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There are over 10000 species of ants worldwide. Thankfully we only deal with a handful of ants here in Toronto. It’s important to identify what type of ants are causing a nuisance to your property in order to properly treat the ant infestation and exterminate them effectively. In every ant colony there are ants with different roles in order to serve the queen and the need of the colony. In any integrated pest management program identification of ants, locations, trails and colony help with the ant extermination process. Whether you are in Newmarket, Aurora, Toronto or any nearby city you may have pest ants outdoors or indoors. We are here to help rid you of your ant infestation so you can go back to enjoying outdoors and relaxing indoors!

Pest Control – Ants


Identify Type of ant

Determine the type of ant and select the insecticide most potent for extermination


Locate Trail Intercept trail with pesticides

Applying pesticides to areas frequented by ants, leaving a long residual will knock out ants over a long period of time. Especially useful if colony location is not known.


Terminate the colony Treat the colony directly

Treat the colony directly and ensure to exterminate all ants quicker and more efficiently!

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Toronto Ant Exterminators

If your looking for the best ant exterminators in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Our eco-friendly methods of exterminating ants in Toronto are the best way to live Ant free in your backyard or indoors. We service all areas of the Greater Toronto Area with special ant exterminator trained personnel that will live up to your expectations with a satisfaction guaranteed! There’s no reason to look elsewhere because SIA Wildlife Control has been dealing with pests in your area with top rated reviews.

Toronto Ant Extermination Chart In Days

Day 1 99%
Day 15 85%
Day 30 50%

Long lasting residual pesticides will keep on exterminating ants long after the spray has dried! Eco-friendly solution and efficient methods of removing ants from where they’re unwanted pests. Toronto properties can be pest free with the right approach to ant infestations!

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