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Our team at SIA Wildlife Control provides raccoon removal services in Richmond Hill, ON and specializes in squirrel removalskunk removalbird removalbat removalgroundhog removalopossum removalmouse removal (see more at Mouse Exterminator Richmond Hill) and rat removal.

Wildlife removal is not a simple task. Animal trapping and removal can be a very hazardous, dirty and stressful work. Due to the latest chain of events with Covid-19, we, at SIA Wildlife Control always wear masks and gloves when performing inside services and inspections.

Our crew of wildlife control experts are the best wildlife removal Richmond Hill outfit in GTA, Toronto, York Region and surrounding areas. We are your saviors in the middle of the night when a raccoon is inside your actual home while providing you with warranty services.

Urban wildlife, especially raccoons have infested the town of Richmond Hill. Animal services are busy day and night providing animal removal solutions throughout the city day and night. With road kills, dead animal removal is also a hot service for Richmond Hill.

We use raccoon one way doors to provide humane raccoon removal services in Richmond Hill. Our secondary but in no way inferior specialty are pest control services. We deal with a variety of pests; wasp control, ant control, spider control, carpenter bee control and crawling insects. Each pest has its strengths and weaknesses, our experienced pest removal technicians know and use these qualities against them.

Most of the calls we get from homeowners are because of sounds coming from animals scurrying around inside the attic and walls. The damage in the attics and homes are unseen. Wildlife often chew on electrical wiring which is potential fire hazard in the house. In some homes, wildlife have chewed on water lines causing leaks, as well as electrical outages.

One may ask; Can animals pass diseases to humans? Yes, they do. Animals, such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums and rats are a source of several diseases that humans can contract: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonella or Leptospirosis from the droppings, Eosinophilic Meningitis, to name a few. The most dangerous being Baylisascaris Procyonis mainly from raccoon feces.

As one of the blooming cities in the Greater Toronto Area, Richmond Hill has a diverse community of people which all inhabit its tight knit spaces. Most calls from Richmond Hill involves raccoons, squirrels, rat and mice removal services. Pests don’t require much effort to be well fed in Richmond Hill, the availability of food in garbage bags is plenty. Food abundance makes them crave shelter in the area, and there is no better area than your attic.

All wildlife cause damage while inside the attic from chewing wiring, displacing insulation to defecating and urinating. Do you have a problem outside of an attic? A backyard problem? We also offer raccoon and wildlife trapping and relocation services.

Raccoon Removal In Richmond Hill

When we receive a raccoon removal call in Richmond Hill it’s usually after a raccoon has broken into an attic through a vent, junction, pipe or roof-line. We use a raccoon one way door system to remove raccoons from decks, sheds and attics etc. When our technicians arrive at your home in Richmond Hill, they will inspect your property for signs of raccoon damage. Raccoon removal works by a one way door attached to a mesh barrier and installed over the entry point. Raccoon babies complicate removal processes and a set of rules must be followed to ensure a safe raccoon removal service.

Our one-way door operates by allowing raccoons to exit the attic and denies them re-entry. Usually with raccoon removal, repairs are required. Mostly to avoid leakage into your roof due to raccoon damage.

How to prevent raccoons from entering your home?

Part of our job is to ensure you never have a wildlife problem again, so our technicians inspect your roof and find all vulnerable areas. In the inspection report you will be offered prevention for these areas which are optional but recommended. We offer all our physical wildlife removal services with a 2 year written warranty.

Who Do I Call To Remove A Raccoon?

Wildlife Control companies are trained and have the tools to safely apprehend wildlife and/or trap them and relocate them. SIA Wildlife Control technicians can handle all your wildlife removal needs, just give us a call and ask us a quote.

How much does a raccoon cost?

Raccoon removal fees differ from location to location and the amount of raccoons and type of removal. Raccoon trapping and relocation can cost $300 for a round trip or more. Raccoon baby removal could cost between $50 per baby, or $150 for a whole batch depending on the company. (raccoons can lay up to 8 babies). Call a SIA Wildlife Control representative today for your specific raccoon cost and wildlife solutions at 647-715-6262.

Raccoon Removal Near Me

Did you search for raccoon removal near me? Rest assured that while SIA Wildlife Control operates out of Keswick and Newmarket, we are always on the move. A technician can be near you today for your raccoon removal near me needs. Look at our city pages for help anywhere you may be located in the GTA.

Squirrel Removal In Richmond Hill

Squirrel removal in Richmond Hill is done using one-way doors and mesh barriers. All our removal services are attached and installed using caulking, screws and washers. The work is guaranteed to remove your squirrels and keep them out! In most squirrel removal Richmond Hill cases, there is a chance for squirrels to return to other areas and try to get back in. For this, we offer an inspection report which pinpoints these areas for preventative measures homeowners can take in Richmond Hill.

Squirrels have the reputation of being persistent and destructive. In Richmond Hill, our calls involve squirrels in stove vents, dryer vents, attics or simply running wild inside the house. Occasionally squirrels chew their way into attics through vents, pipes or the roof-line and the middle of the roof. Their persistence is a trait that only wildlife removal professionals and homeowners have experienced. Our team will provide a full inspection of the damage area and the entirety of the roof to pinpoint potential areas for prevention. When the entry point is found, we use a squirrel one way door to secure the area and allow the squirrels to leave without return. If babies are found in the attic inspection, extra steps must be taken to ensure proper squirrel removal services.

How to trap a squirrel

Trapping squirrels is very simple. First you must identify the type of squirrel you have, because red squirrels are significantly smaller than grey and black squirrels. Therefore you need a trap that’s half an inch by half an inch grading for trapping red squirrels. Grey and black squirrels can be trapped by using an inch by inch grading live trap or smaller.

The safest bait for trapping squirrels is peanut butter. Squirrels no matter what kind, like crunchy peanut butter. If crunchy peanut butter is not available, you can try using nuts.

To catch a squirrel, it’s best to map out the path that you’ve seen the squirrel use to travel and intercept that path with your trap if possible. If not placing your trap within close proximity to that path may still yield results, if slower. If you fail to catch the squirrels you want, try relocating the trap to another location near the path. Rinse and repeat until you are successful!

How to get rid of squirrels

Getting rid of squirrels can be difficult and dangerous if you are not someone who has a bit of handyman skills. If you’re determined to get rid of your own squirrels, you’ll need to get your hands on a squirrel exclusion door, screws, washers and a strong barrier. For a barrier we recommend a strong steel material, the best is a 16″ galvanized carbon steel mesh which won’t rust over time. You will need to make sure your barrier is unchewable by squirrels. Squirrels can chew aluminum, wood, plastic and asphalt.

You will need to do a thorough inspection of your roof to find the hole the squirrels are using to enter your attic. When you locate the area you will need to install your barrier and attach your squirrel one-way door to allow them to exit. The one way door will prevent any future entries into your attic from that area. Once the squirrels are evicted, you can repair that area permanently.

How do you know the squirrels are gone? You won’t hear them running and scurrying all over the attic anymore. Wait a couple of days to be sure and then patch up the roof.

Do not use this removal method or any removal method in spring and mid-summer.

two weeks before, during and after march and august are dangerous times to use one-way doors. Squirrels have babies in this time, and you would be leaving the babies without their mother to feed them. If that’s not enough a reason to deter you, then knowing that the mother will relentlessly chew your roof until she gets back in might.

There is one exception in these seasons, and it’s to remove the babies physically from inside the attic and reunite them outside near the one-way door. 

This allows the mother to relocate her babies to her secondary home and increases the likelihood she will leave your roof alone.

How to get Wildlife removal Richmond Hill

Don’t waste another day. Schedule your inspection today and we will get to work and will put your wildlife and pest concerns behind you.

For complete offer terms, including our warranty and coverage areas, please call 647-715-6262.

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