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When bats take over your property, contact Sia Wildlife Control. 

Bats are one of home owner’s worst nightmare because their bites can cause rabies. 

Apart from that, they defecate, urinate, stain and pollute anywhere they infest. 

Because bats are stubborn and extremely tricky, removing them is hard. Trying to do it alone can complicate the issue. 

A professional bat control specialist can remove a bat infestation on properties and prevent a new colony buildup.

SIA Wildlife Control has a team of experts that strategically remove bats from residences and commercial properties. Our team is always ready to attend to you on time.

We incorporate the latest techniques and strategies to remove bats from your property. With years of humane wildlife removal industry experience, our bat removal experts provide the effective results you need.

All You Need To Know About Bats

Bats are furry, have thin wings, and poor eyesight. 

They are small and warm-blooded mammals that can fly. 

Although bats have questionable reputations, they contribute to the balance of the ecosystem by feeding on smaller insects like mosquitoes, beetles, and moths.

Bats can eat insects up to 3 times their weight every night.

This furry mammal lives on cliffs and caves, or creates roosts in the walls and attics of homes, buildings, and condominiums. 

Bat colonies vary in size. Regardless of their size, they can damage the building and pose a significant health threat. At SIA Wildlife Control, we use a 100% proven bat removal strategy to get rid of bat colonies in your property. 

Bats infestations are often unnoticeable at the start, until they become unmanageable.  Bats left alone will increase in population within a short time frame. 

They can fit into tiny gaps. Even if  you seal off the gap, these stubborn critters will find a new entry and exit. In addition, they can create an irritating odor if left to die in your home.

The high-pitched squealing sounds bats emit at night can disturb homeowners.


Dangers Of Bats To Human

The presence of bats in homes and business places can be worrisome.

Bats use teeth to bite their prey. They can bite you especially when you’re sleeping at night or when you want to harm them. Worse still, bats that have rabies can threaten your health and safety.

Another potential health risk of bats is their droppings. Also called Guano, Bat droppings, inhaling them can cause histoplasmosis which shows symptoms of the flu.

Children, older adults, and people with weak immune systems have a higher risk of this condition. The research found that it can cause lung diseases, blindness, or even death.

Bats also transfer bat bugs. Bat bugs look like the typical bed bugs and require microscopic tests to identify them. Bat bugs survive by feeding on bat blood. But they also feed on warm-blooded animals’ blood including humans. 

These bugs can become a problem in the top floor of your home since bats also roost at the higher levels of the home. The bugs may enter your room and take blood while you’re fast asleep and then retreat back where they came from. This makes detecting bat bugs challenging. Typically to get rid of them, you’ll need to call the professionals at SIA Wildlife Control to humanely remove the bats and then treat for the bugs. 

Bat bugs can be a problem of their own which can result in extra expenses for you.

Contact an experienced bat removal expert if you notice bats in your environment. Killing a bat is a punishable offense in Canada and may attract a fine.

For a humane and law-abiding removal, we use methods that remove the entire bat colony from your property and ensure that there are no new breeds of these animals.

SIA Wildlife Control prides itself on helping residential and commercial clients remove bat infestation in a humane and strategic approach.

Common species of bats in Ontario include :

  • The Little Brown Myotis
  • Eastern long-eared Bat
  • Small-footed Bat
  • Eastern Pipistrelle
  • Big Brown Bat
  • Silver-haired Bat
  • Red Bat
  • Hoary Bat


Health Concerns

Bats harbor insects that are harmful to man which are the bat bug similar to bed bugs. Bat’s urine and droppings can create a persistent stench that’s harmful to humans.

Several accumulations of these droppings contain histoplasmosis fungi spores which cause lung infection when inhaled.


Property Damage

Bat droppings contain moisturizers that can contaminate the wall and ceiling plasters. The stain can be deep to the extent that the only solution will be to replace the affected area.



Bats squeeze their way through little gaps. Block holes in the chimney and attics to prevent their infestation. Only block areas as a preventative measure, not when bats are already infesting the area.


If a bat bites you or your pet, quickly capture the bat and test them for rabies and seek medical attention. Still, seek medical attention if unable to capture the bat for testing.


Residential Bat Removal

Your residence is in safe hands when you use the help of our professional bat removal service.

SIA Wildlife Control’s bat removal service sets the pace when it comes to implementing the right bat control process. 

Our years of professional experience and client projects, from homes to mansions, has shaped us into understanding the pain and dangers of bat infestation and the best approach to removing them.

Book a consultation today!

Our staff are professional, experienced, and respectful. There’s no simple job and there’s no difficult job. There are several cases when residents and companies had to reach out to us after a general, non-expert company was unable to handle a bat infestation.

We offer warranty on any re-occurrence of re-infestation on the job we do.

We understand every need and concern you may have regarding your residential bat removal.

It doesn’t matter the severity level of a bat infestation in your home, our professional and experienced team can address them. We stand with our word and put your fear at ease.

Commercial Bat Removal

With our experience in commercial bat removal services, we’ve gathered reputation from strip malls, public utility buildings, clinics, libraries, apartment complexes, and more.


Want to book a consultation with one of our bat removal experts?

Our bat exclusion specialists adhere to safety and getting the job done right. The best and quickest way to reach out to our experts dedicated to your needs and type of project is to click the ’book a consultation button’ and complete some critical info about your property.



Do I need a bat control expert to get rid of bats?

Homeowners should be careful when it comes to the proofing and removal of bats  because bats can transmit the rabies virus. Bats are also contributors to rabies in wildlife.

If there are bats in your walls or attics, take them seriously. That’s because these warm-blooded animals are territorial and difficult to eradicate.

Doing Bat removal alone can be difficult. Save yourself the hassle and leave it to our team of bat control experts to handle the removal process. We understand that bat exclusion is the most effective way to eliminate bats from your home and business place. The humane approach we implement in our service involves carefully removing these bats without killing them. 

How can I prevent Bats from entering my home?

The best way to remove bats is through bat exclusion. If you’re looking for the most effective way to deter bats, bat proofing is the solution. SIA Wildlife Control uses proven bat removal techniques for lasting results.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, we can use bat valves that drive bats away and stop them from reentering your home. We can also sanitize your home, and replace attic insulation (when needed). In some cases, we perform annual routine inspections and maintenance to prevent future occurrence of bats infestation.


How Do You Remove Bats Outside Your Home?

If you’re looking for the best way to remove bats from your home’s outdoor space, you must first search your environment to get rid of possible bats and take possible steps to deter bats from invading your home.

Fill up empty holes and cracks around the home, garage, or any suspected location. Bats hang around dark caves during the day. So if your home has a suitable gap, bats may choose to nest and infest your property.

Prevent bats from invading your home with bat nets. If you need a one-stop solution to removing your bats, contact SIA Wildlife Control.


Contact SIA Wildlife Control

Bat infestations can cause a lot of problems – from health to property damage.

Every wildlife work is special and bat removal requires a special skill, materials, knowledge, and methods. We specialize in bat removal from hard locations like buildings, walls, sheds, attics, and more. Our expert wildlife technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and business places to remove the bat roost.

We’re able to customize your bat removal solutions to meet your needs. Book a consultation today and we’ll be happy to inspect your residence or commercial property.

Bat Removal Experts Are In Your City

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