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Ant RemovalWith more than 10 trillion ants in the world, there’s probably an ant in your home. 

Ants invade kitchens or places where foods are stored. 

On the other hand, they can destroy documents  when they enter an office. 

The problem is ant’s invasions are usually massive. If you notice a group of ants around a dirty chopping board, there’s probably a hundred or a thousand more around the cooker and beneath the microwave or their nest. 

When ants invade your home or office space, you may be tempted to eliminate them instantly on your own. 

But ant’s extermination takes expert experience, skill, and tools. 

Plus a solid understanding of how to discover their nests and hideouts. 

If you’re looking for an effective way to exterminate ants in your home or business place, SIA Wildlife Control has got you covered.

 A Typical Ant Habit 

Ants have different habits from other pests. For example, they walk in large groups and confidently around your countertops at noon.

In a severe case of an ant infestation, you’ll see a long queue of ants actively transporting food from one point to another, probably from your kitchen to their colony.

You don’t have to put up with these new invaders. SIA Wildlife provides a quick, friendly, and professional pest control service. 

We’re insured and licensed – which makes you rest assured that a professional is handling your properties. 

How To Prevent Ant Infestations

First and foremost, do not leave food lying on the kitchen floor, cabinet, or other areas of the home.

Regularly vacuum food crumbs and always keep food enclosed or sealed. This is more important with pet foods because they attract ants into your home.

Also, you can prep the outdoor space of your home to keep the ants away. 

Remove mulch and debris away from your house; this will get rid of the moist environment where ants survive. 

They won’t be able to find a bridge up to your home. You can replace sealing doors and window screens too. 

Common signs of an Ant infestation 

Dealing with ant infestations can be notoriously difficult and frustrating. 

Keep in mind that spotting a few ants around your kitchen is not an infestation. Here’s how to spot an ant infestation. 


When an ant leaves a scent trail pheromone on the food source so that other ants can easily trace the source of food. Scent trails are the first and the most obvious sign of ants infestation. 


Ant nests look like dirt or a pile of soil. They are usually hidden. Carpenter ants can nest inside studs in the home. Using special tools or listening to the wall can help identify these nest locations for treatment. 

Wood shaving 

When you notice a pile of wood shavings around the kitchen cabinet or on top of the washing basin, carpenter ants may have infested your home. 

Piles of dirt 

Ants will leave piles of dirt in their nests and around your home. 

Once you notice an ant infestation around your property, contact a professional exterminator. SIA Wildlife Control has the right equipment and expertise to address ant infestation on your property. 

Risks of Ants Infestations 

Ant infestations are not as risky as other pests. However, ants can spread bacteria if they come in direct contact with food. 

Some ant species can sting or bite (although uncommon). In addition, carpenter ants can destroy softwood when building their colonies. This can become a concern as they can damage the structural integrity of weight bearing wooden beams.

But on a general note, ants don’t pose a serious threat. 

The only issue with ant infestation is that they are difficult to exterminate, especially when you’re trying to do it without expert help. 

Ants reproduce quickly and rapidly to create new colonies. It’s best to contact a professional ant exterminator immediately when you notice their presence in your home or business place. 

Professional Ant Exterminator in Toronto GTA- We Handle All Crazy Ants 

A professional exterminator is all you need when ants invade and disrupt the peace of your home. 

First and foremost, an exterminator will identify the ant species in your home – whether it is fire ants or crazy ants. 

Crazy ants are aggressive. They can tamper with your wiring connections. One of the ways we can remove the ants is through our baits method. 

Baits are created differently. Not every ant species can be destroyed through the bait method. This method is more effective when ants transfer the bait to each other until it reaches the bigger colony. 

For more information about how to treat ants in your home or business place, contact us at SIA Wildlife Control, Toronto. 

Our certified ant exterminators know every relevant ant species and have a solid knowledge of exterminating their infestation accordingly.

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How to prevent ants from entering indoors 

To keep ants from infesting your home, routinely inspect your outdoors for possible entry points. 

Trim back trees and shrubs from your home because ants can use these branches as a gateway for entry through the attic and windows. 

Seal crevices and cracks on your home’s exterior using silicone-based caulk. Carefully study areas where electrical wires and utility pipes enter. 

Professional Ant Control Solutions 

At SIA Wildlife Control, our team is trained on every type of ant treatment solutions. We go above and beyond to deliver effective ant removal treatment in Toronto to exterminate ant infestation for good. A few of our approaches includes: 


Identify Ants

Determine the type of ant infestation


Locate The Trail

Locate the trail and nest


Exterminate The Colony

Treat the colony directly and ensure total extermination and ant removal.


Baiting is one of the most effective ant control methods. It involves the application of chemicals on attractive folds to kill ants. The baits are usually sugar-laden fluids containing boric acid that kills ants once they ingest the ingredients. 

The bait procedure is a little complicated. It involves a thorough research of food tastes and scents that attract different kinds of ant species (some ants prefer protein while others will happily go for carbohydrates). 

The chemicals are designed as slow-working. This means ants will consume the bait and pass it on to other ants before it takes effect.  

Low repellent residual 

Ants can easily sense environmental toxins. Because of these, conventional insecticides are not completely effective for ant removal as they’ll stay away from the chemical and create another alternative trail around your home. Insecticides with low repellents are more effective. 

We use low-repellent insecticide to help you achieve the best results through our expert spray applications. 

We recommend this treatment for outdoor use because ants that come in contact with the repellent will easily spread the treatment to their colonies. The ants won’t be able to save the queen or move the nest. 

Stealth residual 

Stealth residuals are formulated for ant removal and control. 

They’re hidden, completely invisible to ants and placed indoors where these ants look for shelter and food. 

The stealth residual method is much similar to the bait. 

The ants pick them up on the tiny hair around the lower parts of their body and ingest them. 

They transfer this treatment to other ant colonies. 

This method is highly effective and safe for your indoor environment because of its low toxicity. 

Ant sand 

This treatment mimics sand in gardens, courtyards, and areas with cobblestone. 

Containing low or non-repellent insecticides, ant sand allows active ingredient insertion in a Trojan horse approach, which allows ants to forage through the sand. 

Because these products are heavier, they won’t be carried away to drains flowing into the sea or rivers. The ant sand method can also make them transferred to the nesting colony. 

Getting rid of ants 

Although ants in Canada are not dangerous, the nuisance they constitute can be sickening. Ants will leave the comfort of their nests to find food. Once they’re able to find food, they create a scent trail from the nest so others can easily find the food. While bug spray works, it is only a temporal fix. The best approach is to destroy the colony so all of them will go into extinction in your area. 


How long does it take for ants to go away after the exterminator? 

It takes between 2-3 weeks to destroy an entire ant colony. This is to ensure that the product spreads around the colony on time. 

How long does it take to remove an ant infestation? 

Dislodging ant infestation can be difficult because they swarm. It requires vigilance and combined treatment but an ant issue can be resolved within 1-2 weeks. Be sure to follow up with preventive measures to keep them from returning. 

What Do Exterminators Use To Kill Ants? 

Exterminators use boric acids. This chemical is very popular in the extermination world. It slowly and effectively destroys pests. 

Why do ants keep coming after the exterminator? 

Don’t worry! It’s normal. You should expect to see a few more ants rushing out within the first few days or weeks after extermination. That’s because the treatment is forcing them to come out from their hideout. 

We Can Help! 

At SIA Wildlife Control, we understand the frustration ant infestations can cause for homes and office dwellers. 

Our decades of experience and professional team will help us treat your ant invasion problem with safety and expertise. At SIA Wildlife Control, we approach our customer’s ant issues with a personalized environmentally sensitive solution. So whether you need ant control in your residence or commercial building, we’re happy to help. 

The SIA Wildlife Control Solution 

If you detect any sign of ants invasion in your home or business place, it’s smart to contact us immediately. 

We can help identify the ant species that invade your property and provide a customized solution to eliminate them. 

Contact us today for more information about ants and how we can help. 

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