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Did you know that mice can live, feed, breed, and thrive in the insulated area of your home for many years without your consent? 

The presence of mice in your home can threaten the health and safety of your family.

 On the other hand, mice in your business place can make employees uncomfortable or scare customers away. 

These tiny little rodents can crawl from the walls and find their way into the attic. 

If you notice one or two mice around, there’s possibly plenty of them in your home or close to your home. 

The bad news is that a single mouse, if not removed, can become an infestation within a short time. 

At SIA Wildlife Control, we can help with the following mice problems: 

  • Mice in the Attic
  • Mice Control
  • Mice Exterminator
  • Mice Infestation
  • Mice Removal
  • Mice Trapping


Mice in the Attic

Did you frequently notice any scratching noise or squeaking sound at night ? 

You probably have unwanted guests living within your attic. 

Apart from disrupting your night rest, Mice carries several diseases that can harm you and your family. 

Even after removing the mice, the residual urine and dust can be contaminated and cause several health problems. 

At SIA Wildlife Control, our certified mice control experts are trained to access every nook and cranny of your home to remove every mice inhabiting your home.  

Not only do we exterminate the mice from your home, but we also take necessary measures to prevent their return. 

We won’t leave you with the damages caused by these mice. Instead, we’ll develop a strategy to restore your home and resolve the damages that the mice have caused. 

We eliminate the foul odors, dispose of the wastes, and restore your attic health. In addition, we’re able to repair and replace any damage caused to the insulation. 

To protect you and your family, contact an expert at SIA Wildlife Control to get rid of every mouse in your home. 

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What Damage Can Mice Cause To The Home  ?

Because mice can access your attic through pipes, ventilation ducts, and chimneys, these tiny little rodents can cause a lot of damages including; 

  • Destroying attic insulation, doubling electric bills
  • Leaving stains, urine, dropping and foul smell all over their dwellings 
  • Chewing electrical wires for potential electric hazards like fire 
  • Gnawing on pipes and wooden materials 
  • Destroying materials in the attic 
  • Poisoning human food through their urine 


What Are The Major Health Hazards Caused By Mice?

Mice infestation can be risky to your family’s health. 

These rodents can urinate and defecate in sensitive areas of the home like the food store. 

In addition, the bacteria in their paws and fur can come in contact with utensils, countertops, and appliances; and result in health hazards like:

  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Lyme disease 
  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonellosis


How Do You Protect Your Home Against Mice?

Mice are extremely smart and persistent. But there are ways to prevent them from inhabiting your home;

  • Store food in metal or glass material 
  • Always wipe off cooking grease or spilled food around the kitchen 
  • Always cover up pet foods especially those left outside 
  • Fix any form of water leak 
  • Get rid of bird feeders 
  • Trim back tree branches, shrubs, and vines. 
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your home’s interior and exterior 

Residential Mice Control in Ontario, Toronto

At SIA Wildlife Control, our experts use the most effective tools to ensure that we remove every mouse in your home for good. 

And that’s because mice can be destructive to homes even with their tiny bodies. 

Being able to squeeze into the tiniest area, mice strive in places with readily available water, shelter, and food. 

These rodents are smart. They can go undetected for a lot of time after damaging the attic. 

This can result in mice infestation. So to prevent infestation, contact SIA Wildlife Control service being the mice control leader that we are. 

After detecting potential signs of mice hiding in your attic, contact us to resolve your rodent issue. 

Our team will quickly reach your home to remove the mice, clean off the mess, and repair the damages the mice left behind. 

Some of our processes include attic insulation and restoration to restore your attic health.

Our experts understand that mice control goes far beyond setting traps. 

We’ll start by assessing your home to detect how the mice enter your home. 

We’ll work with you to create a customized plan to get rid of the mice while modifying their habitat to where they cannot thrive.

Lastly, we’ll remove all the damages caused by these mice. 

Because your home is your earthly heaven and your business location is where you source for your livelihood, be careful of the kind of wildlife removal company service that you use. 

Commercial Mice Control in Ontario, Toronto

When mice invade your place of business, problems arise. Even the sight of mice can scare customers away, while serious infestation can impact your business negatively and last for as long as possible – which is why business owners in Ontario can take advantage of the top quality commercial mice control service from SIA Wildlife Control. 

Mice can spread disease to you, your employees, and customers while destroying inventory and property.

Mice scare away tenants, cut down employee morale, and create a negative impression of your business. 

And as soon as mice enter your place of business, their negative effects will continue to increase as long as they’re left untreated. 

Mice Control In Toronto – What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to pest control, we take our processes seriously. We keep them as professional as possible to prevent the disruption of your home and businesses. 

Give us a call today or book a free consultation. 

Why Choose SIA Wildlife Control For Mice Control

Simply put experience and expertise. We’ve been around for a while! 

Plus, our team members are industry-leading experts – including experiences in entomology – so our service goes beyond exterminating. 

If you hate mice, we can be your superhero. 

We design our mice control service with 3 promises in mind; 

To deliver results!

We drive our results through the right systems designed around hiring the best experts, never taking shortcuts, engaging customers, and post-service visits. 

To get the job done on time! 

Most mice control companies claim that they can remove mice from your attic. That’s more to the claims. We know just how important it is to reach your home on time, get the job done, and bill accordingly. 

To customize our service in accordance with your needs! 

We work with you to customize our mice control service to meet your home and business needs – all within budget. 

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Mice exterminator in city of Toronto

How We Treat Mice

When mice enter your home, it can become difficult to prevent them from damaging your attic. 

If you don’t deal with a mouse infestation immediately, a small number of mice can turn into a massive army of mice within a few weeks. 

While DIY mouse traps are a popular option among homeowners, they work but don’t address the root cause of the infestation. 

Hire a team of mice exterminators at SIA Wildlife Control to get rid of the entire mice in your home.

We exterminate mice infestation using the following process; 

1. Inspection

We carefully inspect every accessible area of your homes such as roof voids, inside crevices, and walls. 

But first and foremost, we try to understand the root cause of the mice issue. This will help us choose the right pest control strategy for you. 

2. Treatment

We have a variety of amazing treatment methods. 

From using traps and baits, tracking powders and mice bait formulations to electronic rodent repellents – our process is easy and seamless. 

Careful execution is critical to prevent hurting nature. We place mice bait in secure locations of your property. 

Rodent baiting in plastic traps is the most effective way of eliminating mice infestations. 

A sticky glue trap is another great option but it requires prompt monitoring. 

3. Prevention

Apart from treatment, we also provide preventive measures to keep mice away from your environment. 

As you probably know, rodents survive in a dirty environment. To prevent their breeding, make sure you clean your environment and remove all sources of food and water. 

Our friendly and professional team will provide a mice preventive solution tailored to your environment. 


What is the best way to get rid of mice? 

Mice control requires the combined approach of removing the rodents and getting rid of their ability to access your home. The mice control process is not easy because mice are smart and adaptable rodents. Most time, rat and mouse removal will require using traps, poisons, and repellants simultaneously. 

When should you contact a mice exterminator? 

It’s best to contact a mice exterminator immediately when you notice their presence. 

Mice can be difficult to exterminate once they gain access to a home. Their breeding is also rapid. 

Inspecting infested places and getting rid of dead mice requires a certain expertise level.

Exterminators are required to understand the behaviors and tendencies of mice. 

A rodent exterminator is trained to control mice infestation and reduce the risk of property damage and potential health issues. 

Are poisons the most effective way to get rid of rodents?

When you notice the presence of mice in a house, poison is the first thing that comes to mind. 

While poisons are super effective, they can come with a potential downside. Mature rodents may not fall for this trick and may not eat the poison. 

In addition, poisons can be risky to pets and even people that mistakenly come in contact with them. Pets that bite or eat the poisoned mice can get poisoned too. 

Poison alone won’t eliminate the entire mice. 

The best way to get rid of them is by using multiple removal methods. 

You also need to block potential access points, or else more mice will replace the ones you kill. 

What If Mice Traps And Poison Don’t Work?

While some mice may take the poison and die, a few may struggle to get inside. 

This may create the impression that the traps and poison don’t work even when they work. 

If this is true, then you should study how mice enter the home and how you can seal those entry points. 

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