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Professional mouse and mice control in Georgina, ON. SIA Wildlife Control has been a leading pest control and mice extermination service in Georgina since 2016. We are a company based on customer service, fast and safe execution of mouse and mice extermination services. Georgina is close to bodies of water, one being Lake Simco and surrounding rivers. As a result Georgina and surrounding cities have mice and rat infestations.

Mice and rats flourish near bodies of water, especially rats. In order to control rats, residents and property owners must maintain a clean environment externally and internally. Mice love foliage, so do rats. In fact rodents use it as insulating material and carry them to their nests along with other debris.

Speaking of debris, rats love rubble, if your backyard is filled with antiques and old broken furniture or item leaning against fences, these provide shelter. Often times rats can be found under leaning debris against fences and other objects.

To get mice under control in Georgina, you need professionals that know exactly how to and where to target mice and rats. SIA Wildlife Control provides mice control and rat control services to Georgina, ON; Keswick, Sutton, Jackson’s Point, Pefferlaw, Mount Albert, Port Bolster, Udora, Willow Beach, Balfour Beach, Gilford Beach and surrounding cities such as Innisfil, Cookstown and Barrie.

Some other pests that we control include; Cockroach Control, Ant Control, Wasp Control, Spider Control, Bee Control and general Crawling Insect Control. We proudly offer our services to residential homes, condo’s and businesses. Learn more at our mouse extermination page. Give our pest control team a call at 647-220-2728 to inquire or to get in touch with a mouse exterminator.

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Are you looking for a service that closes mice and mouse entry points into your home? Consider reading our “Do you close mice entry points” post before making the decision.

Mice are nocturnal, they are more likely to be active at night hours when you will be sleeping. Usually evidence of mice is found in the morning when you find a chewed fruit, plastic bag containing rice, bird feed or grass seeds. In order to get rid of mice, you’ll need to look for areas where they have left their droppings and areas where they have chewed on food.

To get rid of mice the best way a homeowner or property manager can do that is by placing live or death traps. The route is a personal preference in which way you may want to proceed. But the idea is to diminish the mice population until you no longer catch any more mice in the infested area of a property.

There are mice baits available on the market and can be sold in contemporary stores that you can use for your traps. If that’s not an option, the safest bait for mice is crunchy peanut butter, it has been a solution since the invention of peanut butter itself. If you are considering taking this route to get rid of mice on your own, then continue reading where we detail out the mouse extermination tips.

Rat Vs Mouse

Before we continue, it’s important to clarify the difference between a rat and a mouse when it comes to getting rid of your rodent problem. It’s important to distinguish the difference between the two, so you don’t waste your time with the wrong type of trap. Because what works for mice, won’t necessarily work for rats, as rats are larger and stronger and need stronger traps to capture or exterminate them.

The common house mouse is small, it can reach 2.5 to 4 inches with a tail that’s a similar length. A female house mouse will have approximately 8 pregnancies in it’s life time, giving birth to 4-16 mice each time. The life expectancy of a mouse life-cycle is 2-3 years. They propagate extremely fast and quickly infest a property before you know it.

Rats are hard to control, in Georgina, the Norwegian rats can be quite big. Their bodies can be 16 inches in length with a tail that’s about 8-9 inches long. So the difference is quite big between rats vs mice. A rat will weigh roughly 26 times more than a mice.


Now that you know the difference, you’ll be able to better purchase the right traps for your mouse extermination in these tips. When you are targeting mice or rats, it’s best to use snap traps or live traps, glue traps are also useful for mice. It’s recommended to regularly monitor and service these traps as you continue to catch mice in your traps. If you forget about your traps, you’ll find out pretty quickly after a few days!

This process can be very tedious and will take time to see results, but it is an economically suitable choice if you don’t want to hire a mice exterminator. The best way for mouse extermination however, is to hire licensed professionals that will use top grade rodenticides to exterminate mice/mouse and rats. SIA Wildlife Control has comprehensive mouse extermination plans for your property to effectively and affordably exterminate mice and rat rodents.

Hiring professionals is a much faster and safer way to control mice Georgina area. Our team can help you understand the process and book you an appointment today!

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Should you do your own mice treatment? If you live in Canada, you may or may not know that professionals require licensing to acquire and provide mice control services. The Ministry Of Environment (MOE) monitors and controls pesticides in order to protect the environment and people in Canada from the misuse of pesticides. Therefore you will not be able to purchase regulated and potent pesticides from contemporary stores.

As a result, over the counter pesticides are largely ineffective for DIY mice control. The outcome of most DIY mouse control jobs turn into stronger and even immune rodents.

While it’s perfectly fine that you do your own mice control using traps, it’s not recommended to use poison from contemporary stores. Misuse and unmonitored use of pesticides may lead to rodent immunization to the active ingredient. The active ingredient is the chemical formulation that is responsible for killing mice and rats.

This means that mice and rats will build up resistance to the chemical that kills them, and will become nearly or completely immune to pesticides in the future. In this event, even pro’s like us will have a difficult time controlling your rodent problem.


Mice Control in Georgina, ON can cost between $250-$350+ depending on the size of the home and company that you call. Thankfully, we are a local mice pest control company near you and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay on the phone before you hire us!


Tired of getting nowhere with your attempts to control your own mice? If your traps and hard work haven’t given you the results you are looking for, we can help! Let us take the burden off your shoulder and help you live in a home with no rodents. SIA Wildlife Control has the best mouse control service in Keswick and Georgina, you’ll be satisfied with the results, guaranteed!

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