination and control services in Newmarket, Aurora, Georgina, Richmond hill, Markham, North York, Scarborough, Brampton and Mississauga regions in Ontario. For a rat extermination or control call us to book an inspection or provide answers to questions.