Mice Control In Newmarket, Ontario

Mice Control

As a licensed pest control company, SIA Wildlife Control dabbles in mice control issues in Newmarket, Ontario and Toronto GTA . Most Newmarket homes, businesses and construction sites are guaranteed to hold some level of mice infestation.

Though mice are seen as a common pest, they reproduce in the area they inhabit quite rapidly. It’s always a good idea for homes and businesses to have an IPM (integrated pest management) program. IPM’s help businesses and homes to fight and avoid mice infestations.

Some Newmarket areas, especially areas closest to bodies of water may also have rat control issues. Mice and rats are a common removal service in Newmarket, ON.

Our pest control team understands that mice are a pest that flourish within confined spaces of a home; walls, attics, basement ceilings, kitchen cabinets and anywhere with tiny gaps and access into the home.

In order to exterminate mice, professional pest exterminators in Newmarket & elsewhere use these areas to provide mice extermination and control services.

SIA Wildlife Control provides affordable mice control services in Newmarket to homes, construction and commercial units. We provide free estimation over the phone for any pest issues on or in your property.

Find out more information about our mice extermination service or other effective removal services such as wasp extermination; wasp nest removal, ant extermination, cluster flies control, Asian lady beetle control and insect control.

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Pest Control Near Me

You probably typed “pest control near me” or “Newmarket pest control” to find a solution to your pest problem; ant controlwasp controlmice controlrat control services. Google has found you a reliable service you can rely on for affordable pest control solutions for your home.

Our mice control commitment to our clients are to use mechanical, environmental and safe pesticides to rid them of pests. We use environmentally safe pesticides when necessary to knock out large infestations and then resort to long term control methods.

SIA Wildlife Control services GTA (The Greater Toronto Area). We operate out of Keswick and Newmarket and our mobile team is always on the move. This way you’ll always have a pest control company near you, whether you’re in Newmarket or elsewhere in York Region or GTA.

When should I call pest control for mice?

Generally, the rule is, when you see one mouse in your home or office, there is probably a lot more. In the best case scenario if you stumble upon a new invasive mice group, it’s best to hire control services before they propagate.

A single mouse will have a batch of babies roughly 8 times in its lifetime. Mice generally stay close to the area they are born in and scavenge for food in a short range of that location; approximately 25 feet, rarely more.

New mice are born within that range and newer ones from that new range, effectively using this route to take over and infest a home or property.

If you have spotted a mouse in your home or business, there is no better time to call for professional and affordable mice control services. The more you wait for pest control, the bigger the pest problem you’ll end up with. With mice, acting quicker means less control service is required to control the infestation.

Need to take back control of your home from mice?

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How do professionals get rid of mice?

Mice control professionals get rid of mice using environmental, mechanical, rodenticides and other means when ridding mice from your Newmarket property. The idea is to reduce the amount of pesticides used by doing as much of other means of control to avoid pesticide immunity build up. It’s also safer for the environment.

When the infestation is extreme, pest control professionals get rid of mice using monitoring and control with the highest quality of rodenticides available in the industry.

Many clients ask mice control technicians to close mouse entry points into their homes and businesses. While closing entry points helps slightly, sometimes insignificantly, it’s important to understand why. Read our “Do you close mouse entry points?” post to learn what it takes to actually stop mice in their tracks and if it’s worth it.

How do I control mice in my house?

Licensed pest control companies and technicians have access to pesticides which are otherwise unavailable to the public. If you are considering doing your own mice control using products from contemporary stores it’s best to talk to a professional first. In most cases improperly placing pesticides will make your mice problem harder to solve in the future by rodents building up immunity to the product and other restricted products.

This outcome makes it even more difficult for pest control professionals to solve your Newmarket mouse extermination problem in the future.

I hear noises in the walls is it mice?

Noise in the walls can be mice or a number of different pests. Noises in the walls can be mice, bats, birds, squirrels or even raccoons.

Location is important. It’s important to know, that in most cases, raccoons don’t fit inside a wall except in some abnormally wider wall frames. Most raccoons fit inside the attic. Other wildlife like squirrels, bats, mice, birds can be inside a wall.

If you are hearing noises inside ceiling fans close to the outer edge of the wall, it could be birds or squirrels. This type of noise is probably from the animals getting into the ceiling fan venting.

Sometimes raccoons end up in the basement ceiling through gaps in the foundation or improperly made homes where decks conceal access to the basement ceiling.

Mice are however the most dominant noise makers in the walls from their distinguishable scratching. Mouse noises can also be misinterpreted as bat noises, though they are much different. Bats tend to tap on surfaces as they crawl, while mice will scratch these surfaces.

For a more detailed noises description, check out our noise specific blog, covering mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels.

Identifying what animals are causing the noise will better help you determine what Newmarket pest control service you need.

How much does it cost to control mice?

To get a quote for mice services, contact SIA Wildlife Control Newmarket online or over the phone.

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