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Wasp removal servicesWasps are pollinators and beneficial insects. 

We need them to pollinate our fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

On the flip side, Wasp stings send more than half a million people to the hospital every year. 

When wasps build their nest far away from buildings, that’s fine. But when their nest develops in places where humans dwell, then there’s a potential danger. 

A professional wasp exterminator can help residents and business owners get rid of wasps safely and carefully. 

If you’re struggling to get these stinging insects away from your home or business place, wasp exterminators at SIA Wildlife Control will be happy to help. 

We’ll inspect your home and remove the wasps to keep your family safe and secure. 

We also pretreat your home to create an environment that discourages wasps from thriving. 

Our Special Approach To Wasp Control

Using the help of an expert exterminator to remove wasps is the best removal option even if you’re comfortable getting rid of them on your own. 

Wasps are tricky insects; they build their nest in hidden places such as the home’s wall, the ground, and difficult to reach areas. 

How SIA Wildlife Control Works

We follow a 4 process approach to get rid of your wasp: 


We’ll thoroughly inspect your property. From checking the ground, and checking for nests around the eaves to inspecting the trees and bushes, our processes are professional. 

Our first goal is to detect every nest and identify the wasp species (paper wasp, yellow jacket, hornet) troubling your home or business place. This will help us understand how to eliminate them for good. 

Knock Down Nests

We’ll treat the nests with an aerosol spray. 

The best time to spray is at night because this is when wasps are less aggressive. Also, it is the time of the day when they’re all at home. 

Once we kill most of the wasps or send them away, we’ll have the nest removed. The waiting period typically takes about 24 hours. 

Destroy Emerging Wasps

We’ll spray void areas with insecticides to destroy emerging wasps and prevent their return. This insecticide will continue to destroy wasps for more than 6 months. 

Remove Future Nesting Areas

We’ll spray the wasps with residual liquid insecticides. Not only does this treatment control wasps but it also stops them from building nests.


Locate Wasp Nest

Locate the wasp nest and assess quantity and risk


Exterminate Wasp Nest

Approach the wasp nest and colony with the appropriate treatment to remove all wasps


Clean Up And Remove Wasp Nest

When it is safe to do so, remove the nest to prevent future nesting on the site!

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Wasp Extermination – Why Choose SIA Wildlife Control

wasps in nestWe help people like you remove unwanted pests like wasps. 

As such, we pride ourselves as the best pest control service in Toronto and its environs, promising excellent service, value, and reliability. 


After inspecting your home or office building for wasps infestation, we’ll prepare a quote within your need and budget. 


We’re happy when you are. So if you’re not satisfied with our wasps removal service, we can make it right. 


We understand that you trust us enough to exterminate the wasps in your home so we’ll treat you and your project with respect. 

How Long Can We Keep Wasps Away From Your Home & Business?

Wasps can be controlled for a period of 90 days in most likeable areas they choose to nest. Within the first 30 days they can be controlled vigorously lasting until 60 days where the protection begins to fade with very little effect towards the 90th day. Another barrier may be necessary to keep you wasp free for the entire summer!

DIY Wasp removal 

wasp nest exterminationPoison and pesticides can be dangerous for humans and animals that feed on them. So do not spray chemicals indoors. 

Don’t knock down a nest If you have an allergy to stinging insects. 

 Wasps are dangerously unpredictable pests. Don’t be tempted to knock down their nest even if it looks like they’re dead. If the nest is bigger than your fist size, then the solution is bigger than what you can handle.  Use the help of a professional.


Should I treat wasps on my own? 

You can treat wasps on your own but we usually don’t recommend this. 

Removing aggressive insects like wasps requires special skills. Yellow Jackets and hornets are the most challenging to remove (and even more dangerous). 

But if you want to get rid of them on your own, be careful. 

Always follow the safety protocol standard like treating the nest in the evening. Wear a wasp suit covered at the ankle, wrists, and collar. 

When Can SIA Wildlife Control Treat The Wasps In My Home?

We understand how scary the sight of a wasp nest can be especially if you’re allergic to their stings. 

So we try to get rid of wasp nests from your home within 24 hours. If you stumble upon paper wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets, kindly contact us today. 

After removing the wasps, any other activity? 

Sure, for up to 24 hours, you’ll notice forage wasps trying to get back into their nest which will no longer be there.

 This may cause them to become more aggressive.  Stay away from this area for the mean time until these stinging insects disappear. 

To book an appointment for your wasp removal, call us. 

How Does SIA Wildlife Control Remove Bees, Hornets, And Wasps?

In addition to the methods listed above, SIA Wildlife Control will use any of the methods below to get rid of a nuisance colony. 

Swarm tripping traps a swarm before it moves into a place where the insect enters and becomes difficult to access.

 This preventive measure involves creating traps to lure the wasps away from potential nesting spots. 

Colony removal is the best solution for a well-established colony. This is more important if they’ve dominated an area such as near playgrounds or in a building. The nest must be completely removed to prevent another pest from invading the area. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Wasps, Bees, And Hornets? 

Depending on the colony size, it may take up to 3 days (or even longer) to fully get the wasps eliminated. 

Wait for 7 days for the bees to completely die off. 

Wasps should completely die between 1-3 days. If you continue to see hornets or wasps in the treated area, there’s a chance that a new group wants to create a new nest. 

If this happens, SIA Wildlife can help you find ways to stop these new colonies from taking over your home or place of business again. 

How Do I Detect A Wasp Problem?

While seeing flying insects daily is normal, most especially here in Toronto; GTA, there are certain ways you can discover when wasps are becoming a pain in the neck. 

Check out a few signs to watch out for: 

Swarming insects show different behavior than the normal bee that buzzes back and forth, especially during summer.

 If you see a large group of flying insects dominating an area, especially if they sting people or pets around, there’s probably a colony or swarm around. 

These nests are usually made of mud or paper and are located under shreds, eaves, or on a tree limb. 

Muds or sawdust outside a tunnel can be a sign of wasps. 

If you see any daubs of mud, chewed wood, get in touch with us to access the cause of the problem. 

If you have issues with wasps, bees, and hornets infestation, contact SIA Wildlife Control for a solution. 

What If Another Wasp Colony Forms Again?

Don’t worry! We’ll be back in your home or office. If you’re worried about the stinging insect invading your home, contact us. 

SIA Wildlife Control will work with you to meet your needs, address any problem, and remove any nests lately. 

We Can Help! 

Our years of experience and professional team will help us treat your wasp invasion problem with safety and expertise. At SIA Wildlife Control,  we approach our customer’s issues with a customized environmentally sensitive solution. 

So whether you need wasp extermination in your residence or commercial building, we’re happy to help. 

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