Cockroach Removal in Toronto & the GTA

Cockroach Removal in Toronto & the GTA

Cockroaches are one of the world’s most common household pests. This is especially true in food preparation areas and in parts where sanitation is lacking. Most people consider them as carriers of germs. While they can transfer germs, the most serious medical problem associated with cockroaches is the allergic reaction many people have to their shed skin and droppings. Many people are embarrassed when they have a cockroach infestation in their home, but cockroaches can be found anywhere, not only in unclean places. These and many more are important reasons why cockroach removal services are very important. Let SIA Wildlife exterminate these pests for you and keep your Toronto home safe!

What Do Cockroaches Mean For Your Home

When you see a cockroach in your home, it is bad news. The visual sighting of cockroaches usually means that roach populations have exceeded the availability of food resources. That means you might have a lot of cockroaches in your home—a lot more than what would be expected from a fall invasion. It also could mean that you’ve had roaches for a very long period of time. Have you noticed an increase in sickness in your home? Sickness and cockroaches go hand to hand.

It is believed that the cockroach may be a reservoir for a range of bacteria including salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. The cockroach can also harbor viruses such as the poliovirus.

Like the household fly, the cockroach will eat virtually anything ranging from food spills on a kitchen floor to fecal matter. Ingested bacteria can survive in the cockroach’s digestive system, sometimes for months or even years, and are passed in its droppings. Cockroaches will vomit and defecate on food and it is thought that disease may be transmitted to humans when humans eat food contaminated by cockroaches.

Whether you have a few roaches leaving subtle signs or a large number of roaches leaving not-so-subtle signs, we can help you eliminate your roach infestation. Our trained experts at SIA Wildlife guarantee to eliminate any cockroach infestation and preserve the cleanliness of your Toronto home.

How To Remove Cockroaches From Your Home

To remove cockroaches from your Toronto home, you first need to know what attracts them. Cockroaches love warm, damp environments that contain plenty of food sources. Because cockroaches are scavengers, they can survive on almost anything—crumbs, cardboard, food scraps, etc. While stray food and grime can create desirable destinations for unwanted guests, sometimes the occasional roach can’t be avoided, due to the structure of your home or hidden cracks or openings that inevitably welcome pests inside.

Cockroaches make their nests in dark areas that go undisturbed for longer periods of time, like those spaces behind the refrigerator, beneath cabinets, all those forgotten corners or pantry shelves, and storage closets. These are places that can easily accumulate plenty of “food” for potential cockroach residents, and the low light appeals to their nocturnal preferences.

Once it is clear that cockroaches are in the house, you should act fast to get them out. Cockroaches can be dangerous because of the diseases and agitations they bring with them, along with their messes. To get rid of them, remove their ideal environment or take additional steps to kill them. Cockroaches are attracted to food and filth, so begin by cleaning the house and removing their potential food sources. They like hiding under appliances, within pipes and in the garbage, so seek out cockroaches in these locations and remove them.

You can place chemical store-bought baits on the ground and in spots where cockroaches have been seen. Sticky traps, glue board traps, and eco traps can all be placed around the home to lure and capture cockroaches. Pesticides such as boric acid can be an effective way to kill cockroaches.

Remember to be careful when doing these home remedies as some chemicals can be harmful to children and pets. Let our experts at SIA Wildlife help you out to remove cockroaches from your Toronto home fast and safely!

How To Prevent Cockroaches From Infesting or Returning To Your Home

Cockroaches are easier to prevent than exterminate. Understand cockroach habits and keep them from being attracted to your home or business by using simple, preventive measures.

Even the cleanest homes or buildings can be susceptible to cockroaches without prevention. Use these methods as a guide to stop cockroaches before they start infesting your Toronto home.

Cockroaches are most actively trying to get indoors when summer heat causes them to seek cooler hiding places or in fall to ride out the winter. They enter homes through cracks and crevices in doors, windows, and foundations. You can avoid an infestation by preventing the bugs from coming inside in the first place. Close gaps around windows and doors with weatherstripping and seal up cracks with caulk.

Clutter is a cockroach’s paradise. Trying to wipe down areas in and around non-essential items, especially in the kitchen, has the potential to curtail your best cleaning intentions. Simplify your space by designating storage places for small appliances and other elements that clutter countertops where food is prepared. Donate what you don’t use regularly and enjoy the ease of cleaning without moving around rarely-used items.

Cockroach prevention in the kitchen is one of the most effective ways to keep roaches away. Be vigilant about cleaning up spills and teach kids to do so, too. Keep cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaner, and paper towels at the ready. Take out garbage daily or store it in a sealed container. Unwashed dishes and bits of food left in the sink overnight are a chief source of food for roaches. Clean dishes daily, never leaving them in a sink overnight.

However, the best way to keeping your home cockroach-free is by calling a professional pest exterminator. SIA Wildlife’s team of highly-trained pest control experts ensures your Toronto home will be clean and roach-free without all the hassle!

Why Call SIA Wildlife For Cockroach Removal

If you have a legitimate roach problem, the first thing you should do is call us at SIA Wildlife. We’ll start by eliminating all potential hiding places, including the aforementioned dark corners and old cardboard. We will make sure that all drains are clear and functioning properly, so no standing water is available for roaches on the hunt for an oasis.

Our team will then conduct a survey of your home or the specific room or area where you see the most. If we spot any activity, we will seal cracks or possible entry points immediately. Roaches are actually able to flatten their bodies to fit through small spaces. The home pest control market is flooded with anti-roach products, but experts suggest staying away from sprays and using bait-style insecticide instead. So let us save you the hassle and let us handle the materials to use in cockroach removal!

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional cockroach control service like us is that we don’t use any kind of harmful chemicals in their procedure. They make use of only eco-friendly solutions which are completely safe for you and your family. You will receive a very safe pest control service when you hire a professional pest control company. Many homeowners use chemicals to kill roaches which is very harmful and can make the situation worse. So do not take any risk and get your cockroach control job done by professionals at SIA Wildlife!

While you may find it preferable to handle cockroach control by yourself, it is often recommended to hire the services of professional cockroach exterminators, such as SIA Wildlife. We certainly have a knack for handling these pests and will get rid of them fast and efficiently. Whether you resort to the use of bait or chemical sprays, professionals will maximize the success levels of the operation, Our pest control professionals will also raise the safety levels and provide an efficient approach to getting rid of the pests.

Hiring a professional cockroach control service saves you time and effort. It consumes a lot of time when you get down to control roaches on your own. Instead of wasting a lot of time on controlling roaches,  hire us to do it for you! We are well experienced to perform this job and finish the treatment within the estimated time.

During these unprecedented times, SIA Wildlife Control is committed to keeping homes and businesses throughout Toronto healthy, safe, and pest-free. SIA Wildlife is open and providing quality pest control services to keep invaders out of your home or business. SIA Wildlife offers expert treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control and prevent pests like ants from invading your home or business in Toronto. Our use of advanced pest control techniques focuses on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Cockroaches from the source. Through our battle-tested methods, pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Call SIA Wildlife today for your FREE assessment and get rid of those pesky cockroaches now!

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