Carpenter Bee Extermination

Carpenter bees have a unique ability to chew near perfect circles into wooden moldings, decks, door and window frames. Anything wooden really is susceptible to carpenter bees nasty nesting habits. Carpenter bee exterminators at SIA Wildlife Control find it simple locating carpenter bee nest sites due to their obvious bullet hole like appearance. In certain delicate structures, over time carpenter bees can do damage to the structural integrity of especially support wooden structures. Carpenter bees do not naturally pose a threat to humans in other ways except potentially if directly agitated.


Inspec the area

Locating the nest sites for carpenter bees is simple but a necessary first step for extermination


Treat the area

It’s easy to exterminate carpenter bees without the use of hardcore pesticides. Their bullet-like boring habits allow for mechanical treatments of the area combined with pesticides if necessary.


Choose the extermination

Trust SIA Wildlife Control pest control technicians to choose the most effective and eco-friendly manner to do your carpenter bee exterminations in Toronto.


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