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SIA Wildlife Control provides excellence in Pest Extermination and Wildlife Removal services to all major cities including Toronto | Newmarket | Markham | Richmond Hill | North York and more. We do our best to provide services to everyone in a timely manner. Have a look at our service areas and if you don’t find your area listed give us a call anyway, we will try our best to help you out with your problem.

Newmarket, ON

The city of Newmarket has a population of 80’400 recorded in the year of 2009. Flourishing with new housing, containing 2000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Typically wildlife removal calls are moderately common throughout the year in Newmarket. We have steadily provided pest control and wildlife control services in Newmarket since 2016.

Aurora, ON

Aurora situated below Newmarket, within the Greater Toronto Area. With a population of 53’203 recorded in 2011. Aurora sits just south of Newmarket and shares commonly the same amount of pest control and wildlife removal problems as Newmarket. Wildlife Control problems in Aurora include birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and more.

Georgina, ON

Georgina located by Lake Simcoe, in the northernmost municipality of York Region therefore within the Greater Toronto Area. Having a population of 43’517 recorded in 2011. Georgina has more green and less population. This allows wildlife to have shelter. In return we see less animal entries into people’s homes as frequently as larger and more developed areas of the GTA. Seldomly raccoons and wildlife problems occur in Georgina homes and we do see wildlife control problems in Georgina from time to time. As Georgina develops every year, there will be more incidents involving wildlife removal. Major issues involving georgina are skunks, raccoons and squirrels.

North York, ON

North York just north of Toronto, once a former municipality in the city of Toronto. It now comprises the central part of the northern area of Toronto. The population count is 655’913 recorded in 2011. North York is just above Toronto which has the largest infestation of raccoons, so similarly North York sees it’s share of wildlife removal problems. This is estimated by area calls made to us. Pest Control in North York is as busy as the wildlife control sector because of the tight and ample amount of housing and food sectors. Ideally the food sectors in North York by law should have a pest management program in place to avoid rodent contamination of food which would result in human health hazards.

Mississauga, ON

Mississauga is located west of Toronto. Which also shares Lake Ontario next to Toronto. The city has a population of 713’445 recorded in 2011. Wildlife removal in Mississauga is a peak operational location because of the size and wildlife density in Mississauga. Pest removal and control in Mississauga is evenly competitive with the Toronto area. Mice and Rats plague town homes and food sectors and must by law have a pest program for the control of pests in the food industry. Mississauga residential areas suffer from raccoon, squirrel and skunk activity which regularly interferes within residential properties. SIA Wildlife Control provides professional pest control and wildlife removal services to Mississauga residential and commercial areas.

Brampton, ON

Brampton is just north of Mississauga. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area. This is an area where wildlife bloom and may be one of the top cities for calls with raccoon, squirrel, and skunk issues.  Brampton has a population of 523’910 as per recordings in 2011. The homes in Brampton come in a variety of bungalows, 2-story and semi-detached styles. Each type of these homes come with medium or severe problems when it comes to pest removal or wildlife control issues. Bungalows make wildlife removal in the baby season difficult because of attic access, and semi-detached homes cause a significant problem for pest extermination. SIA Wildlife Control has been solving pest removal and wildlife removal issues in Brampton with trained and licensed technicians who provide nothing less than excellence.

Scarborough, ON

Scarborough was made part of the City of Toronto since January 1, 1998 along with other cities. Scarborough is located east of Toronto. The area sees wildlife activity as frequently as it’s neighboring cities. The population of Scarborough recorded in 2011 was 625’698. Most homes designed and built in Scarborough favor wildlife removal procedures, as the slopes of most homes are friendlier than other cities. However pest control meets a more difficult procedure when dealing with the semi-detached home sections of Scarborough. Semi-detached homes require more control and extermination methods to rid of mice and rats. SIA Wildlife Control has been serving Scarborough with excellent in pest eradication and humane wildlife removal services with raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other wildlife.

Vaughan, ON

Vaughan is located north of Toronto, within the region of York. Vaughan was the fastest growing municipality in Canada from 1996 to 2006. The population census in 2011 recorded 288’300. Raccoons, squirrels, skunks and wildlife flourish in these areas within the vicinity of Toronto. Wildlife Control problems along with pest exterminations are a regular day to day business in Vaughan.

Richmond Hill, ON

Richmond Hill is located in the southern portion of York Region. It was the third most populated municipality in 2011. Richmond Hill is within the Greater Toronto Area. Wildlife problems have always existed, and have increased as Richmond Hill was developed further during the years. The recorded population for Richmond Hill in 2011 was 185’540. Pest control and wildlife removal problems occur daily in Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill is one of the peak activity cities for raccoons and squirrels and this is especially true for the baby seasons. We provide top quality wildlife control and pest exterminator services in Richmond Hill in all seasons.

Markham, ON

Markham is located just east of Richmond Hill. With a population of 301’709 recorded in 2011. Wildlife activity is similar to Richmond Hill. In Markham SIA Wildlife Control has been providing pest removal and wildlife removal services to commercial and residential homes with professionalism and customer satisfaction guarantees. Not all homes deal with wildlife control problems but those that have raccoon and squirrel issues trust SIA Wildlife Control to humanely solve and remove their wildlife problems.

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In our proudly served cities we offer specialized pest and wildlife removal processes which include; Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, bats, birds, Groundhogs, Mice and Rats. SIA Wildlife Control knows the urgency to get rid of mice and rats before their population reaches critical points, we also understand that raccoons can make for a sleepless night in the attic. Part of our service is to be quick, we strive to book our clients in a timely efficient manner to provide our pest control and wildlife control services same day, or next day.