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What does it take for professional pest control exterminators to provide an effective mice control Markham service? New Markham homes can be as infested as older homes. SIA Wildlife Control technicians are trained and understand routes that a mouse would take to enter your home.

Locating these areas and understanding their role in a pest control environment is detrimental to getting a satisfying mouse extermination result. Mouse control Markham can be achieved by minimizing access to food, cleaning after meals and bait placement.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to SIA Wildlife Control. Our goal is to use multiple methods of mice control to solve infestations faster and more effective than the competition. We provide a variety of pest control services in Markham; Mouse ControlAnt controlwasp controlbee control, cockroach controlraccoon removalsquirrel removal and more.

Are you looking to close mouse holes and entry points into your home? Read our “Do you close mouse entry points” post before you make a decision! For effective extermination solutions and our guaranteed service, contact one of our pest control experts today.

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Why choose pest control services for mice?

You may be asking yourself why you should hire a professional pest control company for your mice control problem. The answer is quite simple, yet most people are not aware of it. The pesticides that are available in contemporary stores are not potent enough to solve infestations.

In Canada most products that may potentially harm the environment, people, pets or properties are under licensing restrictions for acquisition or use. Sellers must have a vendor license, companies must have an operators license and technicians must have an exterminators license in order to operate in Canada.

Using your own pesticides, especially improperly, can lead to pests or mice building up immunity to the active ingredient that exterminates the pest.

Without proper monitoring and application of pesticides you may end up making your mice infestation harder to control in the future. With mice control, it’s about quality and not quantity. Leave the risks and hard work to professionals who are trained to handle it.

Have you received a quote that’s too good to be true? Ask questions in regards to your service provider being licensed to carry out your pest control needs. Better yet, call professionals you know and trust. SIA Wildlife Control provides affordable mice control services to Markham industrial, commercial and residential units.

How much does it cost to get rid of mice in walls?

Mice control service prices vary based on a variety of factors. Home or business size is the first question pest control companies ask when they are giving a quote. It’s important to estimate the amount of traps, rodenticides and other means of control for the quotation.

Secondly the location of the city for the home or business that needs pest control services is considered. Most companies will need to cover kilometers, gas and time for the mice extermination service.

A mice exterminator or pest control company may charge between $250-350 for an average sized home. Some companies offer reduced retreatment costs after the first treatment.

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What is the best pest control for mice?

For mouse control the first step is inspection. Identifying and addressing problems that attract mice into an area of a home is the most important step. Relocating, sealing away and keeping food sources away from problem areas are part of the first step. When you have removed all the food sources you can then begin to control mice using multiple methods of control.

Placing capture traps can help you capture and eliminate mice in delicate areas such as kitchens or food preparation surfaces. Monitoring and service for these traps is important to keep hygiene and sanitation in check. Traps should be serviced monthly.

If there are obvious external sites where mice are squeezing into the property, those areas should also be addressed to reduce infestation. Although it is nearly impossible to stop mice completely, this can be a helpful step in mice control.

Finally and especially in larger infestations the use of top quality rodenticides can help eliminate large amounts of mice. Since mice travel up to 25 feet to scavenge for food, this method works really well to attract mice out of walls and voids for extermination. Attic mice control in Markham can also be achieved with the best results using rodenticides for full control of the property.

How do professionals get rid of mice?

Licensed exterminators must make judgement calls to safely get rid of mice in homes and businesses. There are regulations and limitations to the use of pesticides especially those of foodery establishments.

An exterminator will carry out an inspection in which she/he may find mice entry points into an area and place traps or pesticides. The extermination method is up to the discretion of the exterminator to find the most efficient and safest way to achieve total mice control.

Most homes in Markham with mouse problems will need treatments for mice in common areas; basements, garages, kitchens and attics. Exterminators will check these areas to look for evidence of mice activity before treating them with traps, rodenticides or both.

Do you suspect mice are in your attic?

Inspections can reveal mice activity and other underlying issues in the attic

Sometimes a septic pipe cover is damaged and mice are getting in. A pest control technician can locate these areas through an inspection of your attic. Give us a call to book an inspection for your home.

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