Mice Control In Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mice Control

Controlling mice in Richmond Hill is a job best left to professional pest control companies that deal with pest issues on a daily basis. SIA Wildlife Control provides free estimates over the phone for a variety of pest problems. Our pest control team operates out of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities.

Mouse related problems in Richmond Hill extend from home to home, sometimes without the residents knowledge. Although most people think they have a mouse problem only after seeing a mouse, the truth is almost every structure has some degree of a mouse problem.

Mice control Richmond Hill is a high density removal service for the food sector, businesses and rental homes. Living habits can lead to a higher mouse infestation levels and it is a topic that SIA Wildlife Control technicians educate clients about in every visit.

SIA Wildlife Control technicians carry out a full home or business inspection to locate mice entry points into structures and provide a detailed IPM (Integrated pest management) program. In these programs technicians detail the treatment frequency, mouse solutions, methods of mice control, amount of pesticide use along with mechanical trap use.

Are you looking to block mouse entry points into your home or business? Have a look at our “Do you close mouse entry points?” post before you make a decision to mice proof your property. Unsure about noises you hear in the attic? this post “I hear noises in my attic” can help you identify if you have a mice infestations in your Richmond Hill property.

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How Do Pest Control Professionals Get Rid Of Mice?

Pest control professionals start any mice removal job with an inspection. It’s important to locate areas where mice frequent and their excrements. Mice droppings give information about mouse travel patterns and location of their nests. Using this information, exterminators develop a pest management plan to exterminate mice in their nests and surrounding areas.

Extermination methods can be a combination of educating tenants, placing live or kill traps and distributing regulated rodenticides in safe tamper resistant bait boxes. Tenant education can be small changes in their daily routines to make the home unfavorable to mice.

This method bundled together with traps at mice frequented areas like kitchen cabinets along with top grade pesticides inside attics, basements, garages and other infested areas will decimate a mouse problem into a desirable living space.

Care should be taken not to overly use pesticides and to use only a necessary amount of pesticides combined with other means to gain control of the house. Excessive and improper use of pesticides can have a negative outcome, such as rodent immunity to pesticides.

professional pest control companies like SIA Wildlife Control employ experienced and trained technicians to do the job right. Get in touch with our pest control team in Richmond Hill to control your mouse problem with a satisfaction guarantee!

How Much Does Pest Control Cost For Mice?

One pest control company charges differently for mice than another. Mice control costs can vary based on a variety of conditions; Kilometers, gas, size of property, time and degree of mice infestation.

Generally speaking, the larger an infestation the more traps, sticky pads, rodenticides and tamper proof bait stations are used to control mice. However, for an average home of approximately 1500-2000 square feet the average industry standard pest control cost will be around $250-$350.

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How To Control Mice In The Garage?

Professionals locate entry points made or used by mice around the garage and treat these areas with bait boxes and mechanical traps. Traps and bait boxes need regular service in order to continue to serve their purpose and control mice entry into the garage and attic.

Garage is an important entry point for a home, often times gaps in the structure lead into the walls and attic of the main home. In order to get a full control over mice, garage pest control plays a large part in mouse control.

Can I Do My Own Mouse Control?

Although you can do your own mouse control it is ill-advised to do so. professional grade pesticides require licensing to acquire and be used in Canada which is otherwise unavailable to the public. Contemporary stores can only sell “watered down” versions of certain active ingredients to the general public.

Using these pesticides improperly or inefficiently can quickly turn your mice into pesticide resistant and immune rodents. When this happens it becomes even harder and sometimes impossible to control your mice problem even when you call professionals!

If you want to control your own mice infestation, then it is best to only use mechanical means (i.e snap traps, glue traps). If you find that using snap traps is not yielding the results you are looking for, call professionals to exterminate your mice!

Do you suspect mice are in your attic?

Inspections can reveal mice activity and other underlying issues in the attic

Sometimes a septic pipe cover is damaged and mice are getting in. A pest control technician can locate these areas through an inspection of your attic. Give us a call to book an inspection for your home.


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