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Wasps tend to be more than just a nuisance pest, they can sting unsuspecting children, pets and adults. This trait makes wasps a high ranking nuisance pest in Toronto. Wasps are born, raised and work only for the colony much like ants. Outdoors, wasps tend to mind their own business but they can be devastating when the nest feels threatened. Although to some it may be curiosity but approaching the nest can alert the wasps and cause an unprovoked attack. Do you have wasps in your property? SIA Wildlife Control deals with wasps like no other! We save you from having to do the dirty work and risk getting stung by wasps. Our equipped wasp exterminators in Toronto have powered backpack sprayers to reach the high peaks to get the job done.

Wasp Extermination Toronto Chart

  • % Of Wasps Exterminated
Wasp Extermination Chart is a rough representation of the top wasp extermination products in the market with a long residual and powerful knockdown effect.

Pest Control Toronto – Wasps


Locate Wasp nest

Locate the wasp nest and assess quantity and risk


Exterminate wasp nest Select pesticide based on inspection

Treat the wasp nest and colony with the appropriate pesticide to exterminate all wasps


Clean up Remove wasp nest

When it is safe to do so, remove the nest to prevent future nesting on the site!

It’s all done in three small steps! SIA Wildlife Control has the trained wasp exterminators that are equipped with the right tools for the job. With our wasp suits and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) we can help you enjoy the safety of your home’s perimeter in Toronto again. We service most cities in the Greater Toronto Area, get in touch with us for the best pest control service in the area!

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