Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill

Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill

While many people think they are cute, squirrels  like raccoon, can be quite a nuisance if they are allowed to get in your home and go out of control on your property. What you need to know is that overpopulation of wildlife like this can lead to issues around your home and your family’s health and requires animal control. This is why it is essential to look into professional squirrel removal in Richmond Hill by https://www.siawildlife.com/removal-services/richmond-hill/ should you start to notice that a problem is developing.

How to deal with a Squirrel Removal and how to tell if you have one?

It is best that you know squirrel noises can be unique and rather easy to identify. At SIA Wildlife Control, we tell our customers that they will often hear what sounds like scurrying in their ceilings or attic spaces. There is generally a lot of noise that develops during the daytime hours and becomes less in the evening while the squirrels are sleeping. If you suspect that you have squirrels getting into any area of your home, we offer humane squirrel removal by our Richmond Hill pest control professionals.

4 things home owner gets when hiring SIA Wildlife for squirrel removal services near Richmond Hill. 

  1. Assessment –We will be happy to come out to your home to begin an assessment and determine the best course of action for squirrel removal in Richmond Hill.
  2. Control –We work on finding the right way to bring you a comprehensive plan for safely and effectively removing squirrels from your property in the most humane way possible. Should there be any nests involved, we work to carefully remove squirrels and any young prior to taking the time to seal off the access to the space.
  3. Prevention –In some instances, our squirrel removal company in Richmond Hill can take the extra measures to reinforce vulnerable attachments to help prevent the animal infestation from happening again. Our one-way door mechanisms allow the squirrels to relocate outside where they belong while our prevention keeps you safe.
  4. Documentation –We take the time to ensure that all of the documentation is handled for your project in a meticulous manner.

There are several common spaces that we often find issues with squirrels, such as: 

  • Ridge vents
  • Chimney flue tiles
  • Dormer eaves and dormers
  • Bathroom vents
  • Cat/small dog doors
  • Garage doors
  • Dryer vents
  • Gutters
  • Roof vents
  • Downspouts
  • Under decking
  • Window wells
  • Fireplaces or chimneys, and more

When you need Richmond Hill squirrel removal, book our team at SIA Wildlife Control. If you have any questions on squirrel removal in Richmond Hill or simply need consultation on wildlife removal or pest control and the processes we use to rid of wildlife and keep your home free of pests, we are here to help and just a quick call away, so that our team members can go over the details with you. To schedule an assessment, simply contact SIA Wildlife Control by calling (647) 715-6262, and we can set up a time that works best for you.

Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill
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Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill

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