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In 2016 SIA Wildlife Control was founded and has since been providing exceptional and beyond wildlife removal; raccoon removal, squirrel removal and pest control services in Newmarket. Our trained technicians excel at pest identification and removal Newmarket, ON and the GTA. We use an integrated pest management program for every pest problem we encounter to provide safe, insured and accurate removal of pest problems.

Our goal is to avoid the use of unnecessary pesticides and when used, to be used correctly with other means to make our clients pest free. Most pest problems that home owners face in Newmarket are ants, wasps, mice, rats, cockroaches, raccoons and squirrels. We have trained pest control technicians that provide hassle free and comprehensive pest removal and control in Newmarket to homes and businesses.

Raccoon removal is done using one-way doors. Entry points made by raccoons can sometimes cause water damage in the attic. In most raccoon removal cases, repairs may be necessary post-work to ensure there is no leakage in the roof. Our technicians will make sure your home is safe! That’s why our raccoon removal pro’s always offer inspection reports before starting any job. You can rest assured that your Newmarket property is in professional hands.

One of the major nuisance wildlife problems in Newmarket is raccoons. Understanding raccoon behavior in our raccoon removal daily jobs has made us target and remove raccoons from homes and businesses in Newmarket with astonishing success. Each technician at SIA Wildlife Control is trained to know how raccoon removal via one-way door works and to carry out a thorough inspection of the attic and roof. Raccoons enter the attic of homes and businesses through roof attachments (vents, pipes, junctions, roofline etc).

We know how raccoons can damage homes, insulation and the attic over their occupation of the attic. Our team works hard every day to bring the best in class raccoon removal Newmarket services to your area. Give us a call for your safe, insured and accurate removal of any wildlife pests.

Squirrel Removal Newmarket

Squirrel removal in Newmarket, Ontario is done through the use of squirrel one-way doors. When our technicians locate squirrel shelter entry points, we ensure to put mesh barriers generously over the damage attached with a one-way door. This method allows squirrels to humanely exit the attic, and shuts them out for good! This way of removing squirrels is guaranteed for two years.

Next to raccoons, squirrels are the next wildlife nuisance issue that most homes in Newmarket face. What makes squirrel removal Newmarket the most common problem during a given year? Squirrels have their babies twice in a year which makes them seek out shelter in homes more frequently than raccoons. SIA Wildlife Control technicians use their experience gained through pest and wildlife control to provide squirrel removal Newmarket services.

Who do I call for squirrel removal in my attic?

We seek only to better our success and name and provide the best wildlife control services in the Greater Toronto Area. Give us a call and find out how we can help you with your squirrel removal and find out why we are top of the line wildlife control service for your needs.

What to expect when you hire SIA Wildlife Control & pest control services?

  • Identification of your pest or wildlife problem.
  • A complete inspection of the roof, attic, home interior and exterior to identify all pest problems and damages.
  • On site quotation from our pest control experts that details the job scope, necessary pesticides or wildlife removal methods.
  • Safe, insured and accurate pest removal services with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Two years warranty on all raccoon removal, squirrel removal and wildlife removal physical work.
  • Fully equipped technicians for the job and licensed to carry out the pest extermination newmarket.


We are a respected and trusted company in Newmarket. Our punctuality, professionalism, knowledge and responsibility, along with a furious persistence to get rid of pests, has gained us a trusted name in the pest control & wildlife removal services industry among homeowners. You can see it in our customer reviews from across the web.

Pest control Newmarket services made easy, contact us if you have pests that need to be removed by pest experts today!

What are the benefits of professional wildlife Removal Newmarket?

Some property owners think they are capable of wildlife removal from their home. It does, however, requires experience, education and specialized tools. Being a self proclaimed animal control owner may get you into troubles. The animal can be sick, or animal like skunk can spray you, and trust us, not even your close home friend would want to be near you. And even if you succeed, there is a high chance of an animal coming back, they simply like your place! 😉

When you hire a trusted animal control professional, you ensure the wildlife is removed safely and kept from returning. Choose SIA Wildlife Control to remove an animal or pests with skilled and humane techniques.

And no matter what kind of wildlife removal services you require, SIA Wildlife is equipped & specialized to remove nuisance, as well as dead wildlife.

Other Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Services In Newmarket

Meet Our Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Team In Newmarket

SIA Wildlife Control Newmarket pest exterminators and wildlife removal experts are busy serving customers in your area today. Our professional team provides raccoon removal and squirrel removal services in all major cities in York Region and in the Greater Toronto Area. Some pest control services areas include; Newmarket, Georgina, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Stouffville, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and anywhere in between!

If you have an unwanted animal or pest anywhere on your property, call SIA Wildlife today at 647-715-6262.

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